Hi captain~

  • hi captain, may i have a reading for my career/love life? will there be anything coming up for me soon? 🙂

  • Only if you create the openings. That means removing any blocks or issues you may have against working or loving. What misgivings or fears - if any - do you feel when you contemplate working or being with someone intimately?

  • ya captain. i have been holding back when comes to love/career due to lack of confidence. Worried that i might make the wrong choice and regret later.

    there is someone appearing in my life currently. its just that i have no idea if he is the one for me.

  • Don't put so much pressure on yourself. It really doesn't matter if you make a mistake. That is the beauty and gift of life - you always get a second chance and you can always move on to some other job or someone else if they aren't right for you. But how will you know what's right for you if you hang back and don't try out different jobs, life situations, and people? Don't be afraid to experiment - that's how your self-confidence will grow as you learn that you are strong enough to survive anything. It's how all we humans learn, by trial and error. We are all in the same boat together.

  • Indeed captain. At work I am always so stressed up. Super afraid of making mistakes. For this I guess I have to slowly adjust my soul and personality to take things more easy or else work will forever be a torture to me.

    For love. Its not easy to be with someone where most of my friends are not really supportive of it.

    Feelings for him are there. It's just the lack of courage and confidence to pursue it.

    How do u feel about this guy? I don't know if I am the one blinded or my friends are the one being biased.

  • To which man are your referring?

  • Sorry for my ignorance

    What info should I provide actually?

    There is this guy inthe office who I am

    Interested in. However I have been struggling on whether I should give it a try.

    So sorry captain. My mind seem to be pretty messed up now.

  • hi captain.

    what info do you need?

  • His birtthdate or photo.

  • Hi captain,


    Thks 🙂

  • Hi captain. thanks for your offer to help me. After thinking i guess i should trust my heart and gut feelings when comes to heart matters. i still believe in astrology/tarot reading very much. It helped me alot when i was in a confusion state. but i guess all that should serve as an advice to me on how can I improve my situation with him or what are the current concerns i should take note in order for me not to worsen the situation.

    Since I am more emotionally stable now and things are more "stablized" as well. Issues whereby is he sincere or is he just another jerk. i guess i should still put in effort to judge on my own. and whether things will work out, it really depends on my choices/decisions/attitude as well.

    had tons of readings and i know things will remain the same if i continue to stay put. I should do something rather than keep asking for readings to assure that his interests level still there.

    i think its time for me to move on from here and work hard for what i want.

    I appreciate your help and you indeed spot on that I have been shutting myself off. a lot of "fear" and "blockage" in me. I should really work on myself too,

    Thanks Captain once again 🙂

  • Astrology predicts that there is more of a sexual attraction here than a deep emotional love or mental connection. Passions can run very high here. Since neither of you like to admit your mistakes, there is certain to be contention and wayward energies between you. Bitter virulent arguments will rarely lead to compromises or apologies. The best you two can do is to agree to disagree (or at least to agree not to argue) if you are to avoid conflict and breakup. Both of you are emotionally deep individuals who live in a world of complex feelings. The passionate aspect of an erotic relationship between you may well become an outlet for each of you to express such feelings, whether positive or negative, and your relationship may accordingly prove highly satisfying in that regard. But bear in mind that high passions can also result in combat and highly charged traumatic battles outside the bedroom. Controlling tumultuous energies will be the focus and main requirement of this relationship.

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