Blmoon a reading please

  • Hi Blmoon,

    I would really appreciate a reading concerning my future and love relationship.

    Thank you and many blessings!

  • Yours is no simple reading or quike answer. In fact you are lagging--dragging feet and this is the time for healing but you are behind a bit as if you are waiting for something outside of you to finely PUSH you out of your bad desicions. You lack power. So much so that you are like a wounded animal in a jungle---the predators sniff you out. You have too many empty holes in your energy field---you do not feed your own spirit but all your life you have been at the mercy of others to do that or not. Sorry to be so dismal but a wake up call is the kind thing right now not a feel good for the moment fix. You need some firm energy about you---disipline in the self loathing department. A big awareness of all you say and do--to FEEL yourself--there is a great disconnect between you and your body. A childhood trauma exhists still. Part of you craves intimacy but part of you fears it and so untill you know your habits without judgement but just see yourself as is--lovingly you can heal. You are not going to get nurture from any relationship right now so sorry to not tell you what you hoped---but honestly you are advised NOT to be IN LOVE right now. Yet, you must love to be healthy so consider finding other avenues of loving in a healthy way. Enter a path of service---giving to the sick or children or just being a good samaraten to those who deserve as thia will change your energy feild as for right now----any man in your life will match his predator energy to your victim energy.Listen to the advice of loved ones--someone in your family really knows you well and you butt heads but really they just get angry at your blindspot for deception--they are angry at the situation but you feel belittled and hide. On a positive note--if ever there was a better time for healing this is it----if you do give up the temptation to look for--grab at love right now and really make changes you can see a big big change in your life within a year. Swear off men right now----the ones who leave you craving---wondering---stuck. The man you can let in now would be a loving father figure. Unfortunetly you are unable to let in true unconditional love right now. From thoose who do not expect a return from you. Put yourself around those who do give and love in a healthy way so you can learn---you must literaly leave an old world for a new one---it will feel wrong at first---that's the shadow of you resisting but change means doing things DIFFERENT. You would be good with children. You can start small but definetly soon---attach yourself to a group or people who serve and give in a healthy way. You are a giver and just need to find the right place for it. Once you become aware of true love you will attract a man and you will not have to chase him or give him anything to keep him. He will feel lucky to be near you! BLESSINGS! ps--please change your screen name to something more positive and a committment to loving yourself----you are what you believe.

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