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  • This is a reading request about my spirit guides. How can I know them and do they have a message for me? I recently dreamt of a deceased aunt.She seemed serene and gave me two messages for her family,that I passed on. Was the dream really a visit from the spirit?

    Thanks for anything you can get for me!

  • Hi Suramya,

    This is SerenityTil5 I just changed my name to promote my business. I did a 3-card reading for you.

    2 of Pentacles Reversed : Ace of Wands : Knight of Swords Reversed

    You want to figure out more about the spirit guides and communicating with them but you feel like you don't know how. So you are out weighing your uncertainty with your desire to speak with them. You don't need to figure out how to speak with them. You already do and they know you do and they communicate back. You have an open connection with your guides and that's why you were able to receive the message from your aunt.

    If you want to learn more in this area and make your communication stronger all you have to do is work toward it. Start talking to them and see if they talk back. Some of it will be them talking back and other times you will be speaking back to yourself trying to communicate with them. Don't be discouraged about this, soon your words will drift into the background and their words will come to the fore front and soon you'll be able to hear them communicating with you clearly. So practice makes perfect the guides say. If you want to learn more about them you can always ask for more dreams and they will provide.

    Things will not move too quickly because these things take time to unfold and for the mind to allow itself to speak to the spirit guides so don't expect to figure this all out over night. The gradual conditioning of being able to speak with them will help you and soon they will definitely be speaking back. In one way or another you already hear then so you just have to make that connection stronger. You've asked if they have a message for you, yes, they have many messages for you, and the one they want to give you now is to figure out why they are trying to tell you.

    And yes, the dream was a visit, wasn't it clear enough that you would already know that though? (that's the guides asking).


    Disirnott Tarot

  • thanks very much for the response and validation. In your messages I hear them:) but I will listen patiently from now on to my own hunches

    Much Love and Light

    God Bless you

  • Glad I could help.


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