Seeking guidance and advise in a dark time

  • i'm a little skeptic about all of this but my best friend assured me that all of this is real so i know this is going out on a limb but i just need to know a few things to keep me going in life.

  • maybe a reading or something. please reply if you feel you can help.

  • What are the few things you need to know to keep going?

  • i would like to know if i have guardian angels watching over me and what my next move in life is.

  • Of course you do. Everyone does. I do feel that there is heartache around you and you are in the process of healing. The thing about the healing process is that it is painful and it always involves letting go of something - usually what has caused the pain- and this can be a person or just a situation in life. Letting go involves forgiveness - including yourself. When we hold onto the pain instead of letting go, we become stuck and in a prison of our own making. Please try to remember that everything we experience in life has a purpose. Do not let anything keep you trapped in fear of being hurt again or of "failing" again. Your next move in life - aside from the healing - is to just make a move. Decide what you want to do, where you want to go, or who you want to be and then just take that first step.

    You will receive better guidance if you ask more specific questions as well. You are not opening up completely here - trust issues either just with this process or as a result of what brought you here. Opening up about it is a necessary part of your healing. It is part of the release.

  • i had someone who i used to care for recently pass away and one of my biggest questions is if he has gone to the right place in the after life and if he is there watching over me because i've had nothing but bad things happen since then.

  • Despite what some religions may say, there is no "bad place" after we pass away. We go back to where we came from - regardless of who we were or what we did here on earth. We do go through a process called a "life review" however. This involves looking at all the events of our life and the lessons we learned or did not learn. What some people call "karma" is really just something we choose to come back and experience based on how we felt about our past life or lives. For instance, if we do not like how we treated people, we may come back again and be challenged to treat people with dignity and respect regardless of the circumstances. So, yes, he is in the "right place." Depending on how recent the passing was, the life review may or may not be complete and he may or may not be watching over you. Some souls choose to return right away and others do not. Your guardian angels are always with you. The angelic realm has never been human. Call upon them for help and guidance as the law of free will prevents them from interfering unless you ask.

    What "bad things" have happened?

  • personally i believe in heaven or hell but on the same day i found out of my friends passing, another friend had his house burn down where i spent a short time living and experienced many good memories there and to top off the night, i had drank too much and ended up getting jumped and robbed by two men. i haven't felt this low in a long time.

  • The events are not related to your friend's death. What you do need to understand is that what we focus on - where our thoughts are - is what we create more of. So if you are thinking that there is some sort of black cloud over you and that nothing but bad things are happening then more bad things will happen. Focus on the good things that happen in your life. For instance, the house burned down, but did all the people who live inside it get out safely? The house burned down, but you still have your good memories of living there, right? You were robbed, but you survived! Do not go into victim mode as it will just start feeding off itself. As I said earlier, just learn and move on. For instance, did the drinking too much lead you to being in a place that led to you being robbed or just not being aware of your surroundings? Nobody is haunting you but your own thoughts!

  • yeah i understand, thank you for your imput, i really appreciate it.

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