Gemini or Scorpio?

  • I am a Gemini. DOB 06/11/72 I am married to a Scorpio. DOB 10/23/64 We have been together for 20 years. However, I am in love with a Gemini. DOB 06/16/76. I am going to publically admit this......I have been having an affair with the Gemini for 4 years now. The Gemini knows about my husband and the husband knew about the Gemini, but thought that I ended it. I have separated from husband two or three times now...but he finds ways to lure me back home. I'm nervous about the Gemini because we are both Gemini’s! We may never accomplish anything together because we are so busy chasing whatever catches our eyes! LOL! I have tried to break it off at one point or another with each of them and neither of them seems to want to let go! I am at a point where I no longer want to be bouncing between the two. I just can't handle it emotionally any longer. However, I am too scared to break it off with either of them. I'm scared of everything...the unknown and the known. Is there anyone out there who can assist me? I realize that I don't deserve much help after the way I have conducted myself and if you just want to say nasty things about me, well...I am sure I am deserving of that also. Thanks to anyone who takes the time....I do appreciate it.

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  • No judgement here, I am sure that we all have something that we done and not proud of. I suggest breaking it off with both of them. Maybe take a break for yourself and the right one will come back to you. Most recently, I was in a similar situation as you and I ended them both around the same time and although it hurt like crazy I knew it was the best thing for me. I started taking better care of myself and discovering what I WANT. Now that I look back on my affair with a married man who i thought was my soul mate (that is an entirely different story there) I figure that if he truly was he would have changed the situation yet it was safe for HIM. Has the Gem ever asked you to pick and choose? What helped me was to write, write and write about what it is that I want and things became clearer on what I needed to do was to work on my life and then everything will fall into place. I most recently got hurt by the Gem man who came back into my life, promised me the moon and stars and then 48 hours later he stood me up for his ex lover (she has a boyfriend and he is low class) and so I ended it with the Gem once and forall. If you want to chat more about this in private, my email is --

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