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  • Since i been a teen or even younger i could see and hear the spirit..I moved into a house a few years ago and had a some strange things happening there, with what i would say the gate or the door way to hell am not a freak i do believer in the lord .God got me out off there by flooding the place THANK the Lord but since then i am a little afraid to open that door to the spirit world for i don't what to see that part off the spirit world ..IF THERE IS ANYONE out there that can Help me open my psychic up i now i can do real good thing with my gift's .I do have dreams that come true ,i do see and hear the spirits they come to me but am afraid to look cause i keep thinking off that place i live in before..Please Help

  • well, the only advice I can offer with being psychic is that you have your visions for a purpose.Being psychic does not mean you open any door to the spirit world. The first thing you must do is not associate the two. Stop being afraid of your ability and you will find that part will open up more. Because you've been shutting it down out of fear, the process may be slower. I have also found with my psychic ability, that sometimes it's on a need to know basis (example: I have seen three major world events and was accurate, and two or three others that I never saw coming). Right now patience is key, since it may take a while to stop associating the spirits with your visions.Sometime a spirit may be the one giving the gift and if that's the case tell the spirit that you do not wish to see it or make its presence know other than in your psychic visions. I have had a great psychic ability since I can remember and have yet to see a spirit. Meditation is another great way to help open the gift. let me know if this helps at all.

  • Hi, I think that we basically know what the visions are and what they mean. I don't think that a person has to fit into a category or have a certain facade to have visions. It would be nice to have a community to talk with. I have had numerous visions. Mine usually have at least a couple messages or meanings behind them. I have never dealt with spirits of those past or evil or threatening ones. I have never had a vision talk to me. The visions that you are having are your own personal gift. If you told me more, I may have my own personal beliefs attached to it--especially if it was threatening.

    Just reading over your post, you remind me of those visionaries you see on TV that go into haunted houses and can tell you who is haunting and why. I have been in a haunted house before but don't have the gift of seeing those kinds of spirits. You might want to pursue something like that. Personally, I would have to caution you though. If you feel an evil presence, please pray for that spirit and maybe you can help it on it's journey. Christ said that his mercy endures forever. Maybe that will put it at ease.

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