Love Reading, URGENT

  • I'm an Aries and my Scorpio bf made it official 2 weeks ago and he has already shown signs of suspicions, jealousy, and possessiveness. I would be on the phone, and he would peer over and ask questions "who is that?", "what are you doing?". Or I would be using the laptop at night for work, and he would ask, "why didn't you do it in the daytime? Why at night? as if he is insinuating I planned to get on while he was sleeping. He spoils me rotten and wants to meet my family so he can "win them over" in his words. He even said he wanted to send a gift for Father's Day that the whole family can share and sent me a bouquet of roses. On Facebook, he has become very territorial with multiple postings making his presence known to other men.

    His last girlfriend was 23 and he was 31 at the time... I asked why he dated someone so young.. isn't he planning for marriage at that age? He said "No, I was just thinking long term relationship". Basically everything he has done for her he is doing for me (I can see their photos on her Facebook). And he has said things that stuck in my mind, "Rich guys are more likely to be abusive and cheat. They have money and know what they can do with it. It's not that hard to get a young girl or sex for an older man". He is rich (or at least he acts like it with his insane spending). I know Scorpios are known for their possessiveness and jealousy over the ones they like, so is this normal for them or is it leading to a controlling and abusive relationship down the line? My Pisces friend said he is just giving me lip service, and that he has no plans on marrying me cause a guy with that much money can marry a doctor, dentist, etc. instead of me..

    Me: 4/16/85

    Bf: 10/28/78

  • Your gut is informing you correctly. Cut him loose and run.

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