BLUEMOON reading please6-10

  • Hello,

    My stepdaughter (6-30-77) is separated from her husband (3-18-?). He left her (4 yrs married)

    and has not told her whether he is going to divorce her or not. He has his own apt. now.

    I know her husband is really nice but all of a sudden he doesnot want anything to do with her.

    We are all shock. Nobody really knows what goes behind close door. We all thought they

    are happily married.

    Its nice of him to give her financial support though thats about it. But how long can he do this

    when he has his own apt and he is financially supporting her & kids. They have 2 young kids.

    So is he coming

    back to her or they will eventually be divorced?

    I thank you so much and many blessings

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