Confused need help pls..

  • i have a 3 yr realationship with my man,but another woman came to stand in our way,but she's miles away from him too and she's married ...currently i am here with him for days...should i fight for him?the other woman sends him money... she's offering him a lot..i love him so much...what would i do?thank you..

  • Why would you love someone who is obviously a cheater and so money-oriented that he is easily bought by someone else? This man has very low morals. You would never have a moment's peace wondering if he is out cheating on you with another woman. You can do much better than this guy if you truly respect and love yourself.

  • thank you the captain,i am really trying to forget him 😞 is it true that the married woman's husband seen the receipts of the money she's sending?will she still keep on sending money to him?i talked to her already and let her know that my boyfriend confessed to me all about it,including the iphone,i told her to stop sending money,but after a couple of days i noticed that my boyfriend has lots of money and when i asked him about it he said he'd won in casino.did the money still came from the woman?tnx..

  • Yes he is still getting money from her - it's her way of tying him to her.

  • thank you so much captain for taking time answering,hope u'll never get tired of he in love with her?or is he going to fall in love with her?

  • another thing captain,is it true that the woman's husband had seen the receipts of the money she sent?what will happen to them?and also i had a dream gain,this time we are resting,he layed his head on my knee and embrace my leg?what does it mean?he's eyes are closed as if he's in deep thinking

  • Your dream was a wish-fulfillment dream - it is what you want from him, not what you are getting in reality.

    Yes I do think the husband has seen the receipts but he does not know what they are about as she lies to him.

  • hope someday she'll realized what she's doing....i talked to her twice already to stop sending money but she didn't.i told her if i wanted to i could have enjoyed the money she's sending but i can't.actually i tried days before i went home i asked my boyfriend out and paint the town red but we've won in a casino,as if my guide doesnt want me to do spend her's then that i realized i have to let go.i know my boyfriend is confused but the power of being tempted to the money prevails...:(

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