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  • Thank you male Geminis for responding!

    Hello greenlion69,

    You sound quite a bit like my Gem. He is a bit flighty, but creative and witty. He intrigues me, and challenges my Scorpian intellect too. We connect on many levels, and he has a very high level of ethics, which is imperative for me. I don't think he lets himself get too close to anyone easily, like you. I think it's hard for him (and many men) to open himself up to someone. I have a knack for drawing that out in people though! I can guarantee you that if you met up with a Scorpio, the sparks will fly! They certainly are between us...

    It's funny because I have sought out insight from Gemini men for awhile on here, and have gotten only a few responses. The Gemini women will respond, as will women involved with Gemini men, but the Gemini men themselves are as elusive as my Gem can be!

    Hello Zaiquan,

    Thank you for the offer. Any insight into the best way to a Gemini man's heart and soul would be greatly appreciated. I am learning some from my own Gem, but you know how things can be in love. Hearing an objective opinion is always helpful. Have you ever been involved with a Scorpian woman? I would be curious to know that...

  • I too am a Gemini. June 3 & female. I guess my mood is not the best right now. I gots me a problem! 1st, Im a TRUE Gemini, except I can have a shy side too. I havent read that of any posts. OOPS,sorry. Im in a live-in relationship. Lately, I find myself VERY attracted to a guy we both know. I know he feels the same way. I can feel it every time I see him. I really love my man, but I feel like were best friends. OH, i kmow thats cool, Ive got friends, lots, but he is my BEST FRIEND! Well, I still think of our friend, hes really closer 2 me, but we both know him. He makes me laugh all the time, I luv that. HELP! NEED FEEDBACK!

  • I could not agree more with your statement. I, too was born June 14 and have been described the same way. As a child, I was extremely intelligent but did not perform up to my potential in school because I was too busy socializing or daydreaming. I am a born storyteller, which is a big joke with my family and friends. Every time I start to tell a story, the eyes roll and I can just see them thinking "oh boy, here we go again with another one of her stories". LOL

    I have always been a naturally diplomatic person, able to see all sides of a story, argument or situation. I am easily swayed one way or another on a topic, which often makes it difficult for me to pick a position and stick with it. On the other hand, I feel that I should not have to stick with one position, because things are constantly changing. Mental flexibility is extremely important.

    The one area where I have trouble is with relationships. I can be extremely intense, demanding and passionate on one hand, and on the other, I can be fickle, shallow and careless. It is hard for me to reconcile these two sides. I love being married to my husband of almost 10 years, but I also feel that it is a challenge (as a Gemini) to stay committed to one person forever. I have a wandering eye for both men and women, but I do behave myself.

    I think that being a Gemini is a gift, and that the positive aspects far outweigh the negative. I love our ability to communicate, entertain and appreciate all aspects of a situation. We have been unfairly portrayed as flighty and scattered. It's just because there are two of us in one body!

  • Geminis are so misunderstood, maybe because our minds move so fast, often faster than our tongues. People often get intimidated when they cannot keep up.

  • wow, its funny you girls say you have more male friends. i have always had many girls who are friends and few men friends. i never noticed that in the gemini women i know... as far as being a gemini and jack of all trades but master of none i have to disagree. i did master a few even though my head says stop and go to the next thing, sometimes i ignore that little voice and i push forward. it hurts to do it but the rewards are usually worth it, i think it is my capricorn moon that brings that out in me. dont get me wrong, i still start more than i finish 10 to 1. also my mind churns with ideas 24- 7 but i rarely act on them. one other thing that throws a curve in my personality is i am left handed ! its almost like i see things from a 2nd and 3rd view!

    a lefty gemini like the beatle paul and i too am a musician. i started with drums then bass and on to the guitar and then lead guitar. lately i have started to pick up the piano. it is a little harder having to play right handed intsruments when your a lefty. paul cheated by being able to get a left handed guitar. lol! to reply to an earlier thread, i too an very intuative. i have waives of it sometimes that are scary but cant turn it on or off. wished i could control it. being able to pick up on others feelings have drained my ability for my adrenal glands to deal everyday stress.

    i think the reason i havnt push to act on my ideas or talents is i tend to be a people pleaser and put my wants and desires on the back burner. i am gemini sun, capricorn moon, and leo rising. earth ,wind and fire!

    i dont know which sign is responsable for that ... lol

  • Hi earthwindandfire,

    I am a Scorpio woman, with Gemini rising and a Libra moon, and I have always had better luck with men as friends! I think my intensity and straight-shooting demeanor are too much for some women to deal with...

