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  • Caspar - have to say i can totally relate to what you said about your gemini colleague being stuck in every conversation... im a gemini and im not happy unless im having a dozen different conversations at once. At work i think i must drive people mad because im more than likely holding at least 3 at one time. It can be frustrating for me at times too but i just cant help myself!

    gemeila - my mother is a scorpio too (as is my dad) and i dont know if they hurt us on purpose or not. I would like to think its not on purpose and its just their way of approaching life. Would be interested to hear from anyone who knows more!

  • hey gemelia, i am 060161 . i bet we have a lot in common.

  • What do gemini's have in store for 2010. Are there any insights as to how the year should unfold for gemini's. I hope we have nothing but good things ahead for all of us. I would love to hear what anyone has to say.

  • Hi Earthwindandfire,i am 060162.and i am sure we must.I am currently struggeling with my mission in life,cant seem to find just one thing,Geminis have so many interest,I am starting to think it should be Research,LOL.I love Information.Have you struggeled wth this problem?

  • actually i am going nuts right now with the same strugle. research is something i have considered!

    i am wondering what the universe has in store for me. hitting a lot of brick walls lately and my intuition seems to be getting stronger. maybe something is going to give soon. i come up with ideas constantly for new inventions and things. sometimes i write them down and other times i forget. a time or two i had a really good ideas. having to pick just one thing to pursue is hard though.

  • I am a gemini on the cusb. I feel like I don't have my life in order. You all have said it so well. I feel the same way. interesting.

  • gemeila ,You are so right .I feel like you. Glad to know I am not alone.

  • Hey me too. I feel like such a whiner, lots of people with real problems and I have a good job and life -- but I just dont feel like I have my s*** together... aargh!

  • rnrchick, Nice to meet you. I was married to a leo. 36 years and was misserable ,My birthday is may 21 st . also. 12:27 am. On the cusp. I am seeing a virgo . and a aries. I get so frusterated with my life. Thanks

  • Goosemama,You are so right. I have everything I could ever want too,But don't have what I need to feel complete. Like something so missing. so empty.

  • Yay, Geminis!!! I'm one too! May 31st. 🙂

  • Hi all you brilliant Gemini's,don't be so down on yourselves,what we lack in one area,we make up for in 10 others.

    earthwindandfire,I also like to invent things,well actually it just comes naturally to me.I have a problem with follow thru on things sometimes though,some because of resources,sometimes I can be a procrastinator(sad),But I seem to be searching also for that one thing,I think you look harder if you are single,When I was married i seemed to be a little more satisfied in some weird way with life,maybe I was just busier (cleaning and cooking)! A story for another time there,I can be bad all by myself is my philosophy.

    Do you get sidetracked a lot?I can be looking up something on the internet and get sidetracked 10 times with things i find interesting!You should see my Favorites

    I am Looking for my Career path now,I am currently collecting Unemployment,so I am going in a new direction,thinking it is gonna be green collar..seems to be the way of the future.Looking into training in that field.

    Any other Geminis out there that love information,save tons of articles and such? I love books!One good thing,being organized helps!

    For you lovely Geminis that have every thing you need,try talking to other Gemini's that can identify with you or a gratitude journal or I found a few good websites were you can get some deeper conversations going on is good,but I sorta think we will all ways be searching!

    Lostsomewhere,love the name,I was married to a Leo,OMG,they like to control and we hate to be controlled,it did'nt work for me! Sorry to say! I believe in marriage as long as its a good one! lol

    We need a gemini site!

    One more thing sorry,Do you other geminis have trouble with silence, not being by yourself with tv or computer etc..I mean quite reflection stuff,I want to learn to meditate,I always have to be doing something until i totally veg out that is.

    Love reading everyones stories,thanks for listening to me.

  • For me my duality is my intuiton vs my emotion. I get the two confused, esspecially at certains times of the month. I am the year of the goat as well which I find that I don't think I am stubborn until I look back. I recently read that my attention is very outword, that I am blind folded if I take my own intuition and turn it inward. I find that to be so true. I can help alot of people with perspective, but I am unable to see anything to do with my futue plans. I have ideas, and dreams and hopes, and feel they are as far now as years ago. The card have been saying good things and so do the stars for my 2010. So Last year I went back to school at 30 and changed my BA from Social Sciences to a teaching degree in Science. My choice was based on a financial descion to get more financing, and I think about my husbands money like an investor his prized commotity. I think we are kind and willing, but when your pushy, we get rude.

    That crosses all weeks to my experience. I am blessed with two wk ones and one wk two, and I am wk three with a step sister and a step daughter born in my week. Boy do we butt heads.

  • I think I tend to look at procrastonation as waiting for a better time. I am one of the few people I know who makes time for any one and that is not procrastonation, that is prioritising.

