10 Clairvoyant reading ONLY

  • I am giving 10 reading only. Please count how many are before you before making the request.

    I will not answer those whom I have recently given readings to, so that it is fair to those that need their chance at a reading.


  • Hey Shaubby - just logged on and there you were at the top so I am taking it as a sign 🙂 Would love a reading from you with regard to what's coming up for me. Work has been a challenge for sure - hoping it will get better or something else will come along to replace it. Also interested to know if any new relationships will be coming my way - romantic or otherwise!

  • Hello, Shuabby , you wrote "recently" -meaning not so long ago, and if you gave me a reading probably year ago - can i participate please? or not? If yes i would love job reading. if no - it's ok )

  • Hi Shubby,

    Thankyou for the offer,

    I like something from my life from here on in, i hope the past self does not keep playing me so closely?

  • Hi shuabby, I Would like to have a general reading from you. Especially regarding my job hunting... So far, nothing happening yet.. When can I expect to have interviews and get a job after? And how abt my love life? It's a mess... Need your insight pls. Thanks

  • hello shaubby.....thank you so much for the offer ,

    i would love a reading too regarding my career side and love life.......

  • hi shuabby.

    may i have a reading for my career? should i move on from my current job and just stay put for the time being? Thanks ! 🙂

  • Thanks for the offer Can i have a reading love wise please.

    Thank you

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Shuabby, thanks for the offer. Can I have a general, love reading please? Thanks!

  • Hello Shuabby, with the job situation, am i on the right track?

  • To Watergirl,

    I feel an expandion and this is in the work area, you will either transfer within your job or you will expand your own horizons and begin to walk a new pathway to a more spiritual way of making a living. Have you wanted to open a bookstore? Spirit says this would be a good time to really get on that bandwagon and do it. I see the word EYE in the name of the shop. It will not be far from where you live and I see a bay window.

    Your romantic life feels like a stale piece of bread at the moment, you have to revamp it and yourself somewhat is what I am receiving for you. Seems spirit wants you to add color to your face and what you wear. If you think that a new hair color would help than go for it is what I receive , I see red so if you are thinking of red hair or adding some highlights than do it!

    I don't feel any changes in your love life until you brighten up , than you will have him taking notice and the world all around will become a brighter place.


  • moonalisa

    You know dear I see a swinging of a pendulum from yes to no , this tells me that there is a lot of confusion here as to what you want to do. When you get in that state of mind it STOPS progress and you get stuck sometimes through fear. I feel like you are on the right course , it is just that you are stopping your owm progress. Start to say a little prayer at night and turn it over to your higher guide. You will soon have an answer , just a knowing that you are headed in the right direction.


  • Hll

    You can expect to get a job interview when you put forth the effort in different ways. When you have an interview do you send a thank you card? When on an interview you need to talk and act with positive energy . I feel that you will get an interview with a company that has yellow in it's logo, I read close to the happening so look for the time period to be 3-4 days or weeks.

    You love life is going to recover as soon as you put down some rules of equitte to your heart strings, I feel as though you settle for things that do not please you and instead of speaking up you wait until you can't satnd no more and blast away . This action leaves the partner in a daze and than you do not stick to your guns about what you want and the cycle starts all over again. That change has to come from within you and when it does you will find great happiness in your lovelife either with a current partner or a new one that is just hanging onto the blue moon until you change.


  • Marishkaa

    Please send two questions you would like answered. What field do you work in?


  • Larajj90

    I feel in your love life that there is something duel going on here. Are you interested in two men? If not you will be. I see one as dark haired and eyes and he is somewhat a loner , yet does know how to carry on a good conversation . The other seems to be a bit of a firecracker meaning he lives and loves with gusto and feels he doesn't want to miss out on a thing, including pretty women. The choice between these two is like going to a fine wine contest . You do the picking as to which one you think will be a great addition to your menu called LIFE.


  • pinkrose08

    I got right away that you need to stay put until the pathway opens up for you. I got the time period of 4-6 months down the road , but you will be glad that you waited and rewarded with the type of job more suited to you with people you will really enjoy being around. I get the name Alice here either your guide or someone you will meet that will be a long time friend.

    You may hear about the job opening through the grapevine, so keep your ears and eyes open.


  • Saggirl

    I feel you are holding your breath waiting for something to happen in your relationship. I'm sorry dear it will not at this time. It seems that you feel more deeply than he does in this time frame and there is something that does not mesh well with you two handling a permanant relationship.

    I see an aquarius coming toward you and he is dark haired and bubbles are all around him so that tells me that he is just full of life and ready to go and have some fun, he will really keep you going in such good ways that you will be bursting with joy before long.


  • I thunk I am the tenth. A love reading Please ! thank YOU !

  • Shuabby, i am economist, currently in a job search. The economy is so large as a field so i am stuck. I think i do have an understanding of what i want to do, but it is hard to get there and the job could be very exhausting. Maybe can you tell me please where to go. and will i dislike my job much? Thank you.

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