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  • Good Morning Disirnott Tarot

    First I most say I do apologize for posting on your session here. But when I seen the birthdate I just almost fell. I have been having a lot of dreams about a person too that I have been knowing since I was 17 and his dob is april 13 54. I have not talk to him since I had my first surgery in april 13 2012. But I have been having a lot of dreams about him like every night. And last night I had a dream that was really out of the norm. The part that I really remember is that he thought I had took something and I did not and he was very upset about it and he had said some things to me and I was really surprised and then I was like what do I do because I had not taken anything from him. And I was with some girl and then I left her and then I ran back into him and he told me that he found what it thought I took. And everybody that was their was surprise that he was so upset with me and that he would think that I would do something like that. He did apologize and I was acting like I did not care but I felt better but a little sad that he would think that I would do something like this. Because we have known each other to long for him to think this so I was really surprised. This was a first to have a dream that he was so upset with me like that. I am really crazy about him and I am like laq83 just head over heels in love with him. and will never love anybody like him. When you said do a tarot reading about the dreams how do you do that. I do the cards but I am not good at all with them I am learning. Again I would like

    to apologize for jumping in your session.

    Thanks Illona

    Ps. I was reading what you and laq83 was talking about I hope you did not mind me reading it.

    But I thought maybe I could get some help.

    Thanks Illona

  • Dreams can mean a variety of things. It might by symbolic, or a past life memory, it could be a message from the guides or it could just be your feelings working themselves out. Dreams can be complex too because it can start off as one type of dream but then you can color it by adding your own 'scenes' to the dream as well. That's why you should do a tarot or oracle reading on what is actually going on in the dream. I asked my guides whether they are willing to answer you they said that they REALLY want to give you another message they have ready for you. They said that they can answer this dream question but it's not as important as the other message they have. So I'll give you a choice. Would you like me to ask about the dream or would you like me to give you the message the guides are talking about? Let me know and remember to give me your permission when you decide. Thanks.


  • Good Afternoon DisirnottTarot

    I would like to see what the message is they are trying to give me. So Serah I give you

    permission to do a tarot or oracle reading for me

    Illona Jameson

    Thanks so much

    PS. This is a person that I have been knowing and like I said I have been dreaming about him

    a lot lately. But I am interested in what they have to say to me.

    Thanks Illona

  • Thank you. Earliest that I will post the reading is late on Sunday night (U.S Central Time).


  • Blackladydiver

    This is the message that the guides wish to give you, they say that it was important enough for them to bypass the question you originally asked. The cards are listed below.

    2 of Swords : Ace of Cups : 0 Fool : IV Emperor : 5 of Cups : 4 of Pentacles Reversed : 4 of Wands Reversed

    You're blocking yourself off from your emotions, at least the ones that you need to feel in order to properly judge the situations around you. The guides don't understand why you are blocking them off because there is no reason for it. It's not hurting you to feel them so they don't understand why you are blocking them. It's almost like you just don't want to deal with them just because you don't want to but because you're blocking them off you're not moving forward as fast as you could, that and you could properly better judge the things going on around you. So your guides are stumped wondering what's going on? It's like you're in emotional limbo in their point of view. You are still feeling emotions but you've block off a part of that and that's what they are talking about. So try to unblock them and unleash them so you can readily access them when you need them again. Once you do, you'll see things clearer.

    There is some emotional understanding which you need to gain. Emotional opportunities which you need to experience. These things which will make you more well rounded with experience and information. And going back to what they said above, if you don't unblock some of those emotions that you are holding back you won't be able to properly "unfold" into a well rounded person after you experience things, and they are calling that a "half experience". So work on releasing these emotions in order to set up your emotional understanding to it's fullest capabilities - that way, when something happens you'll be able to use every ability you have to your disposal.

    The guides want you go get out there an experience some more things and new things. They want you to get out there with the mind set of wanting to learn more and finding out new things. These new experiences will help the guides better figure out what you want. Your guides are unsure as to what they can help set up for you and they usually pull from the information you gain through new experiences. So getting out there isn't just for your betterment but it's also to help the guides help you. Now they are waiting for some cue from you because they are all revved up to help set something new up for you. They need you to give them the information and right now they are pulling that information from your experiences so make sure that you explore your surroundings and choose some new things to try out. Then they will pull from that and start setting up opportunities in your future based on that information and based on your like and dislike of what you have just experience. The more you know what you want the more the guides can help you get it and this is the way they can help you the best right now.

