Confused Virgo man.. need opinions Bull girls..

  • Ok I’m new to this but I obviously need some help to clear my mind. I’ll try to keep this as short as possible.

    I’ve met this Taurus girl about 2 year ago and dated for a couple of weeks but it didn’t click for both of us back then despite how easy we understood each other and all the things we had in common. So no problem. I’ve moved on, so does she but we remained friends (without seeing each other) talking on the phone, texting etc. Few months after I needed to be in Europe for a couple of weeks and I ask her to water my plants ( a have a whole bunch) while I was gone, since her apartment is a block away from mine, and she said yes. After I came back I went to her apartment to pick up my keys & thank her (I also got her a small gift) And she started telling me how much she misses me and we needed to see each other more.. so fine… we started going out again – nice restaurants, movies etc. we went for a coffee one morning a couple of weeks later and she told me that she likes me but there is something inside her that stop’s her from moving this to a real relationship. Fine again! Again we moved on with our lives but every now and then we’ll send a text to see how the other one is doing, she’s got a boyfriend, I’ve got random dates – most just for sex after clubbing. Being a Virgo I hardly like woman for more than that actually almost never. I’m not a player! But I have needs right? Girls do approach me all the time but I never care to call them back for some reason. And here is the last part of my little story. It has been months since the last time I received a text or call from this girl (normal as she was with someone) but about a month ago we started texting again and her texts were “I miss talking to you, I’ve missed you..” etc. And we decided to go out together and catch up… so far so good. I didn’t know that she recently broke up with her boyfriend, she started comparing me to him, how I always look her in the eyesyou make me , that I actually listen to what she says, you get me, smile…things like that. Again we started going out - walks in the park, restaurants, movies.. her birthday last month she decided to spend with me only! Despite all the friends she has. One of the best nights of my life… we haven’t had sex yet but the look in her eyes and her worm kisses melted me. I call her a taxi give her cash to take her home as it was late – she just kissed me and told me “you are amazing” and kissed me again and again.. before she left. I’ve met her whit my friends already and she seem to get along with them just fine. She shared all her deepest secrets with me and she told me that she does not tell these things to anyone. And we just can talk about anything… lol by now you know how I feel about her and I told her that. We continued going out and have fun together but there was that stopper again.. she told me that it’s too soon, she needed space & time and she’s not ready... This time I did fell for her. I told her that I’ll not force her into anything to we stopped seeing each other, texting yes but that’s it.. She doesn't want to see me right now... I think I already know what is going on but I just needed to share this with someone. Thank you all for reading. Let me know what you think of this? I really appreciate all your comments. Cheers!

  • Speaking as a Taurus woman, Harry, the thing we Bull gals most value in a partner is trustworthiness, devotion, and loyalty. And quite frankly you haven't got the reputation for being any of these things. This girl doesn't know what to think about you - she really likes you, but she has heard some nasty things about you being a player who only wants sex from a girl. She is not going to get involved with you until she believes she can trust you not to 'love her and leave her'. That might take quite a while and a lot of effort to prove to her.

  • Thank you for your comment. I'm really not a player but I see how she might see me as one... I'll do my best to prove her that I'm not! The thing is that I never told her about my random girl experiences.. not proud of it but I don't think that she knows about that. She can't hear about these things as we don't have mutual friends and I haven't told anyone about it. I just keep everything in me.. I just got her the shoes that she loves - it cost me an arm and a leg : ). How else can I show her what she really means for me? This is really hard for me as I don't meet girls like her at all.. And I want to make things right! I really do.. I would hate myself forever if I hurt her.

  • Harry, your sexual partners do talk about you and your reputation does get around. Gossip tends to travel at warp speed, thanks to the Internet and mobile phones. If you want to gain her trust, you should tell her about your past history but let her know that you feel differently about her than you did about all your casual sex partners. Taureans appreciate honesty and you need to set the record straight as there are some pretty bad rumours out there about you.

  • **** = sex

  • Hahaha I must be quite the catch since girls talk about me and have heard of me in the big city that i live in... sorry It's not that I just don't see it and as I said I'm not a player. I have told her that I have a hard time liking girls and it almost never happens. I am way too picky.. it's not only the look I need someone how can challenge me intellectually otherwise I get bored really fast. I've been nothing but honest with her even to my surprise I did share secrets about my life that I haven't told anyone... and she did shared with me her secrets and trust me I know that I'm one of the few that knows about all this. I have told her that I feel different about her and I want this to last.. I don't want her for day or two.. why would I put all this effort and all this time if I wasn't serious about it? Thank you for trying to help! I really appreciate it!

  • I say take it 1 day at a time.........Let things flow. One thing for sure is Taurus women take there time, we are slow at everything. We like to be rushed. Showering us with gift won't win us over. It gonna take you being someone your not used to......"Commiting" yourself to a relationship, we are self women, we don't like to share, nor compete to me you or anyone standards...What you fall for is, what you get.....I tell you this much, you will never find a women like a "Taurus Women"....Communication is the KEY.......

    Good luck


  • **oops forgot to add

    Dont like to be rushed..........& Selfish women.....& to met your or anyone.......


  • HatchetHarry, are you sure that your being picky doesn't work against you ? Maybe she senses that you are more interested in an idealised version of a woman, than actually a human being ?

  • Harry, you should sit your girl down and ask her to tell you honestly what her reservations about a relationship with you are. It may not be personal - she may just be wary of all men after past experiences. But if it is something about you that makes her uneasy, you need to know that, too. Don't let her off the hook until she tells you the whole truth. Also you have to be ready to hear it.

  • It's nice to get a little insight into the Virgo brain harry.... u guys can be very mysterious and confusing sending mixed signals.... maybe you come across like that to her.. since u are not stating anything definite but giving clues.... what i see is that she is telling you directly and you are still wondering. whereas you bought her the shoes and she may still be unsure.

    i am involved with a virgo man for a 1.5 years too and up to this day I am still confused how he feels or what he thinks because reading you guys is not easy!!!! i have to look for very subtle clues and then I am not even sure if it is a clue or just normal behaviour peculiar to him that he would apply to anyone else .... so in a nutshell be more direct.

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