The End of readings for 10

  • I have given the ten readings and I thank each one that asked for my assistance. I enjoy feedback.

    Have a good week


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  • dmick59

    I went back and you are right.

    Your love life seems to have like this cement block hovering over it. Are you afraid to let somebody hold you in love in fear they will squeeze your life away? This is the feeling I get around you. It seems that you have set up some mental blocks to guard your heart. As soon as you peep out from behind the block , little by little you will gather courage to start searching for your heart desire. I do not feel a partner with you now?

    There is work to be done here and ASAP is what I receive in regards to you. I do feel a male presense trying to knock on the door of your heart and waiting for you to allow it to happen. He is a spiritual man and in his later life 55-65 yrs old. He seems close by you and he has a beard and may wear glasses and he likes the occassional glass of wine. He loves pets and children and his wife has passed by ten years so he is ready to love you with all his heart.


  • hello shaubby n thanx for the reply/ told me that i would have to pick between two men.. i am someone who gives importancw to looks and loyalty in a who should i choose? n about my career,i want to go into the entertaient sector in korea,eventho i am frn it possible?

  • hi shaubby...thank you so much for the of now..i havent found the two men that you saw/...i am a person who thinks that loyalty n trust are important in love...n yes, i would be lying if i say looks dont ,are these men or either of them trustworthy ?..n who should i choose ...i asked about my career..i am right now in my final year of engineering but i actually want to go abroad n enter the entertainment music industrty in korea eventhough i am from india ...i dont know i just feel such a strong connection with it in my destiny ? am i capable of attaining fame ?

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  • Hi Shubby, This what you meant by feedback? as to this thread

    Thank-you Shubby,

    I do have a new male friend right now, he is a Libra, doesn't have enough fire in his belly for me i think, but ok as a friend, is this one the one you meant?

    I hoping to make new friends along the way, but it nice to have one really good friend?


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