  • You said grandmother that takes her grand kids to school! My mom has empty nest syndrome bad, I wonder if her kids had kids young? How long has the kids been gone. When you don't have a hobby outside the house, it make you what you do. I play video games, I can't do that and talk, so I would say she she get out of a cubicle and make bank opening a in home daycare with those skills. LOL

  • gemelia i often get side tracked on the web, i go to look for something and forget after seeing other stuff that grabs me, i will grab the computer several times with the intention of researching something and get side tracked on something else 3 or 4 different times or days before i actually get there. i think being left handed is a trait of that as well. its a battle being lefty and a gemini. logic battles right brain creative. lol .. i am much more agressive when i am alone about pushing my goals or intrest than when my wife is around. i wished i could stay on corse! i think its because i pick up on her feelings and it pulls me away. she is one of these very dependent types and cant handle doing anything alone. i dont know about my career its been challanging for the last ten years evolving into a few different directions.

    its all stuck pretty much now and i am waiting for my next sign of direction.

  • I am a Gemini, born on May 23rd. I find myself to be very unique but sometimes not understanding of what talents I do hold because I am a Gemini. We are very curious people and personally I want to to try everything and be everything; I like to learn of many things because I know I can achieve anything I set my mind to. Gemini's are not two- faced people, in fact anyone can be like that but we are chosen to be that way because we are a twin. We are very open minded and can adapt to almost anything. We are very caring, especially of others and are very loyal. For example: I have met this girl; known her for about 8 months and we became really good friends. Me being the observative person that I am, she showed that she was just using me. I definitely held my friendship with her higher than she did. People tend to walk over me because I am such a kind person. Not sure if that is all Gemini's but its me. They also take my kindness for weakness but there is only so much that a Gemini will take until they explode like a bomb. But I am not really a bomb in the end anymore. I just walk away knowing that one day that person will regret what they have done to me. I believe strongly in karma. It always bites you on the butt, 3 times much harder. I am generally a happy person but I sometimes have my moments. I love being a Gemini.. I always tend to run into Capricorns who are very controlling. .P.S. this time I am falling in love with and Aquarius.

  • I am a Geini. Born June 7th. I think us Gems are one of the best signs of the Zodiac. Pisces and Leo are cool too. Not saying the rest aren't, just these are some of the top I seem to really relate to and get along with. I believe some people just cannot put a finger on us though. We cannot help but talk, and multi-task, and sometimes seem to have been born like ADD prone or something. It gets aggravating when some people just don't get us, or understand us. Like when some just want to control us and stuff (like Caps). Or because we are so nice, some want to walk all over us, then get mad when we refuse to be a door mat. Well anyway, we have a lot to say, and it is sometimes hard to get it all out the same way we are thinking it. Which I believe we have a tendency to kinda repeat ourselves. I love being a Gemini, and love Gemini's. I have met some as well, and we seem to just magnetize. It is like we know we are awesome! not to sound narcisistic, because I do not believe we are. We are just eccentric, energetic, compassionate, empathic, creative, communacative, clever, curious, ever learning, and yes...we have 2 sides. I agree. They say we have roving eyes, and want 2 of everything. I do not believe this is always true. I do not believe we have a tendency to stray in a relationship. But I have noticed we have this skill unlike other signs, where we can almost adapt to that of another sign we are with. Almost taking on some of their traits. And this can be both bad and good. Depending on the situation of course. I believe Gemini's can be very good at writing, music, poetry, soothing a savage beast, any form of art, and can make people think and laugh. I ahve been told by many Virgo, how they think we are not all there, or stupid or something. That is just so not true! Another way some people just do not get us! I bet if they took the time out to get to really know us Gems, they'd really learn to change that frame of mind. As far as Caps are concerned, I am kinda with one at the moment. And he is so darn controlling! He claims he likes me just the way I am, but sure as heck doesn't act like it sometimes. I feel like he wants to mold me into some sculptural idea of what he wants. If he does not like me the way I am...I have said it...I am gone. But I do love the way he jokes around and makes me laugh. We do have some deep and cool conversations. And that is something I really love! However, I long for the esoteric intimate spiritualality, soft tenderness, and arcane aspects in a relationship. I have yet to find someone who can provide that along with everything else. The Cap I am kinda with atm, is too skeptical for me. And that bothers me. I like sensitivity as well. Someone who'd not smother me, and I'd know would be there unconditionally. And yes, that part does exist.

  • lol gemeila! So right on there! I have a bad habbit in procrastination, losing interest too easily in something, and leaving things unfinished. If it doesn't keep my interest, or becomes boring...I leave it where it is and go on to something else. Which is prolly why I really like my security job a lot. On the move, people all over to meet, and not having to sit around all the time. Sadly, that job is now not giving us the hours they used to since the recession. I love books too! Reading, learning, studying and cramming my mind with more information to where my head hurts. Ugh. And omg I relate on the favorites/bookmarks lol! Ha! It took everything in me one day, to throw away and release myself from a lot of things I had saved over many years. I became a pack rat omg! And so I have adapted to more simple things, and the out of sight out of mind etc. a little more now. Less to deal with. Also, I love to travel. If I could travel the world, I would in a N.Y. Heartbeat!

  • I am a Gemini and loving being not to many signs that can be flirty, intelligent and get away with it. Now having two personalities nah! We are just very impatient and like to jump two steps ahead. That can be dangerous I know this, but most of the time we come out shining. Yes we do love people and love to converse. We feed off the intelligence of others. To learn for us geminis is to be in heven.

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