Osho Quotes on Beliefs


    Osho Quotes on Beliefs

    Belief is in ignorance. If you know, you know. And it is good that if you don’t know, know that you don’t know — the belief can deceive you. The belief can create an atmosphere in your mind, where, without knowing, you start thinking that you know. Belief is not trust, and the more strongly you say that you believe totally, the more you are afraid of the doubt within you.

    Belief is of the mind, of the thinking; faith is of no-mind, of awareness, understanding.

    Trust is simple. It is just like a child trusts in his mother. It is not that he believes — belief has not yet entered. You were a small child once. Did you believe in your mother or did you trust her? The doubt has not arisen so what is the question of belief? Belief comes only when the doubt has entered; doubt comes first. Later on, to suppress the doubt, you catch hold of a belief. Trust is when doubt disappears; trust is when doubt is not there.

    The difference between belief and trust is simple. I am not talking about the dictionary meaning of the words — in the dictionary it may be so: belief means trust, trust means faith, faith means belief — I am talking about existence. In an existential way belief is borrowed, trust is yours. Belief you believe in but doubt exists just underneath. Trust has no doubt element in it; it is simply devoid of doubt. Belief creates a division in you: a part of your mind believes, a part of your mind denies. Trust is a unity in your being, your totality.

    What is trust? Is it a belief? No, because belief belongs to the mind. Trust is a rapport. You simply put aside all your defense measures, your armor; you become vulnerable. You listen to something, and you listen so totally that the feeling arises in you as to whether it is true or not. If it is untrue, you FEEL it.

    Remember the distinction between belief and faith: belief is in an idea; faith is in total reality, faith is a reverence for the whole. Belief is of the mind; faith is of your totality. When you believe in God, you believe in the God of philosophers. When you believe in God, God is an idea, a doctrine. It can be proved or disproved and it will not transform you. But if you have faith, it has already transformed you. I will not say that it WILL transform you. If you have faith, it has ALREADY transformed you.

    If you have a belief and you come against an experience which the belief says is not possible, or, the experience is such that you have to drop the belief, what are you going to choose — the belief or the experience? The tendency of the mind is to choose the belief, to forget about the experience. That’s how you have been missing many opportunities when God has knocked at your door.

    A belief system is nothing but poison to your capacity to understand.

    I don’t want people to have any kind of belief system. Whether it is Christianity or Hinduism or Buddhism, it does not matter. To me, any organized religion – and Christianity is the most organized religion in the world – is a danger to human beings. Their individuality, their freedom, their dignity is destroyed.

    Do you believe in the moon? Do you believe in the stars? You simply know, there is no question of belief. Belief arises only for fictions, for lies, not for truth. Every belief system is a hindrance for spirituality.

    Organized religions have been deceiving humanity for thousands of years. But they could do it because you allowed it to be done. Belief is cheap; you don’t have to do anything. You don’t have to go into the unknown, the mysterious. You have just to cling to your belief system and Jesus will save you, Buddha will save you. Nobody can save anybody else. That will be against human dignity. If I save you, I am not your friend. I have taken away your birthright — the most important, the most significant glory of your being. I have not allowed you to discover the truth yourself, and I have destroyed you, not saved you. Truth can be known only as an individual experience. It is just like love. You don’t have organizations of love. Just think of organizations of love! — and they say to you, “You have just to believe, you have not to do anything else. The savior will do everything; he will make love on your behalf.” But truth is an even higher quality.

    Only the open mind can be ready to listen to something that goes against it. The closed mind can listen only to that which supports it. The closed mind has only one dimension open, that is: everything that supports it is allowed in, welcomed in. All other dimensions are kept closed because there is fear. Things may enter you which may shake up your belief system, disturb your so-called peace of mind; they may sabotage your faith. No person who is a believer can afford to be open.

    Meditation should be absolutely necessary in every educational system, because meditation is not Hindu, not Christian, not Buddhist. Meditation has nothing to do with any religion. It has nothing to do with any belief. Meditation does not require you to believe in God first, heaven and hell, Jesus Christ as the only begotten son. It needs no belief of any kind. Meditation is an inquiry, a search, a pilgrimage towards your own center. And the person who knows himself cannot do anything wrong. That is an impossibility. The person who realizes himself needs no morality. Morality is needed by blind people.

