Captain, advice much needed pls

  • Captain,

    If you may help me with giving me some advice..

    I've decided to move back to the valley which is 1hr 1/2 away from our current residence. My original plan was to move till next summer but I'm having a hard time finding work and moving away from my beloved family can bring more peace between my don and I if we attend to our issues by seen a therapist together. But of course I am afraid of the unknow. Can you please give me any advice regarding this move.

    I appropriate all your help,


  • Sorry I am a bit confused - is it where you are currently living that you are having problems with finding work or leaving family? What does the valley hold for you - why would you want to move there?

  • Sorry for the confusion Captain. I currently live in a small town with my family. My son and I have been here for about four years now but I've been looking for work for 5 months now in nursing. The valley is in los Angeles county which is a city full of EVERYTHING. My son and I like it out there and everyone is supporting our decision. But I'm afraid ill be making a big mistake by moving out there and not progresing financially.

  • I feel you would feel very lost and lonely in the city. I feel there is a smaller (smaller than the city but bigger than your hometown) yet more perfect place for you lying between your home and the city.

  • Thnk you Captain = )

    I'm definitely at cross roads here. My mom has invested in a few cemetery plots and I'm working on selling them for her we agreed I get a portion of the money wich is my ticket to moving away soon. If not I might have to postpone the move for now. But I feel like this is my chance, I have the courage and will power to make it happen, one way or the other.

    Hey, captain is there something you see that I might be missing in terms of selling the plots or when I will move?

  • I feel that you do want to sell the plots to get the moving money, but that your heart really isn't in the 'product'.

  • I see..I see.... They do say you have to put in some heart in to it to succeed


    I thank you dearly Captain.

    Big warm loving hug sent Your way = )

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