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  • I am born on the 22nd May and sometimes feel very confused about my purpose here. I too will never be back, been there, done that!! I usually see the good in people first, then get stabbed in the back. I am always trying to help others in any way I can, but feel I never get any thing in return, am taken for granted, and used. When you do me wrong, best leave me alone. I forgive, but never forget. Definetly have two sides, a lovely light side and a mysterious dark side. I find it hard to express my emotions. Am easliy distracted, always need something new and exciting.

    Am married to an Aries and have a Leo daughter. Somedays find it very hard to douse the flames. Am expecting our second child in Sep. Sometimes feel very heavy and dense and carry the weight of the world on my shoulders. A bit naive, like I said always see the good and never believe that someone has bad intentions, but usually find out the hard way. Gets me into trouble.

  • I'm a female GEM born on the cusp of Taurus/Gemini, May 21st.

    I too have always kept better friendships w/men. Girls are too nosey, jeaous and backstabbing. Ridiculous. They love to see you down and fail, or have a hand with instigating such demises in the first place. So many are catty, coniving and immature. Ironic that a Gemini's "youthful playful" demeanor gets a bad wrap. But there's a big difference between being childish and childlike. And Gem's are rewardingly the latter. 😄

    As for female Gemini friends, we share an unspoken appreciation for oneanother. Immediately we knew we're safe with the other & so are our principles, secrets and values. Space is always granted and never questioned. Can go for years not keeping in touch and when one Gem reaches out to another there's no questions asked... we just know. It's cosmic. I baby-house-puppy sit whenever needed. It's like a private Gemini club. Neat.

    As for May Gems' vs. June Gem's, I find myself naturally clicking with May Gems (both male & female) much better than the June's. Reason? don't know, but there's definitely a difference. My b-day calendar if full of May Gem's and the only June Gem's are relatives. That's gotta mean something too.

    First boyfirend was a Gem 6 yrs older than me, born on May 27th and we lasted 3 years.

    Overall, Gem's can have many social networks, but only the prized few are loyally secured in our hearts. My closest and dearest friends are Libra's, Leo's, Gemini's, Aries, Aquarians & Capricorns. (I have enough Scorpio's, Cancers and Picies in the family.)

    Aslo, very true about Gem's seeing the best in others. I'm completely wired that way and yes, have been thrown under the bus plenty because of it. 😕 But it's in my positive nature to see & speak the truth and expect everyone else to do the same. Why wouldn't you?! I still shake my head at how shady & devious others can be... and on purpose nonetheless!! 😮 Shame on you. How cheap, how cowardly and rude. Why make life so complicated? Be simple, be honest and be real. Be your own Gem ; )

  • Cusp21 - I , too, was born 21st was my ex sister in law ! I'm exactly how you have described - even down to the zodiac signs of my friends! I have only dated/married Leo & Virgo grand design,its just how the cookie crumbled!!! I'm married to a Leo at the moment and loving him to bits! We have 2 boys - Leo and Aquarius. I was married for 15 years to a Virgo...and had 3 kids with him..Aquarius,Aries (daughter) & a Capricorn.

  • Thanks Gemisu your answer helped a little but i need more you know that (gemini thing) gemini day is june 11th and his is feb 26th whew.....!!!!! i know for the moment i care very much for him.even can say deeply but whoa.......i'm trying for once to BE STILL......i dont know of any time i have put my brakes on if you didnt hold my mind forget any thing else my main issue is conversation if you cant talk with some kind of knowledge then see-ya because you dont make sense to me and i dont have time for bc but this pisces guy he's a doozie actually i'm stump for words it's something there i just dont know WHAT!!!!!! dont that sound crazy....................