    You go on pouring belief, more belief; but you are simply suppressing doubt deeper and deeper into your unconscious. And the deeper it goes, the more dangerous it is because you will become unaware of it. One day you will think that you believe, that you are a believer, that you have attained to faith — because your doubt has gone so deep in your dark unconscious that you cannot see it anymore. I would like you to see your doubt clearly. Rather than repressing it by any belief system, bring it out into the conscious mind, face it. And just by facing your doubt, it dissolves. No belief is needed, it simply evaporates. Doubt is not to be substituted with a belief. If you substitute it with a belief, then you are in a very strange dilemma: just scratch your belief a little bit — and there is doubt flowing, fully alive. The belief is skin deep and underneath your blood is flowing.

    Belief is theoretical. Trust is existential. You can change your belief without any trouble; it is just like changing your clothes. From a Hindu, you can become a Christian; from a Christian, you can become a Mohammedan; from a Mohammedan, you can become a communist. There is no problem, because belief is only of the mind. If anything is more convincing, more logical, you can change it. It has no roots in your heart. Belief is like plastic flowers, which look like flowers from far away. They don’t have any roots, they don’t need any care — no manure, no chemicals, no watering, no gardening, nothing is needed. And they are permanent people, they can remain with you your whole life long — because they were never born, so they will never die. They are manufactured. Unless you destroy them, they will remain. Trust is a real rose. It has roots, and roots go deep into your heart and into your being. Belief is just in the head.

    Jesus says, “Truth liberates.” But how to attain to truth? It is not a question of belief, but a question of meditativeness. And what is meditation? Meditation is emptying your mind completely of all belief, ideology, concept, thought. Only in an empty mind, when there is no dust left on the mirror, truth reflects. That reflection is a benediction.

    Always remember: that which nourishes you is real, and that which simply gives you a consolation is very dangerous. Because of this consolation you will not seek the real food. If you start living in dreams and you don’t eat real food, then by and by, you will dissipate, disappear, become dry, and you will be dead. So take immediate action: whenever mind is trying to give you a substitute, don’t listen to it. It is a great salesman, a great seducer. It convinces you, and it says, “Those things are very cheap. Faith is very difficult to find because you will have to risk your life; belief is very easy, very cheap. You can get it for nothing.” In fact, so many people are ready — if you accept their belief they are ready to give you something more with it: become a Christian, become a Hindu, become a Mohammedan. People are ready to give you a great welcome and respect, respectability. Everything is available; just accept their belief. Belief is not only cheap, it can even bring many more things with it. Faith is dangerous, never cheap. You will have to put your whole life at stake. It needs courage, but only a courageous person can be religious.

    Belief is opposite to trust. You believe because you have doubt; the belief is an antidote to doubt, it is a need to cover up the doubt. Trust is when you don’t have any doubt, so trust is not a belief. Belief is always in something — in some doctrine, in some principle, in some philosophy. Trust is in the totality of the cosmos. It has nothing to do with books — HOLY BIBLES, GITAS, KORANS — no. Then there is only one scripture which is spread all around you — in the trees, in the rivers, in the ocean, in the stars. And you don’t have to read it; you have to be just silent, and it starts showering on you all its wisdom, which is eternal. I am against belief because I want you to come to the point of trust.

  • Agree 200%...it is actually one on my favorite quotes "it's one thing to believe, but it's a better thing to know!" I am of native spirituality!

    Continue this awareness...very interesting topic!


  • Thank you ScorpWolf,

    I know this is a heavy subject to think about for some.

    I felt a need to post as I felt a Truth to share.

    What a Great Day!

    As I think my action to share Blessed my spirit!

  • "I would rather have a mind opened by wonder than one closed by belief" —Gerry Spence

  • Clutter in The Linear

    "Participating in life with the best intent and desire can still leave one feeling despondent over the lack of progress. "Life" surely appears to get in the way of spiritual awareness. Some religious movements prescribe the leaving of linear pursuits to embrace only spiritual. Others embrace a focusing of thought while still others teach a symbolic regimen of ritual to clear one's path to heaven.

    With all the methods available why are there still so many seemingly lost in a clutter of drama that gives no meaning to their lives?

    From our perspective the soul's intention should be the most predominant voice in the hearts of all. However, that can be difficult with all the clutter accumulated in one's life.

    Despair arises in the soul when its true voice cannot be heard.

    Linear has accelerated in your current cultures. There is no longer the silence of a winter day where one can almost hear snow falling. Technology has replace the pulse of the heart leaving some species needing to vacate the linear altogether.

    We have heard from many of you who are worried about the environment created from the calm whispers of our souls... its core fiber frayed from creations that come energy tense with clutter of the linear.

    It is important to think quietly while setting aside the trivia of your day. Participate in your own personal meditation while creating the intention of your soul. It's not lost, nor is your environment. It's merely out of touch, misplaced in the dramatic events of your day.

