Captain, I need your help please...

  • Hi Captain,

    My question is not really related to love.. sort of. Let me explain. Long story short. Today, I just found out that I can only legally stay/work in the states until late Jan, 2013. I dont have many options if I wanna work here. 1) find a man to get married before that due date.. say this year. 2) go back to my home country late Jan, 2013, and come back late Sept 2013 IF the company i will be working for is okay to sponsor me the working visa then.. There might be some other options, but I did my research online today, and I didnt find much. And I am still looking for a job.. I m lost... confused... My question is.. do you see if I get married this year to fix my working visa issue? Or will I find some way to stay/work here next yr that I dont have to go back home for a while? Or will I go home for a few months and may be coming back to the states after?

    Maybe you can shed some light on this issue... Thanks! much appreciated

  • in case u need my birthdate.. april 8, 1985

  • If you marry for any other reason for love, I feel it will backfire badly on you and you will end up unhappy. If you cannot find love before your visa runs out, then you must return to your country and decide what to do then.

  • Correction: "If you marry for any other reason than love..."

  • Captain, thanks for the reply! of course I wont get married if i dont love that person. i cant do that! I love my man. I just didnt realize it could come so fast! Its kinda shocking.. so do you see me gettng married this year??

  • No I don't feel your partner wants that.

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