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  • Hi Pastrevisited- How funny! I do the same things with the glasses and hat. My husband used to get mad but he doesn't anymore (he is used to it). People are trying to be nice when they start a conversation with you. Some people are like us and just want to Maybe these people are gemini's too?

  • Hello to you all,

    There i am working on Enemy Territory

    “let’s see how is going to go”

    Well i can see there is only Gemini here and you seem all to recognize a bite of your bad side and a lot of your good side

    i can see also you are all feeling like the world doesn't understand you but do you really understand yourself completely?

    I came to this site after a down experience with a Gemini man

    then i found so many other people, especially women having the same issue with Gemini that i was facing

    We all know your qualities, yes most people recognize this much

    but something is bothering me a lot

    is when all of you claim to care about other people

    so far in my own experience and other people that was facing the experience with a Gemini

    i m an aquarius, humanitarian to the bone and i wont call the following behavior caring at all like:

    you are in relationship with them and they flirt with other people, on street, at work and online

    you are concern to make them happy but they seem to care only about their own agenda and needs

    Ok You seem to get bored easily so yeah you are bored and start from nowhere a fight with your partner

    you seem to always have a get out plan out the relationship somewhere ready

    they promise to call after first date but never call or explain( that seem to me they dont care how this kind thing make the other person feel)

    they give a meeting and then doesn't turn up to the meeting and give no reason why the meeting that got planned 5 minutes go , got cancelled and why you were not inform

    they tell you they love you but get involve back to ex or new lover and start a twisted game where the other person never know where they stand

    it’s painful for some of us to follow at this point

    you fall in love with the Gemini but for some reason you cant show them how much you love them because they seem to keep you at distance, giving confused explanation

    we say we are friend but again friend are there for each other, so far for my experience i felt so lonely and isolated from the Gemini

    i was alone

    still you give them friendship a friendship that seem to go one way only

    where when he feel like it he respond , when he feel like it he came around

    it seem to me that Gemini love the game and the trill more then the genuine love their partner give to them

    Gemini seem to be more focus on their good trait then they bad one and maybe this is an issue

    they seem to admire their “ Divine God gift” and deny their mortal unperfected human quality

    a lot people involve with Gemini are out there right now and right here to try to find a solution with their problem their face with the Gemini

    the great thing is when someone start to research about it , you start to feel not alone as you find very quickly that other for some strange reason are facing the same issue then you

    those issues are :


    the distance in the love exchange

    dealing with the child

    dealing with lies

    dealing with the sudden take off and come back

    dealing with the relationship that is constantly in on and off move

    the constant roller coaster

    the sense that you never know where you stand

    the feeling that his seeing other people

    Dealing with the same old excuse over and over again

    the doubt and break of self esteem the relationship have build up

    the constant change of mood

    this my friend Gemini is what we the people that love you deal with

    and i most say, after finding out that you are not the only one that goes through those emotions, you have no choice then to give up

    you give up that friend you care about

    that man that you love because his own behavior is destroying the relationship and destroying you

    i came here to try to make you aware of this, the real deal that we sometimes the people that involve with you with our heart, what we going through

    it’s not we dont know you are smart or we think you are bad people but you are creating your own problem

    and hurting other people, maybe some of you should maybe care about that one

    good day

  • Star2u, you have for sure broke down the Trait of a Gemini man. I too am a Aqua and been involve with a Gemini Man. I have been knowing him for yrs. Through out our life we have always kept into touch with each other and bee back and forth thur the yrs.. I can honestly say this is the Love of my life. It has been a roller coaster for a long time.. I am now at the point where I am ready to go, I realize it is not worth it. I have never wanted to be with anybody as much as I want to be with him. I could see the distant btw us and that hurts. We are so much alike and when were together I can really read this person. I just don't get it, when you find someone that really cares and Love you, what is the problem. I thought that's what it was all about. What in the H E L L are they afraid of. I said I was going to ask him myself. They often say things that they don't mean. Oh my bag. that's where the "finklness" comes in. I will call him, and he would say give me a chance to miss you. What the H E L L, what about me missing you.

  • Yes "Worthy" it only work for their convenience, i felt the same i couldn't live the love i felt for him because he was distancing me and push me away all the time

    I also felt he was the love of my life but NO he is not honey, no one that behave like that is.