  • Libra Libra Rising

    This actually happened a few years ago when he was constantly going. He was very stressed out and he brought it home with him which in fact caused us to fight. He was going through a mid life crisis or something I don't know. It hurt badly. When we would talk, neither one of us could come up with a solution to help our marriage and he would say you need to get a better job and that he would help me find a place but that I could stay there until I did. He said that his head was in a bad way (whatever that means) I am not saying it was only him because it was me too. He ended up getting texts from this stripper and would talk to her on the phone around once a week becuase I would check his phone and found out. None of the texts said anything regarding cheating just to come have a drink or just normal convo from her. I asked him what he was doing talking to her and he said we are just friends I said friends with a stripper? He swears to this day that nothing happened between them. It still bothers me. He knows this because I told him. He has only gone a few times this year which has been the last two Fridays for a few hours. Before he would work graveyard shift on Thursday nights and stay out until 5-6 at night. He once admitted that he took her to a bar and bought her some food and they played pool, but seemed like he had to get that off his chest like he was releived to tell me or something.. I don't know. It feels like I am reliving it again just writing this. It makes me upset. I was completely broken down and broken hearted. I went to counseling for awhile and that seemed to help a little bit. I still wonder though. That's why I am confused about Gemini's. Or at least him. Then one day he came home and I let him have it. I told him if he was that unhappy to get out. That's when it seemed to change. We take it day by day but he still confuses me. That jeckle and hyde personality of his. He tells me he loves me and he likes to snuggle with me, but when I try to love on him, he almost like pushes me away. It's like he wants me to but he doesn't and if I ignore him he comes to me. It's weird. Does that make since? What do you think? Theres more but this is enough already. I know I am sensitive but wow......

  • Well, Well,

    Scorpio gal here, married 20 yrs to Scorp guy. I (and he, to some degree ), am a " Gemini magnet "!!! What's up with this, does anyone relate to this Scorp/Gemini vibe?

    Thanks for any feedback!!! It's sort of irksome!??! Just always meeting Geminis!!!!!


  • No one will ever understand a Gemini, we are people with multiple layers, we adapt to any situtiation, we are very complex people. It is safe to say that not all Gemini are the same. One has to take inconsideration the time and day the person was born and even if two were born on the same day and time they will not be the same. Personally I am run hot and cold, one minute I am happy and the other sad, or I could take out something to wear, go to the another room for whatever come back and take out something different. The one trait I am not, is one person in front of you and another behind you.

  • I understand what you are saying, my birthday is May 24, Most Gemini born early feel the way you. I feel that our purpose here is love.

  • Thank you for your help understanding Gem -to-Gem relationships, Compromise is definately something to work on especially when we have decided what we are willing to compromise on and someone else decides something else.

    Interesting viewpoint.


  • Hello Score,

    Boy do I understand the Gemini to Scorpio magnet

    My Best Friend, and husband are both Scorpios and I am a Gemini

    There is a huge attraction between myself and Scorpios, but then again, I am a very passionate person and so are they and Im not just talking about naughty bits, Anything myself and they believe in or participate in is done wholeheartedly.

    Maybe that is the link for you too???

    I do know that I am very grateful for the Scorpios I currently have in my life. Sounds like you are too.


  • gemini born 6/12/57. Haven't read all entries, but her I am. Never had real women friends, get along and trust men most. Haven't been the most faithful, but when I love, I LOVE, AND CAN BE COMPLETELY FAITHFUL. I know that doesn't make sense. Married someone who I thought would be a good husband and provider. I was hurt badly in the past. I knew my Cancer Husband would be faithful. Needed that at the time. But no Passion. Met a Leo later in life that totally blew my mind and totally fell in love and passion. Then I realized I was just a toy to him. I always thought that I was the strongest person on earth till him. Now I'm a complete idiot about love and things I never think I ever felt before. Totally life is out of balance, and for gemini that's bad. My entire family thinks I'm going crazy and I am. Why when a gemini finally falls for a jerk does she lose her complete balance that she always had before? I know I was wrong for cheating, have a loving husband that adores and puts up with me. Why do I want the other jerk? Is it pride? What happened to the fun, funny, wife that refuses to do nothing but lay in bed all day crying for months. And I mean months. All I want is to love my husband and family again and return to my old self. I feel as though this maggot has stole my soul.

  • Hi D!

    Thanks for your insights, it's true @ passion being a big factor!! Also, glad to know there's other twins & scorp people that have a way of "always seeming to be meeting/connecting with each other..." although my "gems" and I tend to clash quite alot 🙂 ! , we always return to our relationships. And yes, I'm happy to have my fellow scorps and my gems in my life-even when things get a bit confusing/maddening!!

    I have heard,too,that the both signs share an intense love of a mystery! We're also supposedly both of high intellect!! We are able to keep up with each other, loving words as we do!! Oh, it seems that this combination has a strange dynamic with the scorp trying to please the gem ( weird!), and the gem being the one to find the scorp too magnetic to resist! I have a gem friend and we drive each other nuts! But she's the one to always say " you'll never get rid of me!" not the "norm" for either sign, but there it is!! Yet another mystery- our passion!!

