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  • Well at this point he's being down right I don't know!! 22 years of friendship means nothing I guess...Were past the whole affair now were trying to salvage our friendship...Not going well on his end...I mean after all we now aquar. love friendship but not gettin the same feelings back...It feels CRAZY 2 no you can just through a friendship away so Quickly... ) =

  • Yes we do like friendship. But some of us also like to be committed. At the end of the day we are all looking for love. But we all know we need that friendship first. Love my Gemini

  • They are typically pretty amiable, but not always. I have found that I typically like the gemini personality and that I have gotten along well with a number of geminis, who are often quite intelligent and friendly. Yet sometimes some of them appear to lack emotional depth and I'm not sure if thats just a misconception or if it is actually the case.

  • They can be emotionally detect. But once you really get inside them or connect with them are really sweet and intelligent beings. I am an Aqua women and has always been attracted to my Gemini man. He did give me hell in the beginning but once he develope the trust it has been really good between us. But remeber they always need there space. You have to give that to them it's a part of their nature. They will feel like their smother or trapped and they will run. That's part of their nature. Remeber nothing personal. This is just them

  • As a Gemini, I've lived with the label "flake" for years. Because of my "sparkling Gemini personality," I have always had lots of friends and get lots of invites. What is hard for non-Geminis to realize is that not only are we highly distractable ~ anything can catch our naturally curious attention and cause us to forget about where we were supposed to be ~ we also have the ability to see both sides of an issue. So while one part of us wants to keep an appointment or promise that we've made, the flip side can argue all the reasons why we SHOULDN'T go. Or why there is something else we could be doing that would be more fun or interesting.

    Please don't take it personally when your Gemini friend doesn't seem to be acting logically. We mean well and we'll make more promises and do the best we can to keep them . . . but if a butterfly flitters across our path, or we drive by a street we've never explored, or we remember a promise we didn't keep the LAST time, well, we're unpredictable. Enjoy us when we're around, but remember you can't pin us down!

  • You are ever so right. Enjoy while it last.

  • Bgray, add being left handed to that! lol

  • Annaxubella here and also a gem born on May 31. I have read all of this forum and its interesting of how a gemini like a scorpio... Scorpio are fun, but they intend to trick you. I know it for sure cause I have a scorpio sister. I know how she is..

    I'm always energetic, funny.... almost every characteristics of a gemini, but I don't intend to talk as much as a Gemini would do.

    I love to get into a whole crowed of people who are friendly and I'm not a negative person at all, even though people tell me that I talk negative, but Im never negative in other ways, its just that you need to think before you act and almost all gems express their feelings without even think about it.

    Gems are very compatible with Libras, Leo, and Aquarious ( I know there is another sign out there too I just can't remember). I love my Libra Boyfriend and we are gonna get married pretty soon. I don't know what my characteristics are, its just that I sometimes feel like if I'm a Libra because I love to talk to people as a salesperson.

    But so far and so good, I guess that about it for all gems, correct me or add more info. Love the all gems forum

  • This comment is for gemnaqua, girl no good is going to come to you until you honor the marriage vows you agreed to. I am a gemini and have dated gemini men and I must say that once he got the cookies his fantasy about it is over because you are married. Hes not interested in anything long term with him because you are a cheater and if you cheated on your husband then you will cheat on him. Geminis like sex but it takes more than sex to keep them stimulted because everything is so mental with them. So he lost interest. Dont fool yourself into thinking there will be something serious there because it wont. I am so against cheating because why not just leave and have a piece of mind.

  • I am a Gemini too, born on May 21st, the cusp. I fit the mold of the dual personality and the talker. I can talk myself into or out of anything very easily. I'm very easy going, but get my dander up and I will speak my mind. I dated many men, but ended up marrying a Leo. We get along great, even after 30 years. He understands that I can change my mind in an instant, he likes the fact that I'm an intelligent woman, and he loves both sides of my personality. I do tend to be stubborn at times, that's the Taurus thrown into the mix, but I will listen to reason if given just cause. It's wonderful to be a Gemini. We have the best of both worlds and the personalities to be whoever we need to be at the moment.

