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  • I am a virgo and I never understood the female jealousy thing, with all the sexism going on why in the world don't women stick together? I am not a gemini but still ruled by mercury.... I distrust both men and women equally, lol! I am pretty secure in myself so typically not given to bouts of unfounded jealousy. Not going to say it never happens though.

  • So let me begin, Gemini(the twins) represent humanity in miniature. We are definitely curious, talkative, flexible and adaptable. We are often considered mischievious, capricious, jealous and argumentative. Well show me one human being irrespective of their sign who doesn't show these traits once in a while. We are basically intelligent and progressive human beings able to discern and change our mind in order to improve ourselves. When young we are full of caprice, argumentative and mischievious, not because we are mean, but because we feel we are not being understood. As we grow older and we develop ourselves and our intuition increases exponentially we learn to trust and understand our intuition. This makes us less nervous, more level headed and able to cope with the disappointments in life. We are able to see through others masks and this often leaves us lonely, because people don't like to hear the truth. We see those with agendas from a mile off and make a plan to ward such people away. Those who get to know us though, relaize that we are definitely very nice and loyal people. We just take our time to make up our mind, because we need to see the whole story before we can make a good judgement with a clear conscience. The reason why some people may call us mean or say we have a "split personality" is because, unlike others, we are ready to try new methods of doing things, in order to find the truth or the right way. We are very loving and often taken for granted. When we realize how naive we have been, luckily the other "half" in us comes to our rescue. For why should we go on living in darkness when we have seen the light. So this may have brought us all these bad names. We are just blunt honest with ourselves and others...I believe everyone should be grateful for any Gemini they have in their life.

  • I am a Gemini and my moon is also in Gemini, talk about a double whammy! I too find it difficult to have women in my life, because they do get jealous and catty with me. I hate that. I find it easier to communicate with men. There is one difference in me than the other gemini's that have responded. I do not take time when I make decisions, I can on the fly decide how I want to handle every situation. I am very perceptive about people I meet, I can size anyone up is just a few minutes and I am rarely wrong. I love my solitude. Also I am an author, writing is my passion and if I do say so myself, I am really good at it. Now that is spoken like a true Gemini! Always confident and sure of myself.

    The current novel I am working on is brilliant, creative, funny, dramatic and very, very, interesting. The problem for me with my writing is that it is difficult for me to sit still for long periods of time in order to get a lot of writing done at one time. Gemini's are multi-tasking, so, whenever I am writing I am also thinking of a million other things. My mind is never at rest, it is very difficult for Gemini's to meditate, although, we should probably keep trying because God knows we could use the benefits from meditation in our every day lives.

  • Hello virgogirl37; trust me if your Gemini friend said that they were going through a shift and didn't explain themselves, then there are two possible explanations:

    1.-They were truly going through a psycologically tough time. They needed space to see their problem from a neutral ground. Telling you how they really felt may not have helped. It may have made them get a temporary solution and not one that best fits them.

    2.-They may not trust you with the information in their head; or might have felt that you won't fully understand; they might even know what answer you would have given them;Last but not least, they may probably have kept information from you, so as to protect you.

    You see, Geminis, just look at life from a all perspectives and not just from one...its our curse and our blessing.

  • I am a Leo, 7/25 and it seems like I want to surround myself with Gemini's! I just love them!!! They are brutally honest, the most amazing lover and when they get angry watch out! I know 2 women BD's 5/21 & 5/22 they are 12 yrs apart in age yet so very much alike. They challenge me and stimulate me. I love being around them and at the same time I need time away from them, too much stimulation! Gemini's are definitely a misunderstood sign. It is so true, they have tons of friends but are never too close to anyone. But if and when they do choose to give themselves to someone watch out!

  • Hee hee....julybaby22....I was born May 21..!!! My hubby is a Leo and he would definitely agree with you !!!! I especially like the amazing lover bit....of course!!...although my hubby sometimes has to fob ME off by saying he has a headache!!!

  • Growing up seemed to me a little more complicated than the other members of my family. I am the only gemini, in a long line of family members. When I was older, I would read my horoscope, and totally disagree with it, not fully recognizing that as a gemini I was the twin astrological sign. Once I became more comfortable with myself, I noticed that my horoscope was very precise, and that even if I felt one way in the morning, I could change most circumstances to the positive by days end.