    Cheers!! Lisa

  • Gemini , That's me. I am very creative, i've been told i am very easy to talk to and very talkative. I have my two sides and more at times. I thrive on having many things going all at the same time. Watching t.v., sewing or crocheting and listening to music... i'll have a garden started , sewing projects, cooking banana bread and still be able to have time for phone calls. I am also a twin in my natural life. Now she's the EVIL twin that is spoken of...LOL... we are very intuitive. We will begin the same sentence /idea at the same time. But i am the best at finding things, from when i was idea is...think... ask... where is this item... and it comes to me...either in a picture of where it is or guides me to the item. I am very good at this. I just need a good idea of what i am looking for, a picture or good description. Yes, we Gemini's get stepped on a little... i think... we like to help people.. and can be taken advantage of easily. myself and my sister. I had my horoscope done and i am a triple Gemini... sun, moon and rising...??? if i remember correctly.... anyway... that's it for now... will add more when i think of it... we also write lke we are talking to someone... which is very personal.... as we are.... LadyGemini


  • Hi,

    Well I am not your typical Gemini.

    I only have one core personality.

    I am easy to get close to.

    I really do not like talking on the phone very long. IHR.MAX I'll be getting irratated.

    I don't care much for Virgos, they work my nerves. But never the less tolarate them any way to a point -Never had issues with Scorpios, kinda getting along well with them.

    Well, the only thing Gemini I do you might say. If I like a how a pair of jeans fit. I'll buy two of the same. LOL. But so do a lot of people.

    Keepin it real.

  • Also,several of my best friends through life were other Geminis. I can't even begin to understand when I read a Gemini can not get along with another Gemini? WOW

    Others I prefer are Libras, Leos, Aries and other Geminis. I had a party once every body there were Geminis except like five people. We all got along. Wild party a bunch of Geminis.

    Keepin it real.

  • hey SekhmetGoddess

    i laughed out readin the part were u said "If I like a how a pair of jeans fit. I'll buy two of the same. LOL. But so do a lot of people." coz that's exactly how i am!! lol. if i like sth ive gotta hav 2 of it, 1 wudnt do! n that's only for material stuff not relationships!

    as for the signs i can n cant get along wit, i'd hav to say: i can get along wit most signs but like many other geminis i too cant get along wit women! men r easier to talk to, but it doesnt mean that i consider men to be more trust-worthy than women, coz i dont.

    cant stand saggittarius men as a lover since 2 of my ex-bfs were sags n they were very unreliable n untrustworthy n they both cheated on me..

    anyway, hav enjoyed readin all 116 posts 🙂


  • DEBI37 - Interestingly you were born on the same day as my ex husband....although he was born in 1961.

    I'm more than happy with my current Leo husband.

    My ex drove me up the wall by dictating on everything from the clothes I wore to the food I bought..or rather I didn't buy because he preferred to shop for food and cook and used to shout at me if I ever suggested walking into a supermarket! At first it was nice being cooked for, but I was a competent cook myself and my wants and hobbies were pushed to the side. I am a social creature but I wasn't allowed out unless we went to the theatre and it was to see a show he wanted to see. I love reading....but he wasn't a reader so I got criticised for that.

    I'm not saying you're a control freak Debi though! My friend is the 24th August and she's lovely and my close male friend (platonic) is a virgo too....yeah, we had sparks flying whenever we met but I didn't pursue it any further...

    In fact all my boyfriends/husbands have either been a Leo or Virgo (or Leo/virgo)....

    To win a Gem you need to be 100 % loyal, take an interest in them, try not to be over critical (Gems take it to heart and can take well meaning comments the wrong way) and flattery will get you long as its sincere!

  • My birthdate is 6/12/1963. I feel our lives are very parallel. I too am married to a cancer, he won't let go. Cancers are such needy creatures. Holding the family unit together no matter how dysfunctional and painful. Our children are almost grown, however, so I am not far from over. I have tried to divorse him several times, he pulls money out of nowhere and fights dirty all for the sake of "saving" a marriage that has been over almost from the time it began. I am trying to wait him out in this loveless mess. I work hard and alot. my confidant always warns me that the overtime will hurt me in court. because my husband constantly threatens me with child support. The children, who are in therir teens, will stay with him for the security and because they love to have someone to blame, hate or otherwise vent their teen angst. AND HE SUPPORTS THIS.

  • Oh, by the way, Cautious. I too am believed crazy by my family. I too am depressed over a love I cannot have, given my current situation. I too spend too much time lying in bed crying or just vegging between shifts at the hospital. My one and only friend gets me out whenever she is off work for long workouts and longer walks. She has known me for longer than my husband, she doesn't think I am crazy, I am just me. GEMINI.

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