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  • I am a Gemini. DOB 06/11/72 I am married to a Scorpio. DOB 10/23/64 We have been together for 20 years. However, I am in love with a Gemini. DOB 06/16/76. I am going to publically admit this......I have been having an affair with the Gemini for 4 years now. The Gemini knows about my husband and the husband knew about the Gemini, but thought that I ended it. I have separated from husband two or three times now...but he finds ways to lure me back home. I'm nervous about the Gemini because we are both Gemini’s! We may never accomplish anything together because we are so busy chasing whatever catches our eyes! LOL! I have tried to break it off at one point or another with each of them and neither of them seems to want to let go! I am at a point where I no longer want to be bouncing between the two. I just can't handle it emotionally any longer. However, I am too scared to break it off with either of them. I'm scared of everything...the unknown and the known. Is there anyone out there who can assist me? I realize that I don't deserve much help after the way I have conducted myself and if you just want to say nasty things about me, well...I am sure I am deserving of that also. Thanks to anyone who takes the time....I do appreciate it.

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  • This is so interesting, and it was posted a year ago, so I'm thinking you probably won't even see this. I am going to be 100% straight forward because you are an adult.

    You sound like you are dating, not married.

    My advice is that you take some time alone to figure out what you want. The two men involved are obviously committed to a point, but your husband married you because he already knew what he wanted- you. Doing this to them isn't healthy for them any more than it is for you.

    I hope that you are in a better place at this point, but you have to know what you want. You can't jump back and forth between them any longer, you know that for yourself, but don't you know it for them too? You should be mature about this, it is life, not a game; every day you spend doing this is a day where you are either hurting someone or hurting yourself. It's a day waisted.

    Decide what you want by living on your own for a month or two. Longer isn't necessary, because you are an adult and you should have your priorities laid out. Don't do it in the sense that it will be a break, or just fun, but to seriously get your life on track, WHAT DO YOU WANT? Who/what is important to you? How can you be a better person? Where is it that you are self-involved?

    No one else in this life can dictate what you want. Being torn between attention givers isn't loving, it's selfish. If you are going to be there, then BE THERE. You're dragging your poor husband through the mud. If you just want to have fun, then be single. there are plenty of guys out there doing just that. But if you want to be in a secure, loving relationship, know what you want.

    Fear should not be a dictator in life, if you are having fear, then you know you are doing wrong.

    I hope that your life is better, maybe you already know this; but don't repeat the cycle. May you be guided to giving happiness.

  • well im lost//cause i love this gemini man..--he just walked past my window as i am writing this--i swear im psychic..i feel this man where ever he is..i love him and i KNOW he loves me..we just cant make it work..im 32..he 26..i been fucking him since he was 17 and i was 24..i mean i loved him then and as the time went on i loved hi more..i wish i knew how to just be honest with him,,and i can,,but that is NOT what he want..HE want to PLAY games..so as i am the efficient player..i play.i love the game knowing he loves me, he will leave me, but he returns cause he loves me..the pain it causes is immeasurable with lust and envy..i love the ground, his body, his aura, his style, his ways, additude, stubbornness, loyalty to what he loves ,that turns me on..like for real and i cant deny it ..and i wont..but what to do when he leave???..besides cry, wish , pray, love, lust , i'm honest about what i feel and the honesty is the pain cause he want the lie, knowing and loving the truth....If i could change i would..but i don't want to ..i want to remain the same..SO that i can PLAY THE GAME..aint that a SHAME..or is it th FAME..that cause such lame claim..I'm in awe watching him from the window pane..My love is such a shame..i ha to set him free to see clearly the way that love could be when he is not with me..MAYBE i misinterpreted that love was supposed to be PURE..but believe me ..IM SORRY I ACCEPTED THE LIES AND thats what made me whole..he should have told me ..HE MISSES LOVE MORE AND MORE..

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