    Spiritual progress can be achieved easily with clearer thought. How long has it been since you experienced an eternal moment? If you cannot recall then we beseech your focus upon that from which you came..... your entity.

    Quite. Slower pace. Clear thought. Eliminate that which is not necessary. You do not have to depend uon your external to provide the moment. It is you that creates all. If everyone made that a priority your linear would become less cluttered allowing the magnificence of your soul to shine through.

    All would align... including your environment."


    Remember: a wise man is always hated by the world, is bound to be hated by the world. His presence is a disturbance to those who are fast asleep and snoring, because he goes on shouting “Wake up!” He goes on telling you that whatsoever you are doing is all illusory. He goes on shaking you, shocking you into awareness, and you may be dreaming sweet dreams, beautiful dreams. He goes on pulling you out of your dreams and your sleep, and your sleep may be comfortable, safe, secure. And he does not allow you rest; he gives you great work to do upon yourself. The ordinary humanity has always hated a wise man — he may be a Buddha or a Socrates or a Zarathustra or a Lao Tzu, it doesn’t matter who, but down the ages the wise man has been hated by the ordinary people, by the masses, by the crowds. The wise man has been loved only by a few seekers of truth, a few lovers of truth, a few good men. Remember it!

  • HELLO ZEPAGAIN, Thank You for such an interesting Topic, I feel and I do understand all you are speaking of. There is just no one interested .... FAMILY ,FRIENDS,,, NEIGHBOURS so I just meditate and continue with Trust I have developed within myself. This forum is the first place I discovered a mutual spirituality. I am so grateful. Lienida,

  • Osho Quotes on Sadness

    The real man one day becomes enlightened. The unreal man never becomes enlightened. When the real man becomes enlightened, then there is no joy and no sadness. Then his being is just a witness. Joy comes: he watches it. Sadness comes: he watches it.

    You are sad — be aware. Let sadness become your meditation. You are angry — be aware. You are in love — be aware. Use all possibilities, all opportunities to be more and more aware. Slowly slowly, the momentum gathers, and one day something explodes in you. That explosion is known in the East as the flowering of the one-thousand-petalled lotus.

    You go on living in a fantasy world. Your life is nothing but your thinking, a pseudo thing; and so is your death. Your illness, your health, your happiness, your sadness are all so bogus that how can you die a real death? A real death has to be earned. One has to become worthy of real death. And one becomes worthy only by living truly.

    Our mind is a chooser; that’s why the problem arises. Remain choiceless. And whatsoever happens and wherever you are, right or left, in the middle or not in the middle, enjoy the moment in its totality. While happy, dance, sing, play music — be happy! And when sadness comes, which is bound to come, which is coming, which has to come, which is inevitable, you cannot avoid it… if you try to avoid it you will have to destroy the very possibility of happiness. The day cannot be without the night, and the summer cannot be without the winter, and life cannot be without death.

    Remember, one who enjoys more is bound to suffer more because he becomes very sensitive. But suffering is not bad. If you understand it rightly, suffering is a cleansing. If you understand it rightly, sadness has a depth to it which no happiness can ever have. A person who is simply happy is always superficial. A person who has not known sorrow and has not known sadness, has not known the depths. He has not touched the bottom of his being; he has remained just on the periphery. One has to move within these two banks. Within these two banks flows the river.

    Sadness has come. It has happened to you; it is not you. The moment you remember this, suddenly you will see a distance arising between you and the sadness. It does not affect you anymore. When you lose awareness, it affects you; when you gain awareness, there is a distance. The more awareness rises to a higher peak, the more the distance becomes greater and greater. A moment comes when you are so far away from your sadness that it is as if it is no longer there.

    Life consists of sadness too. And sadness is also beautiful; it has its own depth, its own delicacy, its own deliciousness, its own taste. A man is poorer if he has not known sadness; he is impoverished, very much impoverished. His laughter will be shallow, his laughter will not have depth, because depth comes only through sadness. A man who knows sadness, if he laughs, his laughter will have depth. His laughter will have something of his sadness too, his laughter will be more colorful.

    You are sad. Go into your sadness rather than escaping into some activity, into some occupation, rather than going to see a friend or to a movie or turning on the radio or the tv. Rather than escaping from it, turning your back towards it, drop all activity. Close your eyes, go into it, see what it is, why it is — and see without condemning it, because if you condemn you will not be able to see the totality of it. See without judging. If you judge, you will not be able to see the whole of it. Without judgment, without condemnation, without evaluation, just watch it, what it is. Look as if it is a flower, sad; a cloud, dark; but look at it with no judgment so that you can see all the facets of it.