  • I'm another misunderstood Gemini. I have all the traits......jack of all trades, and master of none. Adventurous, social, love people and communication is crucial to me. I have finally accepted that I am truly a free spirit, open minded and have a difficult time making choices. I want it all!!


  • Hello fellow Gemini's, I am so glad that I found a place where I can relate to so many of you. Being the only Gemini in my family for so many years until my daughter came along it has been hard for others to understand me. June 16th is my day and I always look forward to the next year because as I get older number wise I refuse to age physically. I am always being told I look 10 years younger than I really am. I am a redhead which helps the motto of "The fire fury with the face of two evils. I can too be a loving and understanding person, but as soon as you get on my bad side your all done.

    I totally agree with the split personality. Growing up as a kid I was the biggest tomboy around, I was the daredevil, the risk taker and if you told me I wouldn't dare do it, I did it and perfected it. As I reach a teenager I discovered I liked to dress up (no dresses) and make heads turn with the guys I realized that my true Gemini bloomed.

    I too never trusted woman and still do not today, I have always found it east to get along with gay men and have many of them my best friends because I could trust them not to lie to me. I have had one female friend since elementary school who is Godmother to my daughter. And even though she is like my blood sister there are times that I just want to let her have it. She is a Taurus and like the sign she is definitely bull headed. I can only tolerate her at certain times then I will go for days sometimes weeks without talking to her. So many woman over the years have stabbed me in the back thinking that they would never be figured out, but with the witty mind that I have they soon learned otherwise.

    As I blab here, I am just so excited that I can talk to other Gemini's who is going through the same thing I am. I am a jack of all trades, I have never finished anything that I have started and my mind wanders more than a new puppy in an open park. I am always second-guessing things whether I have done the right thing or not and that makes things difficult by trying to make wise decisions in my life. I too can not sit for long periods of time that is why I was a waitress for 15 years until someone ruined it for me. I made it to management only to have a fellow employee steal and I was blamed for it.

    Even though I have so many talents I have my one dream to open a restaurant where I have the name, the menu and have even perfected all the food already to be on the menu, but once again because of past failures that dream is exactly what it is, A Dream.

    I am an optimistic person and although I am not a regular churchgoer, and I don't read the bible or anything like that, I truly believe that God does things for a reason and that he takes care of what is needed in my life at that moment. I have been told that another one of my many trades is that I am a motivational speaker in sorts. I am always telling people to look at the bright side of things,and how things could be far worse than they are now. I always step up to the plate to take the burden off someone and let them know that I will fix it, and I always do. People know that they can come to me for advice and that most of the time what I give them works.

    Sorry to have wrote a novel, but I know that I have others here that understand what I am going through where no one but a Gemini could tolerate this much rambling.

    Thanks for lending an ear Gemini's

  • Hi all... I am new to this forum and just wanted to say, Wow! I completely relate to everything you all have described here Amazing! It's so great to see their are people out there who have had the same experiences as a Gemini. 🙂

    Like redheadedgemini, I also have a gemini daugther, who is the only other gemini in my entire family on all sides going back several decades. I have also been told all my life that I look 15 to 20 years younger than my age, and I have friends of all ages. Communication and creating harmony are my hearts desire for every situation. I deeply care for people and get myself turned inside out when anyone I even remotely know is not happy. Motivational speaking is something I have always secretly wanted to do... but instead I am a singer-songwriter-recording artist.... which I love just as much as talking. But I am still all over the place seeking out what I want to do with my life. Ha!

    Someone else here mentioned that they were a poster child for ADD. Oh yes! And now I am more ADD than ever. I truely cannot stay on one project for more than 15 minutes! That's why I am here typing this at this moment instead of finishing what I started 15 minutes ago. I have so many projects going at once I get really scattered.

    Also I noticed that someone here mentioned the problem of people thinking we are insincere. This has always been a problem for me and it has caused me great grief to have people completely misunderstand me and see me as shallow when I am so very deep in my thinking that I sometimes can't find my way back out of my abyss I've created. People see me as cool and aloof and uncommitted... but the problem is I am committted to so many things I cannot just choose one thing to care about to give myself completely to, which is also the reason I never finish anything... which leads to the reason I am 'Jack of all trades and master of none"... even in my recording studio!