    Okay, the guides are bringing up a person. Most likely male, most likely a significant other. They say this person is in a good place to help you advance yourself, so he can help you grow and help you become a better well rounded person. The guides say that he has some good advice and good lessons that he can help you learn. You don't have to become dependent on him, he isn't someone you need to follow blindly but for the sake of experiencing different things and opening your mind up to different possibilities he is a good access point for that. The guides just don't want you to become too dependent on his advice, you still need to make up your own mind and the guides say you're pretty good at that they just don't want you to lose that with him if you start taking his advice too. Bottom line: He is good for advice and will lead you on a positive path.

    The guides say you are facing in the wrong direction right now concerning what you need to focus on. You don't need to focus on the little worries or problems that you have right in front of you because there are a lot of other things that are going for you and that are much more positive to focus on. And you won't be able to get far if you hone in on the little problems because your path will start to become narrow to match it. So open up your perspective and see all the good things that are going for you and start leaning in that direction, which will in turn lean your path into that more positive, successful direction. Learn to let the little things go, most of the time they aren't big enough to worry about and even if they don't work out they are too little to really make any difference. So don't allow all your focus and energy be dedicated to these things that can't serve you when you can move your focus and have your energy work for you and not be whittled away. Your focus will attract bigger, better things for you if you allow it. So do yourself a favor and start focusing in the direction of the positive to let more positive flow toward you. The key is to feel grateful and you don't do that when you're focusing on the little stuff.

    You need to build a foundation the guides say, build security in your life. The guides are not only talking about money but also a strong foundation in emotional security and spiritual security. If you build a foundation you are able to draw a lot of strength and assistance from it, even in ways that are not so obvious. So there are many advantages to building a sturdy mental zone filled with all the "ingredients" that you need to pull from. Once you set that foundation; events, scenarios, opportunities, meeting people, etc will start growing from that mental foundation you've build. It's like planting a seed, once you plant it it's going to start growing, you just have to check in on it every once in a while to make sure everything all good. But if you don't plant that seed, nothing will grow and you won't attract any bees, or more flowers, or better soil, etc etc. So if you can just complete building the foundation it will automatically start bringing in other things to you, like a magnet. The guides say that this is really important and even though you might not fully understand what they getting at, it's super beneficial in a lot of ways. So build that emotional, spiritual, intellectual, financial security in your head and watch what things start happening around you.

    The guides want to leave you with this. The guides say there is a time to work and a time to play, and you aren't playing enough. It's good to focus on the things that need to be done or just kicking back and relaxing, but you need to get out there and play some too. Because play brings activities and new experiences. It get you other there exploring and figuring out new things, it's the best way to expose yourself to different worlds of thought and happiness and play. They say that there are mental benefits to this. Not only will it help boost your self-esteem and help you grow but it will also help bring in lots more information that can help you open up more possibilities for you. Experiencing things through play can really benefit you by giving you a whole bunch of information and new ideas and inspiration and new contacts to help you pull from and you can use those contacts and new ideas to help grow your career/business and help grow you, and get bigger better possibilities that you can start working on. It can give you essential insight into things, it can help you change your perspective on life, on goals, on love, on happiness, etc. So make the time to get out there and have fun because it's not just a waste of time, it's also doing research but having fun on the way.

    Good luck!


  • Thank You Serah

    I really have become very quiet since I moved here. I feel me moving in July is going to be a very

    good thing for me. I am going to school right now and that is my biggest focus and my babies. I have put a lot of things on hold. Like I don't go out any more. I have not travel like I did before I move here. I have some questions. You said that the guides said that I am blocking my emotions how do I open them up. How do I get my guides to help me, and I guess I do worry about things. Like I said right now my biggest focus is getting my masters, my babies, and moving at the moment. I do not go out now because of the weight I have gained. That is why I have spaced myself from my friends. I really think that when I move things will work out for me. I will stay volunteering for the courts for children and then I will be more busy and not at home as much and out. And I think once I lose all this weight I will start to go back out until then I don't know. I have the clothes to go out with and can really dress, and I have a lot of friends to go out with but I have not. I will follow what you have said and thanks so much Illona

  • Hi again,

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