    That’s how it should be. If you can like your sadness also, then the sadness is no longer sad. The sadness is sad because you dislike it. The sadness is sad because you would not like to be in it. The sadness is sad because you reject it. Even sadness becomes a flowering of tremendous beauty, of silence, of depth, if you like it. Nothing is wrong; that’s what I want you to be: to like everything that happens, even sadness. Even death has to be loved; only then will you transcend death. If you can accept death, love and welcome it, now death cannot kill you; you have transcended it.

    When sadness comes, accept it. Listen to its song. It has something to give to you. It has a gift which no happiness can give to you, only sadness can give it.

    Happiness is always shallow; sadness, always deep. Happiness is like a wave, sadness is like the innermost depth of an ocean. In sadness you remain with yourself, left alone. In happiness you start moving with people, you start sharing In sadness you close your eyes; you delve deep within yourself. Sadness has a song — a very deep phenomenon is sadness. Accept it. Enjoy it. Taste it without any rejection, and you will see that it brings many gifts to you which no happiness can ever bring.

    If you can accept sadness, it is no more sadness. You have brought a new quality to it. You will grow through it. Now it will not be a stone, a rock on the path blocking the way; it will become a step. And remember always: a person who has not known deep sadness is a poor person. He will never have an inner richness. A person who has lived always happy, smiling, shallow, has not entered into the innermost temple of his being. He has missed the innermost shrine.

    Remain capable of moving with all the polarities. When sadness comes, be REALLY sad. Don’t try to escape from it — allow it, cooperate with it. Let it dissolve in you and you be dissolved in it. Become one with it. Be really sad: no resistance, no conflict, no struggle. When happiness comes, be happy: dance, be ecstatic. When happiness comes, don’t try to cling to it. Don’t say that it should remain always and always; that is the way to miss it. When sadness comes, don’t say,’Don’t come to me,’ or,’If you have come, please go soon.’ That is the way to miss it.

    Don’t reject sadness and don’t cling to happiness. and soon you will understand that happiness and sadness are two aspects of the same coin. Then you will see that happiness also has a sadness in it, and sadness also has a happiness in it. Then your inner being is enriched. Then you can enjoy everything: the morning and the evening also, the sunlight and the dark night also, the day and the night, the summer and the winter, life and death — you can enjoy all.

  • Hi Lienida,

    You are not alone as I have had this to.

    I love to explore and challenge my mind and others.

    I found others dont like it as much,but now I know where I stand.

    and all is ok as we all have our path to go on.

    Differences makes the world go around.

    Your own Truth will fill your heart and then one day you will find more people to share with.

    I know others are out there so I post to share as I have had so many share with me on Tarot.

    Experiences in life is a level of where you are.

    My children think I am silly sometimes in my words, but yet they have not been through what I have.

    Yet my grandchildren love it...LOL

    Embrace your being as you are special!

  • Osho – Divine purity reduced to practical life means spontaneity. The spontaneous person is innocent. He has a quality that only children have, and that is the meaning of purity, innocence. He has the quality that animals have and the trees have and which man has lost.

    To be spontaneous means not to act out of the past, because out of the past is all cunningness, cleverness, calculation, arithmetic. When you act in the moment and it has no reference to your past, the action has a beauty, a purity – the same as a small child’s act. Whether he laughs or cries or goes into a tantrum or becomes angry, all his acts have purity – it is uncalculated. His anger is hot and not cold. The calculated anger is cold. His anger is natural, a responsiveness. He has not brooded over it, he has not planned it. He is just in the hands of nature – hence the beauty. He is surrendered to his nature; he is not trying to control his life. And that’s what Jesus means when he says ’Unless you are like small children, you will not enter into my kingdom of god.’ And the more experienced we become, the farther away we are from the kingdom of god. Those who know are far away – the ignorant are very close.

    So act in the moment, live in the present, slowly slowly don’t allow the past to interfere And you will be surprised that life is such an eternal wonder, such a mysterious phenomenon and such a great gift that one simply feels constantly in gratitude. So this is my message for you: live in the moment, herenow. That’s why I call it divine purity; the human purity is just the opposite of it.

    And remember: impurity is not the real opposite of divine purity; but human purity is the real opposite of divine purity. And by human purity I mean people who are evil but who are trying to be pure by calculation – the so-called saints who are trying to be pure so that they can have the kingdom of god. But that is a bargain. How can it be pure? It is businesslike – how can it be pure? They are simply waiting to be rewarded; they are not pure people. If some day they come to know that there no reward, they will drop all their purity. They don’t have any joy in it – they think of it as a sacrifice, as if they are obliging god by being pure They are doing it, they are the doers of it. It is not simple, it is not innocent. It is planned and a very long-range plan, even for after death. They are trying to control not only life but death too… and after death too.