    I also see all sides of every situation... literally, and cannot comitt to one side because of this. My grown children see me as completely fickle.. but I beg to differ! 😕

    I believe very deeply in God the Creator of this universe... but I don't believe that church is the place to find God. I believe we have to look within for our God-given guidence or voice. I won't conform to everything that is sent down the pipes to us via the governments and believe we have been fed a lot of bull for ages! I am intent on bringing all people, races and creeds together on the same page and cannot understand why most people see the differences when I see what we all has a human race have in common.

    OK... that's enough of my story.... it was great to find this place and I hope to share in some converstaion soon. 🙂

  • Redheadedgemini....I'm totally like you but blonde! Tomboy to a T....but I can "wow" too! I have been told I look a lot younger fact I was asked by a mum at toddlers when's my 30th birthday bash....I'm going to be 44 this year!!! Boy, was I flattered. I am proud that after 5 kids I haven't any stretch marks and I haven't wrinkled too much either...yeah, I've been stressed..5 kids,2 miscarriages, divorce, 2 marriages but I'm a happy,optimistic person and I aim to enjoy life to the full. I'm a bit of a rebel at the age of 41, navel piercing in my 30s,motorbike riding,music .... I also enjoy reading...not soppy novels but anything from highbrow classics to travelogues! And I'm 100% loyal to my man.

  • Oh and I forgot to add... like several of the Gemini ladies here, I tend to form deeper friendships with males than I do with females friends. All my past and present female aquaintances seem to just snub me most of the time and it is hurtful... so I tend to seek refuge in guys instead.... and note, these are NOT sexual freindships just incase some were wondering. LOL! But the weird thing is I am married to a guy who just doesn't get me at all... he never has! He can't stand it when I open my mouth to talk to him ... he runs the other way... not much of a freind to me at all really.. which is another reason I seek out male buddies. But I really want to cultivate friendships with women too, but it just isn't easy to maintain friendships with women.

    Sorry for all my typos... I am a terrible typist and a bit dyslexic. 😉

  • I agree...I have more male friends than female...always have done ...and I prefer to be in male company too. I'm not a jealous girl and I really try to be friendly and chatty to other women....

  • Hi mrchick, Yes I am chatty to anyone who will listen, and I really try to be friendly and chatty with other women especially... but in all honestly, it doesn't matter to me what a person's gender is. I just love people and I love to meet new people. But I guess when a woman is chatty and will chat to anyone... it often leads to forming friendships with opposite sex even if the intention was to go out and meet people of the same gender. LOL! But I really long for close friendships with women too.... but I am so dreadfully honest maybe I scare them all away.

    You know... My closest girlfriend is my dear mother! She is a sweetheart and a true friend... and she is a Libra. I get along with Libras... but for some reason scorpios are drawn to me. I don't quite know why that is.... hmmmmm

  • HELLO! This is my first time on Forum, although ive been a member for awhile. Well, I am certainly a Gemini. I can be the happiest person 1 min. & in tears 5 min. later. I LUV meeting new people, seeing new places and especially learning about the World! My 1st. Luv was MUSIC. I was born in 1956, and when THE BEATLES came to N.Y. I was hooked. I had a Major crush on JOHN LENNON. In my late teens I went to many concerts(LED ZEP,THE WHO,BOWIE and 1of my faves was EARTH,WIND&FIRE. Now, Im into KOL,NICKLEBACK,&others. But I can`t get enough of THE GIN BLOSSOMS from the 1st. time I heard them years ago. I also LUV my PC & my second half-DONALD. PEACE!

