Can Someone Help Me Out Please?

  • All this week i've felt like there is nothing good that is going to happen. I'm thinking postively. But it seems like the more I think that way. It just seems like everything in my life is falling apart at the seems. Can someone please help me out here? Is there anything good that's going to happen?...Because lately..i've started to think of going back to my old ways..which most of the time...well..all the time. Involved self harm issues.:/ What should I do?

  • HI TheOneWhoFadesAway,

    I'm not a psychic but have been having a tough time myself lately... feels like the rug has been pulled out from underneath me. I'm struggling to keep my thoughts positive & keep the negative thoughts & energy away. What seems to be working is each time I catch myself going in the negative or" I give up direction", I distract myself with anything positive. Sometimes a positive thought, sometimes I sing anything to turn it around. I don't know when it'll happen but I'm sure something good is coming your way .... hurting yourself seems to be more of the negative you're trying to move away from....have you pictured in your mind or written down what would be a positive change in your life to let the Universe know? It takes time to happen but it starts the changes to bring positive things your way. Take care of yourself so you're ready for these changes as they begin to form

    Blessed Be

  • Fade,

    First of all you need to change your screen name. You are not going to fade away any time soon even if you want to. I suggest to you to stop feeling so sorry for yourself and go out there and do something good for someone else each day of your life if possible, that way you won't revert back to self defecting ways. I am going to suggest you get busy and listen to Joyce Meyers and Bishop Jakes they are wonderful role models for people with negetive mind sets, such as yourself. You can find them on TV.

    You also need to join a gym and go at least four times a week to keep your endorfins going and this helps to keep your brain working in a positive way . Swimming is what I get for you to do, it will bring some healing to you.

    Who is George? I hear this name around you and if you don't know him, you will and he will help you to open your heart and mind and become much happier than you have been in a long time. Let me know when you make these changes and than you can thank me for introducing them to you.


  • Thank you both. And I would change my screen name if I knew how. I have been working out seems to help. I swim almost everyday or atleast once a week. I will listen to them. And I have been doing things for everyone. I spend almost all my time trying to help other people thought. And George? I really don't know one like you would he even make me happy? It seems like no one can..It really makes me think now.

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