I would love a reading!

  • Hello! I just started dating a man born on September 23, 1975. I was born September 8, 1981. I would love any insight that one might have on our new relationship! Thank you!!

  • This relationship is often traditional in approach, no matter how unusual your individual predilections may be. You will both tend to employ tried-and-true methods that you used in the past. But you must be careful to keep an excessively rigid adherance to rules, spoken or unspoken, from destroying your spontaneity, because it may result in a somewhat predictable, even dull, way of life.

    A love affair here can be a bit complicated and chancy. Your new friend may be intrigued by your mysteriousness, but when mystery shades over into emotional complexity, he may find you hard to fathom. Since you usually don't depend on other people for praise or support, you may think that your friend weakens himself by giving into such needs. He tends to value his public life and you your private life, but differences like this are in no way insurmountable and in fact they may help to provide the variety and flexibility this relationship needs. Further complementary is the way your friend can give expression to your fantasies, often being able to translate your wishes into vivid and original representation, whether in matters of style, design, decorations, or furnishings etc. Should the relationship gel on the physical plane (though this is not overly likely), you two might contemplate marriage, but as orderly as you both are, marital and domestic responsibilities may impose too much ponderous structure and duty for you to handle.

  • Thank you so much Captain! What you have said is very interesting. When we met as friends he slowly made it known that he liked me until he very confidently began to pursue me. I was hesitant at first because I was not looking to be in a relationship, but I have been opening my heart and find him to be so genuine, kind and caring that it has been easier to open up then I originally thought. He has stated many times that I have perplexed him by something I said or did, I feel like that is a big attraction for him.... It has been a bit of a running joke, but i see how if it was an emotional complexity that could complicate things. My biggest worry has been that we could become routine and a little boring if we don't make a point to continue to go out and do the things we both enjoy. I am curious why you felt that we would not gel on the physical plane... Physically this man has put in more effort in pleasing me then I have ever experienced. I have been a little broken in the intimacy department and his approach has the patience and understanding that has allowed me to start to get that part of me back. He makes it a point to let me know that if I am happy he is happy. This has been extremely freeing for me, who tends to be self sacrificing as well, but I worry about the fact that we are both the type that bends over backwards to make our partner happy. Where things are now, I feel like I have met my perfect match. Where one of us is not skilled or knowledgeable, the other is, we balance each other out really well and are spot on in believes and values. More than anything I feel like myself around him and I feel adored and I adore him for all that I am discovering. I agree, we are both weary of conforming to marriage/children but I can see us being together for a very long time and growing with each other. I guess my wanting a reading comes from the fact that I fall in love quickly and have a hard time trusting myself in this department so the insight you have given is very helpful. Thank you!

  • By the physical, I meant sexually.

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