    The more you chase them and try to show them how much you love them the more they take you into your knees and break your self esteem, by the time you leave them, you feel drain to the bone

    and it will take a lot effort to get back to your feet

    I m just absolutely shock to see how many aquarian are around those people and we the Humanitarian sign that love sharing our heart with other have not figured out that those guys seem more in love with their self imagine than anyone else in the entire world

    it's work on their term and in End is all about them

    i say why bother

    why bother this guy is just creating problem inside the smallest things that shouldnt be a problem in first place and you should be enjoying life

    you get all this roller coaster, YES you get it not him, during the time you are left to fix the relationship

    he, 1. in his mind there is no relationship but you feel there is one for you

    2. his always getting his satisfaction somewhere else when you are left to be wondering how to fix things between you two

    it's absolutely useless

    i gave up with mine, blocked all his emails and contact and started to date and Turn the love i found toward myself at lease he Teach me something,,

    To pass my love first but i do believe this is not how it should be

    Selfish love will turn to hate and it's not right

    they seem to like games and i believe they need someone that can compete with them in that area

    i surely can bring it to them any day

    women that date those people need to be ready to play a tough game where the heart cant come to place

    but who will date with someone for 1 or 2 years like that, to lie to yourself every day that you feel nothing

    living in fear if you do share your feeling you are going to be hurt

    it's insane and absolutely not worth it and it's not living, IT'S DYING

  • OMG, I thought I was the only one feeling this. Have you ever broke up with this guy and you two got back together?

  • well the thing 'worthy' I never considerate it like we are dating because i keep refusing to follow his rule we saw each other few times, keep talking and not talking kind things

    I mean it Girl you are not alone, it's not proper how their diminish women that just felt for them, they need a good kick in butt

    mine didnt get much from me because he piss me off so badly, he is so full of himself and so inconsiderate about other people, he keep changing things and dont tell you things have changed

    he organise meeting and dont turn up and dont explain

    as an aquarius i dont worry too much, i keep doing my things but once i started to really feel for the guy and tried to wanted to get close, it felt impossible and i felt i was losing my smile and my self esteem

    ever my own emotion became stranger to me

    when we organise to meet up and i m all smilling and then next minute i realise he has let me down again and his not picking up his phone again and then i go to depression for 3 weeks

    the H E L L with them, this is not on,

    they are really kid that just dont seem to care about how they make the people that love them

    i can tell you now, i may still feel for the guy but i will never get involve with him again

    1. he doesnt deserve my feeling and me

    2. i love myself more then a loser that just want to play his game one me

    3. no time with face collector,

    4. True love mean more then the LUST Feeling their give you, it's just an illusion and 2 to 3 months from now you look at the situation and you only be laughing at yourself

    so stick there

    yeah the on and off relationship, it's common honey with those

    it's like walking in park it's expected

  • " worthy" if you get back with him make sure you play it your way and you make your rule, dont share it with him just do what make you happy because thats what his doing

    if he doesnt like it he can go straight to H E L L, yeah someone need to serve them their own medecine

    golden rule in any marrital art is: look what weapon your enemy is using and punch him with it

    i aslo dont believe on the Bullshite to be scared about relationship, if you are scared why are you with me, it's an excuse honey

    stay on your own or go with people that want the same things then you then

    you both are creating issue for each other, if you said to him i want love and relationship and for me you are the one, what you are saying you want commitment from this situation

    and if he said, well me relationship scared and i feel not ready

    then come on let him go , you are going to waste each other times, the only things they are not wasting they time because whatever you decide they got what they came for

    you aslo need to honest with yourself about what you want, no one is going to stand up for you if you dont

    the battle if ultimately yours in the end

    so look at your need, do you want a relationship??? if it's yes look what he told you and what his doing, if he said thats not what he want than

    honey, it's simple you two wants to different things so you better save your time and go look for someone that want the same things then you

    leave him alone, you are pushing him to hurt you

    i know it's hard when you love someone but you need to listen what his telling you and what you want for yourself and stand for yourself

    we know now that Gemini men flirt a lot if you cant handle that then you need to walk away

    stay friend and only friend but dont get closer

    life is damn too short to hope and WAIT for someone to make up their mind, during the time you WAIT his with someone else

    what the point to that???