  • Just another fact about Gemini that I found after my 51 years as a twin soul myself, Gemini's have the awesome ability to stand outside themselves, so to speak, and see what they are projecting onto the world. It has taken many years to understand this and realizing it is something not everyone in this small world is able to do. It is a gift, to say the least.

    I am able to evaluate, investigate, understand, empathize, research and any other word used to describe my ability to adjust, relate to any and all situations.

    I believe it does help that my moon and venus are in Taurus and gives me a wonderful grounding but as the years have gone by, I realized why I was so logical and reality wise.

    Anyway, just wanted to add my thoughts. This is a wonderful site for astrology guru amatures such as myself. lol luv to all my fellow Geminis out there. We are the best communicators in the zodiac, by far.

  • You are right Rooiam, the best communicators of all the zodiacs signs. Love those Gems. I get along so well with Gemini's most of my friends are Gemini's. I am Aqua.

  • I am a true center of the sign Gemini, June 4. I like balance and buy almost everything in twos. There are two of me in here, side number, one is calm, quiet and patient and the other one, side number two, can be a major bitchy, wild woman. As I have gotten older, I have learned to control the bitchy side but occational she slips the leash! LOL! My first marriage was to a center of the sign Gemini, June 6. Really big mistake for me and him, especially since I had very little control at that time of bitchy number two side. When we both got in the same mood, there were major fireworks!!!! Now I have learned when number two in the house I take her out and pull weeds or do something simular with her energy like clean house.

  • Hi worthy1248, Aqua., other Gems, Pieces, and Libras have great fun together. They bring a multitude of personalities to the party!

  • The inner battle between the two personalities I have is ongoing and lively! Yes, no - I can, I can't - some days it is best just to let them bicker. Other days you have to step in and stop the party.

  • don't worry..this id you..this mental statea is time you will find me..for now just enjoy the moment!

  • I am a Cap (53) and I work with an older Gemini woman who is a FIREBALL!! This older woman takes her grandchildren to school and picks them up after plus takes them to the park, etc., etc., She drives a big RV and can manuever that sucker too!! She is one of my best friends and I love her to death but the only problem I have is that at work she is into EVERYTHING with me!! She is in all my conversations, even when I'm on the phone and her job has nothing to do with mine (we sit in cubicules next to each other and can see and hear everything we say and do). She is so mothering that she is always giving me advice and I appreciate it but at my age I sometimes feel like I don't need to be told WHAT TO DO!! I'm a Cap so I don't sass my elders!! What I love about her too is that when she gets something on her mind (computer goes down) and our director a female Libra does not get it done quick enough my Gemini will take care of it herself. HOT DAMN!! For instance, it was really cold here today and she MADE ME LET HER TAKE ME HOME!! Oh, well!!

  • I think you are funny,I can really relate to you,my focus might actually be worse than yours,lol.

    I am currently trying to find my Passion,Meaning,Purpose in life.Thats a tuff one.any advice on the subject from anyone would be appreciated.Do you,as a Gemini,collect Information(articles and such),intending of course to read at a later date?I save way to much stuff.I love photos of birds nature anything interesting,I end up saving way to much.I think I would be good at Research ! I am Currently unemployed,so I have plenty of time to Research and Read.I have stumble upon an interesting website: philosophers,great website as he (Brian)reads all the great Books and summarizes for you,that helps me alot,just wondering if other Gemini's have that problem,too many Interest,not enough time.

  • My Mother is a Scorpio,I am a Gemini,Do You think they try to hurt us on purpose?Curious.anyone else know about Scorpio and Gemini's,Aries i never had a problem with,that i know,I love Aries Men,for Fun

  • Can someone do a reading for me,i have never had one except for

    6-1-62 11:19 Asheville,NC, Thanks

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