Seeking help with an Aquarian Male

  • Good evening everyone I came on here to seek some advice right now because I feel so hurt and so confused and I am really trying to gather my thoughts and emotion before I take my next step. I'm a Capricorn Male with a moon in virgo, and virgo rising I am in LOVE with an Aquarian male who is a scorpio moon and a Libra rising...we're Karmic and go figure that the two opposite signs have a karmic relationship! ANYWAYS.. long story short he and I started this whirlwind friendship called me everyday dinners, lunches, get togethers etc..we met last summer and by December after getting major confirmation from my reading that there is something to us...I finally tell him how I feel. He tells me that he can only offer me friendship, which I accepted. The calls still continued actually to my surprise, if I was sick he would call me twice in one day to check up on fastforward to now June...he's distant, we dont talk everyday anymore sometime we will talk everyday for 2 weeks straight and then I dont hear from him, and when he finally texts or calls he acts like a week of silence didnt go by. I've never approached him about that because of the fact that I understand him and I understand his sign and as a Capricorn, I have no tolerance nor patience for inconsistent behavior especially when I am always the one that is. From the start knowing my nature I have taken a back seat to really pursuing him, my only part was telling him that I liked him and he still called me everyday SO....Im not understanding whats going on...Ive also been noticing that whenever I talk about making tentative plans to get together by the time we touch base about those plans he's either has new plans with new friends or he has a mood swing and just completely blows me off....whereas in the beginning he never use to be like that. So it happened again today what irritates me the most is the blatant disregard for my feelings and that everytime he "blows" me off or keeps his schedule open for other people and not me...I dont care if other people are involved at this point..include me!!!! I would do that! Today he totally dissed me for another friend, we were supposed to connect the day prior which is 1 day notice as I know he likes to fly by the seat of his least call me and tell me your making plans with so and so because they are having a tough time...dont tell me the day of and the fact of the matter is I had to seek him out to find out if we were still hanging out today or not. and I am PISSED because I am so giving of myself to him in our friendship that I feel that I am not on the same level of priority as his other friends....he then has the nerve to tell me that tomorrow something might be going on and that if something major is going on he will let me NOW I can only hang out with him if it is centered around something????Whereas 2 weeks ago he told me that I am welcome to come up ANYTIME...but how can I come up anytime where 1. your distant 2. you cant seem to make any solid plans!!!!!

    The reason why I am so angry is that this isnt the first time its happened I want to talk to him about it because I am not sure if his behavior is intentional or not...either way it hurts my feelings and I think he should know or at least be aware so that he doesnt do it again....all relationship whether romantic or platonic and even family are require I asking TOO MUCH? Is my request too complicated???

    I really love him and my desire is to not scare him away but in the meantime I take my friendships seriously especially when you have an amazing connection with someone mental and spiritual.

    with our signs being the way they are what do I DO and say?? Right now I really want to cuss him out for that but I also realize that cussing him out over principles is not the smart way to proceed.

    This Capricorn does not have all the answers.....HELP.

  • Anyone...thought?

  • I don't know anything about the compatibility of your signs but I was involved for 17 years with an Aquarian man and they are hard to pin down. They are free spirits and do not like anyone clingy....and they love their freedom...they don't care who they hurt to have it either! They can be romantic and caring and considerate one day and then the next, they are gone. Mine disappeared so many times I lost count....and it was always because he was hiding something from me. Aquarian men tend to be extremely dishonest in relationships...I would guess he is seeing someone else and will come back to you when they are not available. You are giving too have to stop!! If you want him, and I personally think you should move on without him, you must back off, don't call him, stay busy with other things. Aquarian men can drive you mad, but if it is meant to be, it will be. Meditate, ask your guides for help. I finally let mine go and I know it was the right thing for me. Mine was karmic also, but I feel he was not learning his lessons this time around...again....and I needed to move on. One of my lessons was to quit taking him back knowing he was going to hurt me again. Aquarian men are really hard to keep in one place...they are dishonest and they are players....please be careful!!

    Many hugs,


  • Thanks...but he has a ton of amazing qualities and we have a great connection its easy to say to walk away I know it wont be easy for me nor for him if there was a time to walk away it would have been when I told him that I had feelings. I think Im just going to give him a taste of his own medicince and disappear for a whole month.

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