  • I wanted to thank all you Gemini's for your input. I'm not a Gemini I'm a Cancer but am 30 weeks pregnant which unless I am way late or way early will make my daughter a Gemini. I am a little nervous as the only two Gemini's I know are my older brother and while I love him I have never understood him and even when I have tried he seems to push me away. He was very violent growing up and has been in trouble his whole life. The other Gemini I know is a female and was my roommate for awhile. We got along pretty well as long as it was us doing fun things. She did sometimes get on my nerves, mainly because she would take almost everything and didn't seem to realize that while our other roomy and I didn't mind sharing things it is always nice to share back. She would do things like eat all the food in the Apt. then use her money to go have fun and not replace the food she had eaten. Expecting me and our other roommate to always buy the groceries and other household items. On the rare occasion she did buy something she would get mad if we but looked at. To me she just seemed a bit selfish in doing these things but if you tried to talk to her about it she would try and play the boohoo card it got old fast and was the main reason when I left on vacation one week to come back to her not living with us anymore the other roomy had kicked her out.

    this was several years ago and I still talk to both of these ladies the other roomy and her don't talk at all. So anyway this has made me nervous about having a Gemini Child. I can usually see the good in most people and can see the good in my brother and my friend but it seems like you Gem's can be very manipulative and selfish at time too or at least that has been my experience. If you have any advice for raising a Gemini child I'd like to hear it.

  • Gemini girls - we chat an awful lot and we are VERY pretty !!!! ....So, if you have a daughter, buy yourself ear plugs and a chastity belt for her!!!! Seriously though, I was a good girl growing up and I was extremely close to my father who was also a Cancer. I don't think I was ever sister is a Leo who tended to dominate the household quite a bit. Unfortunately I've never met a gemini guy or I don't think I have so I don't know about little gemini boys. I think you'll have lots of fun with your little gemini...they're great to be with and usually brighten up the day with a smile!

  • Female gemini's are independent, intelligent, curious, but are extremely difficult to get close to. We don't allow ourselves to be sucked in by others. In terms of the other two gemini's you know they are not typical gemini charachteristics. Gemini's like to play fair and honesty is very important to them. Your old roomy's bad manners has nothing to do with her zodiac sign, after all I'm not sure what sign Charles Manson is, but I can guarantee you his sign is not what led him to murdering people. Remember your gemini daughter will always be your best companion with shopping, manicures, the funny thing about them is that gemini females are very down to earth and generally don't need those little extra's in life, but are appreciative when we get them. Gemini females are loyal, honest and trust worthy, I think you're very lucky.

  • I am a Capricorn girl and have a Gemini husband and a Gemini Neice. She bounces off the walls and does talk her head off. She is alot of fun to be around but does tend to drive me crazy at times. She is always willing to help me out around the house and enjoys the simple things in life. She is a joy to be with. As for my husband, we have been together for over 17 years and still to this day I don't get some of the things he says. I have felt lonliness, hurt, aggravatted and love. It is a trippy thing. He does have a split personality I minute he is fine the next he is mad. I don't get it. I sometimes think I am going crazy. He is very honest with everything I will give him that. I am trying to understand the way his mind thinks and just can't. He has explained to me some of the things you all have posted here and now that I am reading your comments, I can see a little how you all think. I have sometimes thought that he is cheating on me going to the strip bars and such. He tells me he is just friends with these girls and has also told me there are two things he isn't one is a cheater and two is a liar. He likes to stir the pot with me by bringing up going to the bar and having a girlfriend but he says he is just joking. That's when I think I am going crazy. I am very sensitive and I think he picks up on that. I have tried to understand but it really upsets me and I have told him this. Is that being insensitive to my feelings or am I just overly sensitive? Help.....

  • Yep, Surely agree i people and even my family at times think i am curious. Initially i would'nt give my opinion. Although i am opinionated but will only give it if its an open discussion. I can be nosy SOMETIMES but hey cant help it if i hear and see everything. I just keep things to myself sometimes playing real dumb. But i will give them my opinion if it is needed appearing to be a little harsh by the way i say it or at least it will seem like taht towards the people i am talking to. I think that comes into form in a way to say that "GEMINIS" starts trouble but i disagree. PEOPLE are just to sensitive. The more sensitive u are the more u just cant keep things to your self. Im a gemini and i keep a majority of things to myself. I can open up to people but only when i am feeling a little down only when i am irritated. I get like that very quickly because people bring things up in a negative way like complain, i keep my opinions to my self like i said. but get irritated and just want to say "SHUT THE !@$$ up "while staying cool as if it wasnt bothering me (ALOT OF PEOPLE CANT DO THAT) but i dont and that bothers me inside so i go away (keeping it to myself) and get fustrated and other people asks me what is wrong. if they are close close friend who i normlly open up to i will tell them how and what i feel.

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