  • yes, we can all blame the Gemini to be the way there are in end the day we are also at fault to let them walking over our head

    in way they are kind honest with us when they say , ok i like you but i dont want to committed

    then it's to us to be honest with ourself and our need and accept then ever the connection feel intense this person doesnt want to be with us the way we want to me with them

    ultimately pain are going to raise up so it's better to leave with our smile and positivity then stay and get frustrated

    anyone could walk away if things were solidly straight and clear

    but Gemini keep changing his mind, yesterday he said goodbye, today he say i love you

    making it hard for you to decide and to stand by your feeling

    you just need to forgot about him and focus on what you want

    if you can handle his switch and twisted mind then you can have something with him

    but if you cant handle that better save your worth and hard work on someone else

    i mean been an aquarian i m not scared to stay in hard working relationship but it's hard when you put so much effort on someone and find out his been sleeping around or something

    what a waste

    this is why it's not worth it

  • I dated an Aquarius that claimed I was the love of his life but I could not trust him because he is passion was sleep with other women.

    I have learned if you cannot handle someone's personality they are not the one for you. And as for gemini if we are looking elsewhere and consciously flirting infront of our significate other, the relationship is over and we have not accept it yet.

  • Who do you guys think Gemini settled down with the most? Just asking...

  • "worthy" Base on a study i carried Gemini men seem to settle down with Aquarius women the most

  • Hi..i read all that you have written and i can say that there are exceptions too..i am sorry for you but not all gemini are the same..i am a gemini too and i recognise some of the things yyou said, but in time i managed to get off of my ''bad side'' depends on you to se yourself and to try to be a better person ...i think it depends on character too..too bad that you are far away..i would demonstrate you that not all gemini are the same..good luck..

  • Geanner19, in men it is not that much different. It seems like they all have that spilt or two sided personality or acting distant. But for sure needing that space to be able to function. They are mentally draining to theselves and to people that deal with them. They are always pretty much in battle with themself. I love the Gemini that I have dealt with for yrs. To know them is to love them. They are staright forward and to the point. Love them (GEMINI'S). Great Lovers....

  • i just love love love being a gemini although i'm very reclusive at time when i wanna turn the social butterfly on it can do that at the drop of a hate hence why we're called two faced ..sigh... but really we're not it's just we can be totally polar opposite without seeing anything wrong with it although it's our life lesson to try and combine the two personality into one i then i have cab driver tell me their life history and ask me advice on their love live (weird )all the time sometime i got to say to them we're here i got to get out now 🙂 i also tend to change my look and shock people with the difference and my apartment oh god i can't keep a color scheme going for long i always wanna change something i get very restless at time but thank god my moon venus and saturn is in taurus calms me down a bit

  • hate*- hat ..typo

  • LoL are very changeable...i used to be like that( and still am, in a smaller way), but i try every day to educate myself..actuallly gemini tend to apear very confusing because of that..they (we) have a very sharp mind and we need constant new things to do,plan etc to not get if you understand these things and accept them, you will be our no 1 friend-lover etc..Myself if i see a good person with a good character, i would make him/her my friend and give my support at any time, hour .. this is it with need tto have patience and bellieve in them and in return they will accept you and from there is straight line to the end...of course there are exceptions too.. 🙂

  • I am a Gemini and a twin. I also can be very quiet, reclusive at times wanting to only be somewhere quiet surrounded by nature. However, when I get restless, I need to be doing something, learning something or meeting people. I network a lot and attend a lot of webinars on health and wellness issues. I can be very happy one moment and quiet and reserved the next. Loud noises and people talking all at once upset me and I need to find a quiet spot for a moment or two to balance myself. I like adventure and excitement. My moon is in Taurus and I am still learning about astrology. I do not have a lot of close friends and do not really let people in. I relate to the cab driver telling you their whole life story. I sometimes come upon people that act like they have known me for years and talk and talk and then someone I think I would like to get to know doesn't even give me the time of day. I guess that may be related to the energy we are exchanging? I love helping people though. I do not like anyone feeling bad or upset. I am fun loving and you can count on me you just need to ask. I do like somethings staying the same but on the other hand the same ole is boring. I also have a hard time deciding on what I want to eat, wear or do my husband gets upset with me on my indecision but it all works out in the end.

  • What sign is your husband and how long have you been married?

  • Totally confusing if they are your parents though. I'm a saggie and when I went home for some advise on my love life, I couldn't decide who had best advise. First time ever I witnessed my mum and dad arguing to the point of is it love or desire our child seeks. You see I have totally shocked myself and have fallen for a Gemini to which I swore I would never do growing up. lol

  • gemcat1.. i relate to you a lot.. Fridays are my worst days i work. I absolutely hate my job where i am stuck in a cube and can hear everybody and their keyboard.. I turn by ipod on blast, to drown them all out not necessary to listen to music. I love learning and meeting new people but i love my space and quiet time as well. I am interested in so many things and it is difficult for me to decide on what to eat as well.

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