    So the so-called saints are never pure, they cannot be; they don’t know what purity is. Their character is just a hypocrisy, cultivated from the outside. And because there is a motivation in it, it is impure. Motivation is the poison that makes everything impure. Only the acts which are without any motivation are pure acts, and a pure act is a liberating phenomenon – it is a moment of truth. That’s why I call it deva punito, divine purity – not something cultivated by the human mind but something received as a gift.

    Just live moment to moment and the gift will start arriving, something from the beyond will start descending in you, and the joy of it is infinite. That and only that gives meaning to life, nothing else. Life is a garden of love, and the moment we forget it, we go astray. The moment we forget love, we fall from grace. That’s the original sin. If one can remain loving, and if loving becomes one’s very quality, then there is no need for any other religion. Love is enough unto itself, because prayer grows out of it of its own accord. And one day god arrives – one need not go in search of him. He himself comes seeking the heart that loves.

  • Osho Quotes on Patience

    The disciple who can wait will find all his questions answered at the right moment. But waiting is a great quality: it is deep patience, it is great trust. The mind cannot wait, it is always in a hurry. It knows nothing about patience; hence it goes on piling questions upon questions without getting the answer.

    Sabar comes from sabr: it means infinite patience. Those who are in search will need infinite patience. Patience is the greatest religious quality; if you have patience nothing else is needed. Patience is enough, enough unto itself. Patience means hope, trust, and without any hurry, without any impatience. Impatience simply shows that you are not trustful. Impatience simply shows that you want to impose yourself upon the will of God, that you want it right now. You don’t want him to work on his own. Impatience means, “My will is greater than your will.” Patience means, “I surrender my will to your will. Let you be my will, so whenever I am ripe, whenever — if it takes an eternity it is okay — I will trust, I will hope. I will not lose my heart, I will not be disheartened.”

    All meditation is waiting. All prayer is infinite patience. The whole of religion consists in not allowing the mind to create more problems for you. So many things, simple things which even animals enjoy, which even trees enjoy, man cannot enjoy — because immediately they become problems, and how can you enjoy a problem?

    The journey is vast, and you cannot be in a hurry. If you are in a hurry you will never be able to move to the other shore. The journey is timeless; great patience is needed, infinite patience is needed. NIRVANA cannot be something instant.

    Remember one thing: don’t do anything in the moment of anger — wait. Just give it a little time and wait… and you will be surprised. And one day you will understand that if you can wait enough, anger itself becomes compassion. It is a wheel; it is moving on its own — YOU are in a hurry. Just as night becomes day if you can wait a little, in the same way, anger becomes compassion if you can wait a little. The same energy — just patience has to be added to it, nothing else. You try it.

    Speed is one of the great diseases of the modern man, because it has made impossible many things which can happen only in patience. Love grows in patience, but you are so speedy, only divorce can grow out of it. With your speed, love is non-existential. It needs patience.

    On your part great patience is needed, and a trust that the whole existence is in support of all those who are trying to grow spiritually. It is not you who are trying to grow spiritually; it is existence who, through you, is trying to reach to its utmost heights.

    Patience is very alert, patience is very active, patience is very expectant. If you are waiting for somebody — a friend is to call — you may be sitting just by the door, but you are very attentive, alert. Any noise on the road, any car passing by, and immediately you start looking: maybe the friend has come? The wind on your doors, and suddenly you are alert: maybe he has knocked…. Dead leaves in the garden moving hither and thither, and you come out of your home; maybe he has come…. Patience is as active as that. It is a waiting. It is not dull, it is very radiant. It is not unconscious; it is not like a stupor. It is like a flame burning bright. One waits. One can wait infinitely, but one waits, expectant, active, alert, watchful.

    Remain joyous, wait with great love. Everything takes its own time, impatience makes no sense. Patience is the way of existence. Remain relaxed, because the more excited you become the farther away is the goal. The experience is going to happen only when you are utterly silent, just a pool of silence… your whole energy so relaxed, as if it is absent. When you have become just a zero you become a womb. And out of this nothingness is born your original, your authentic reality.

    The master is of the quality of the ocean and the disciple is still a drop — the finite meeting the infinite. Much patience is needed, infinite patience is needed. Hurry won’t help.

    People are in a hurry, and religion is such a tree that it needs patience. It needs infinite patience. It needs no-hurry. If you are in a hurry, you will miss what religion is. Why has this so great hurry been created in the modern life? From where has it come? Because in such a hurry you can, at the most, play with things; you can at the most play with objects. Subjectivity needs long patience, a waiting. It grows, but not in a hurry. It is not a seasonal flower. You cannot get it and within a month it is flowering. It takes time. It is the eternal tree of life. You cannot do it in a hurry.