    It's nice to read a post from another musician! I am a blues/jazz singer, but have been on "hiatus" for a few years now raising my son. My late husband was am amazing blues guitarist (a la SRV), and we played music professionally for many years together in NY and south FL. Sadly after suffering 4 minor strokes in 2006, he was unable to play professionally again. Then even worse, he died suddenly last August. I miss the music the most...

    Right now I am gearing up to perform again somehow! I feel the need, but it's slim pickin's for musicians here in the FL Panhandle! I am really hoping to find a good pianist or jazz trio to work with. My husband was, and my 6 year old son and I are BIG Beatles fans, by the way! My son watches the videos "Help!" and "A Hard Day's Night" all the time!

    I am currently involved with a Gemini man, hence my visits to this forum... It's good to hear some insight into other male Geminis! Thanks for posting...

  • Wow, I'm sooo glad I stumbled across this thread. I'm born June 6, 1986 (which was on a Friday the 6th day of the week). I sometimes feel like I'm misunderstood by my friends and family.

    At times considered the "black sheep" because I hardly ever just go with the flow... I have an opinion on everything!

    I'm very open minded and tend to choose the unorthodox over the norm.... or rather, what my family considers the norm.

    That can be pretty stressful because my family is devoutly religious.... not that I'm not, it's just that I am more flexible with my Christianity!!! lol

    Most of the people around me are Tauruses and that can be irritating... they're very stubborn!

    I play numerous instruments (piano, drums, guitar, bass), and have a very good ear for music and harmony. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to music and singing, and my biggest pet peeve would be listening to someone/something off-key!!!!

    I pick my friends carefully, but I'm loyal to a fault... which brings me to a lot of heartache, because they don't treat the friendship the same as I do.

    Yes, I sometimes talk to myself, because my mind runs sooo fast, that it helps when I can get the thoughts out of my head; which brings me to talking to myself, cause there's noone around me that will listen for that long!!! lol

    I'm dating another Gem, which is interesting because at times we can be polar opposites!! He's the positive one, and I'm the negative one. I've known him since we were 4, and he truly knows me.

    Even though I love people, I tend to like my quiet time. I love to embellish on stories, and I've extremely witty and sarcastic.

    When people first get to know me, they find me intimidating, but after we warm up (depending on my mood), we would have a good time.

    I'm not much of a risk-taker (too many health issues for that), but once I'm down for the cause, I'm there till the end... sometimes complaining, but hey, I'm there!!! lol

    I'm very intuitive, and I'm not afraid to admit my flaws... I can be selfish, demanding, obnoxious, and overly sarcastic at times. I'm VERY moody, and I have to admit that it's fun to watch my family watch my every move in the morning to see what kind of mood I'm in!!! lol

    When I'm devious, I'm really devious. And I never forget. I hold grudges, and wonder about people's motives.

    On the flip side, I care deeply about the people I love and will go to the ends of the earth for them. The only problem is I wish I could bank on the fact that they would do the same for me.

    There's so much more to me that meets the eye (Transformers!!) But hopefully that'll help someone to understand Gems better.

    Initially most of us don't try to be mean when we're being honest, we just want to be understood and appreciated for who we are... instead of trying to change our nature. That's when we start to lose it!!! lol

  • This post is deleted!

  • Well Jack of all Trades Master of None - is what I used to be, but I finally tamed myself long enough to focus and become at Master at of course Two trades!

    I happen to be almost all Gemini according to my birth chart. So.... hard to focus I love everything and everyone.

    I think most of have a high IQ learning is fast and easy for me. Talk is true that is why I am in sales, and also I write. Wrote my first Book , yeah!!

    I agree we get too loyal, when I decide to be a friend you have to really wrong me before I get upset and ditch you, even then I give most a second chance. I hate having disagreements, I wish life was all good, but when I began to achieve a lot of success, somehow I attracted a psychopath(jealous crazy woman/girl) I was harassed and stalked etc for the past 6 years!!

    I think others tend to get jealous of our energy and the way we can learn so fast and attract the people and things we want in life. How we are not afraid to try anything new.

    Loyal and high morals, but work hard play hard that is a Gemini. Love to have fun too.

    I get lonely too because of the harassment I have not had partner/boyfriend for many years and it is soooo lonely for me. It turns out if you care about a man there is always a psychopath liar woman to turn him against you and convince him you are crazy and in the wrong and she is the smart one ( liar she stole from me)

  • Well as you mentioned The Beatle Paul I share the June 18th Birthday with him and I loved him from the first moment I saw him when i was young. I am sooo disappointed that I have been harassed for the past 6 years, as in 2003 I PREDICTED THAT THE BEATLES WOULD BECOME VERY POPULAR AGAIN ! I have unfortuantely not been able to attend anything, as I picked up a jealous psychopath stalker, took forever to get away from the B....! I cant understand jealous people why do they have to interfere with and try to destroy others. Why cant they just work on themselves an their own issues instead of trying to destroy others???

    I agree with eartthwind and fire above - I was able to tame my mind long enough to master a few trades, but ohh it is hard sometimes cause anything can catch me and make me want to do something new.

    I once read Gemini's do everything and buy everything in 2's so I watched myself and checked my closet guess what all in 2"s! Incredible.

  • are you sure youre not bipolar? I too am a gemini june 7 and thought most of my life something was wrong with me. Find out at the age of 45 I've been bipolar all along. NOt that it's a bad thing but expplains alot. I just love myself more now

  • Hi there, Dalia! I'm a Gemini -- born June 3rd. Very true to Gemini description. My main fault? Being on time!

  • I Love bein able to carry several conversations@once and still be able to multitask more. Count to 3 and I'm out of the paper bag, hmmm maybe sooner if need be. Although I can do without the jumpy mood swingz.

  • Hi Guy, I'm a Gemini, I have to say one of my traits are being to nice, I have heard this over and over. Or wearing my feelings on my sleeves. then the percent says Im rude, I can cut a person off. those are the people who I no longer feel to communicate with due them be untrustworthy. I also feel wearing my feeling on my sleeves is to my advantage. it shows me who is who. some people think in a relationship manor Im too good to be true they feel its a put on and people do get scared, because they feel I might hurt them. however for the most part I'm genuine. I can switch on a person very easily,especially when I notice them being insincere. its hard to make my mind sometimes, but its hard to let go Once I do make up my mind. I have to confess I love a challenge but I also can give a challenge to a person as well. Im very giving to people I care for. I feel I can see past the words of a person, where the truth lies. And I probably could be a little soft at time. I'm in a relationship with a Scorpio, and its like peeling an onion, all the different layers they have, we both like mysteries, we both are adventurous and we have a connection, We are constantly learning about each other. I have to learn how to balance my life, and to be a harder cookie so people don't get the idea they can take advantage. if you have a Gemini in your life be sincere, and have a life of sharing and openness.

  • I am the proverbial procrastinator. Ever since i was a child i would have great expectations for myself and they always fall through. I have been having a really tough time for the last several years, and i know deep down procrastination is what's holding me back. I am trying to do better, because as i got older i was able to see that. People would describe me as bold, shy, it depends on my mood because i dance to the drum of my own beat. I enjoy taking both sides of any argument, however i feel the need to always be right. Is it because i know that i am right. See this is how i base everything. Right and Wrong. I always think about my connection with Libras. Everything has to be balanced for me in order to concentrate. And every thing seems out of order right about now. I don't think i am lazy because i am a hard worker. I am missing something and i don't know what it is. I am too easy to make decisions for people and make sense of it all for everyone else and feels like an idiot when i can't do it for myself. That is the duality i dislike in Gemini. I need to stick it through. I have a need for everything to be done immediately and i still do nothing. I don't know what is wrong maybe if i win the lotto i will be able to sort it all out.

  • LOL, sorry I'm a Gemini FEMALE, but with a fatal attraction toward Scorpio men - always thought it was because I have scorpio moon hence the attraction. Apart from that, I do think both Gemini and Scorpio like a mystery and a challenge - something to be solved. I see these two signs as polar probably destined to have a less than 'normal' relationship if they are to remain together.

  • whoops! new poster - last post was supposed to be in reply to a previous poster's question about gemini/scorpio relationship.

  • OMG>> how annoying I just typed out a really long (and very interesting post!!) lol and i hit submit and i got the 'internet explorer cannaot display the webpage'...i really hate that page!! I hoped it may have posted before i got such luck!! never mind i shall have to save it for another day!! loving the gemini forum though, being a fabulous gemini myself, ive loved reading the posts and had a proper belly laugh at some of them!!

    we are quite an entertaining sign !!!! im also a bit of a walking disaster. i loathe to say clumsy as i dont think i am, i guess i'm just always in a rush....and i'm never on time...ever!! ive tried but failed miserably, i think its because i dont like waiting!! my brain has a malfuction when it comes to trying to syncronise the time with the rest of the world!!!

    right better dash saying that or i am indeed going to be very late, and i dont think 'reading the gemini forum' is going to cut it as a valid reason for being late ...again!!

    take it easy guys ................................

  • wasted another 5 mins trying to attach a pic!! H2G! 😄

  • Well to FIREMONKEY2, I have to say I am currently dating a Scorpio, and mystery is an a part of it, He is sweet and endearing, romantic at times and somewhat sensitive, I have learned a lot, about communication, and dealing with him, I'm not sure if i would date another but at the same time I am enjoying every second of this journey. Question, what makes you so attracted to Scorpio's?

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