    If you are in a hurry, if you are in haste, you will never know the taste of meditation. The taste of meditation needs great patience, INFINITE patience. Meditation is simple, but you have become so complex that to relax it will take time. It is not the meditation that is taking time — let me remind you again — it is your complex mind. It has to be brought down to a rest, to a relaxed state. THAT takes time.

    A seeker trusts, he hopes; he can wait, he can wait infinitely. He has patience and he goes on seeking. Not that every step leads to the goal, sometimes he is moving in just the opposite direction. But even moving in the opposite direction one learns; even erring is a part of learning. Nobody can learn if they are very much afraid of being in error. If one is very much afraid that he may go astray, then there is no possibility of traveling.

    Impatience also shows that you are not trusting your dreams, you are not trusting your totality of longing. Patience simply means: I will wait, whatever time it takes for the spring to come — but I will not wait patiently; I will wait with a heart throbbing, desiring, waiting… each moment, day in, day out. Waiting for the ship is a very total action on your part — because the action is total, your trust is total.

    One cannot predict when it will come. Only one thing can be said categorically, that if you are impatient it will not come. The more impatient you are for it, the less is the possibility, and if you are patient, it is bound to come. The more patient you are, the closer it is. If your patience is absolute, then it can happen right this very moment. But everything depends on patience. Patience is prayer and patience is trust and patience is love.

    If you can wait with joy there will not be much need to wait for long, if you cannot wait with joy you may have to wait for many lives — because the divine can happen to you only when your waiting is ecstatic, filled with joy. Just look at a woman waiting for her lover: she has faith, she has ecstasy — the eyes and the infinite patience and the happiness. Wait like a lover, only then is your waiting meaningful. Don’t wait listlessly, because if you are so listless your lover may come but will not find you worthy to be with. Only your joy can become the invitation. Wait blissfully, ecstatically, and then I say to you that you will not need more waiting. There will be no need, it can happen this very moment. If your joy is total this very moment there is no need to wait. The divine will descend in you — you have fulfilled the condition. And this I call the condition: waiting with infinite patience, but ecstatically. This is the condition. Fulfill this and a single moment will not be lost.

    When the moment is ripe, it happens. It is not your doing — it is a grace; it comes from god. That’s why in the old scriptures it has been called revelation. That is exactly the meaning of paragyan: it is revealed to you — not that you uncover it; it comes of its own accord… a gift, a grace. So become mote and more passive. That’s what meditation is all about: sitting silently, just sitting, doing nothing, waiting for the unknown to come… waiting with great love, longing and patience… waiting as if it is going to come this very moment, but yet ready to wait even if it comes in eternity. That is the paradox of a longing trust, a waiting heart.

    Patience is nothing but a fragrance of trust. The night is dark but one trusts that the dawn is coming. Each moment it is coming closer and closer. Maybe the night is actually becoming darker. In fact it becomes darker before the dawn comes, so the actual may not be helpful to the possible. The actual may be saying, ‘What are you doing? What are you waiting for? The night is getting darker than ever before. The dawn must be going further away and the distance is growing greater. This is simple logic: the night is getting darker so the dawn cannot be very close. You are losing track! There is no point in waiting any more. ‘

    Once a person is blissful he is blissful forever. But the quality that has to be learned is of awaiting, of patience, of trusting that whenever the time is ripe it is bound to happen, it is inevitable. This is what I call trust — and trust is the essential core of sannyas.

    Your mind is constant!y hijacking you from the present moment — either Into the past or into the future, but it never allows you to be now, to be here. By infinite patience is meant that “I trust, I am not worried. I am not rushing for tomorrow. I will rest in this moment. I will allow this moment its totality. I will explore this moment with my totality.” Then immediately, without even a second in between, something wells up within you, something overwhelms you: a kind of music, a kind of melody, a feeling of well-being, as if everything is as it should be, you are at home, nothing is needed, all is perfect. That feeling is bliss — that everything else as it is, is right; it is absolutely okay, it cannot be better. That feeling is bliss, but that feeling is possible only when you relax, are patient, unhurried. And that’s what meditation is all about. Sannyas is nothing but a style of life, of living moment to moment, without hankering for the future… just living the present so totally that the mind has no time, no space, to go anywhere else… so absorbed, so utterly involved, drunk, with the present.

    Bliss is something that comes to you from the beyond — not created by you but only received. One has to learn how to wait for it; one has to learn the art of waiting. Patience, infinite patience, is needed.

    Bliss is always something that comes from the beyond; it is always a gift, never an achievement. You cannot be ambitious for it; you can only pray. You cannot desire it; you can only wait. If your waiting is total and your patience is infinite it comes in its own time. And when it comes of its own accord it transforms your whole being. When somehow you manage to bring it, it never comes in the first place, and what comes in its place is something false, manufactured by the mind. Apparently it is bliss, but only apparently: deep inside the torment continues, the nightmare continues. You remain sitting on the volcano; it can empty any moment. But when real peace, real bliss, real silence, descends from the beyond — not that you bring it, but when it comes, showers on you, slowly slowly penetrates and permeates your whole being — you are transformed, you are no more the same person. The old is gone and gone forever. The new has come, and the new knows no death, the new is eternal.

  • Have a You day to enjoy yourself .as you are who you are and thats special

  • Good Evening. Zapagain...I feel like my mind has been working for such a along time trying to process the elemination of all unnecessary... thoughts....feelings.and. teachings from childhood. My heart was never in line with what I was being told. I always felt something was wrong. I am a senior now and I trust I am and have been for sometime on the right,path. Of course there is much more to be done and I am still working on it. Whenever negativety enters the picture I LOOK FOR THE DELETE BUTTON NO MORE JUNK HERE....JUST LOVE KINDNESS AND TRUST . I APPRECIATE YOUR POSTS AS I FEEL IT IS DEDICATED TO THE WAY GOD WANTS US TO BE.THANK YOU FOR SHARING. .

  • I have truly enjoyed his sayings.

    Meaning has to be created in life; meaning is not given already. You are given freedom, you are given creativity, you are given life. All that is needed to create meaning is given. All the essential ingredients of meaning are given, but meaning is not given, meaning has to be created by you. You have to become a creator in your own right. And when you became a creator in your own right, you participate with God, you become a part of God.

    People come to me and they ask, ‘What is the meaning of life’ As if meaning is there somewhere sold in the market. As if meaning is a commodity. Meaning has to be CREATED. There is no meaning in life. Meaning is not a given thing, it has to be created. It has to become your inner work. Then there is meaning — and there IS GREAT meaning. Love and meditate and you will attain to meaning. And you will attain to life, and abundant life.

    This is the way to be ready: exert yourself sincerely — not seriously but sincerely. There are people who are always doing things halfheartedly; lukewarm is their life. They never achieve anything because they are always holding back. They never move into anything totally, intensely. They are always standing on the bank and thinking of the farther shore. Or even if sometimes they try, they are riding on two horses; in case the one fails, the other will always be there. They are riding in two boats. Their life is so divided that whatsoever they do they always do with a dividedness. And any flowering of consciousness is possible only when there is an organic unity in you.

    The religious person is ordinary, very ordinary. He lives a very simple, unpretentious life with no claim to extra-ordinariness. But that’s what makes him extraordinary.

    Life should be lived naturally, life should be lived according to the laws of nature — not according to the laws of Manu, not according to the ascetics, not according to the saints, but according to the Dhamma. Ais dhammo sanantano, Buddha says: This is the eternal law. We have to find the eternal law in things, how the whole universe runs in a harmony, how there is such tremendous order. It is not a chaos, it is a cosmos. Man has also to become a cosmos, and it is possible only through love.

    I agree with the Zen people: the small things of life have to be transformed by your inner transformation. This I call the religious quality; everything becomes sacred. Taking a bath, making love, eating food, going to sleep — everything becomes sacred, because wherever you look is God and whatsoever you do you do WITH God.

    It is said the first thing that Zarathustra did in his life was to laugh the moment he was born. Now children are not supposed to laugh when they are born, they are supposed to cry! Zarathustra laughed, and that laughter remained like an undercurrent his whole life. He is the most life-affirmative Buddha ever. He loved life so deeply that for him there was no God other than life.

    LIFE is basically insecure. That’s its intrinsic quality; it cannot be changed. Death is secure, absolutely secure. The moment you choose security, unknowingly you have chosen death. The moment you choose life, unawares you have chosen insecurity.

    The American way of life depends on ambition, and my new man has to be utterly ambitionless. America’s whole approach is: things should be bettered, everything should be made better. It does not matter where it is going to lead, but things have to be better, better and better. They are obsessed with the idea of bettering things. You have to have more speed, better machines, better technology, better railroads, better roads — everything better! Of course, in the same way, you need a better man. It fits with the whole American style of life.

    The new man will have a totally different vision of life. He will live in a more loving way, because to him love is richness. He will know that money cannot buy love or joy. He will know that money is utilitarian; it is not the goal of life.

    This is the way people are — just living in a thick cloud of unconsciousness. Their life is not that of light but of darkness, and out of this darkness, confusion, smoke, what can you expect? They are bound to do something foolish, something wrong.

    Man goes on arguing about great things, but goes on living in a totally different way. His thoughts are very great; his life is very.immature. In fact, he creates all those great thoughts to cover up his immaturity.

    My approach is totally different. I declare to you that you are perfectly right, that nothing is wrong with you, that you are not to follow somebody else, that you are not to imitate anybody else, that you have to love yourself, trust yourself, that you have to live a life of freedom, a life of rebellion, a life of exploration.

    My own experience is this: that life has to be used in its totality, in all its dimensions. Yes, even the darker ones, they have their own share to contribute to the richness of life. Whenever you make a division that “this is good and this is bad,” that “this should be and this should not be,” you are creating trouble for yourself. Life is one organic unity. When it is night, sleep; when it is day, wake up. Don’t hanker for the night in the day; don’t hanker for the day in the night.

    Individuality makes your life significant. It makes your life a beautiful song, but the song is no more yours, the song is God’s. Individuality is divine. You are simply a hollow bamboo: you become a flute on the lips of God or on the lips of the whole existence. Then whatsoever the whole wants, you allow it; you remain in a let-go.

    Life is insecurity and nothing is wrong in it. In fact, life cannot be otherwise. Death is secure, life is insecure. Marriage is secure, love is insecure. Marriage is dead, love is alive. The more alive you are the more your life remains in insecurity, because the livelier person will be exploring the unknown, he will be adventurous. It is life’s nature, its law, its very intrinsic soul. But the priest has exploited it. He has given you consolations, securities, insurances, not only for this life but for future lives too. He says, “Don’t be worried. If you follow a certain code of conduct, if you cultivate a certain character, if you follow the commandments given in the scriptures, then you need not be afraid. Then God is going to reward you. You will be punished only if you go against the convention, against the tradition.”

    I am not teaching you a religion which is life-negative. I am teaching a religion which is absolutely life-affirmative. Life is God.

    Question: How do you explain your charismatic effect on people?

    Osho – It’s very simple; because I am not a politician. The politician speaks whatever the people want to hear. I speak whatever is my experience. I don’t care whether you like it or you don’t like it.

    When I am speaking, I am speaking with my whole heart, irrespective of your reaction. My simplicity, my honesty. I am not in any way trying to influence you. There is no desire to convert you. All that I am doing is, I am enjoying to share my experience. You will find in the world people who are all interested in you to convert. You will not find people who are not interested in converting you, who are simply interested in sharing their heart and their soul with you.

    So I don’t know what charisma is, because I have never come across any charismatic personality in the whole world. I am not interested in influencing anybody. I am tremendously happy simply to share my vision with you. Perhaps my sincerity, my truth, my authority behind it, becomes a charismatic influence on you; and when I say my authority, I do not mean that I am an authoritative man. There is a vast difference which has to be remembered.

    A authoritative man has always a borrowed authority. When people say, “Listen to me, because my word is God’s word,” this is the voice of the authoritative man. He is using God’s name to enforce his authority. When the Pope speaks, he is speaking in the name of Jesus Christ. He is authoritative.

    I am not authoritative, because I am not speaking in anybody’s name. No God to support me, no holy Bible to support me. It is simply my own experience. That gives tremendous authority to me. Perhaps all these qualities together — the authority behind my word, my own experience, no desire to influence you, my sincerity to expose the truth, and my obligation to you, that you listen to me. You are not obliged by me. I am obliged by you, that you gave me a chance to unburden my heart; it is something like a raincloud when it is full of rainwater. It want to shower somewhere.

    It is just like when a rose opens its petals it wants the breeze to come and take its flavor, its fragrance, to far away places. I am obliged to you. Perhaps that’s what is impresses you as charismatic. Otherwise I am a very simple man. I don’t do miracles, I don’t make wine out of water because I am not a criminal. That is a crime; to create drugs out of water. I don’t pretend to be the only begotten son of God. I don’t say that you have to believe in me; on the contrary I say that I provoke you to think, to doubt, to be sceptical. Because I know that if you doubt, if you inquire, you are bound to find truth, that I have found.

    It is only the people who are afraid of their truth that force you to believe, that say “Have faith.” Because they are afraid if you inquire you may not find anything what they are saying. Their insistence on faith simply proves that they themselves don’t know. Otherwise, why be afraid of doubt and inquiry?

    My invitation is to inquire; because I know whatever I am saying is there within you, just as it is within me.

  • Nice to still see you on your journey of giving!

    Love to you zepagain


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