Help with a scorpio woman

  • I really need some help here,i am a cancer man,and i met a scorpio woman,and at first it was mind blowing,her way of expressing her self was intriquing to my brain. She expressed to me that i make her feel comfortable and special,and that she is hooked with me,and that she misses me alot. Now we arranged a meeting,we talked and talked,for hours, then we ended up kissing. Now after that,her behaviour changed,she became a bit closed,not so much talking about us,but more like a bit more typical. Now i asked her what is wrong,and she said that i was too fast,she wants things to be easily going(By the way,before we kissed that night,she said she doesn't know if she is ready for a family,and that her idea of true love is,the man to fight for what he loves)So i said to her,what do you mean slowly,it means alot of things,and that can also mean,for me to back up,not to express my feelings anymore,stop showing you affection,and she said,well you can do it if you feel so,and i said,you know what,i don't care if you mind if i care for you,i will do,and she said i care about you too. Now my mobile broke down,so i didn't spoke to her for one day,next day she was extremely private and distant. So i gave it a few hours and i said i know something is wrong,so tell me,and she said,it has nothing to do with you,its about me,you wouldn't understand,and i also told you take things easy,and i said to her,no,take things easy,and get distant is another thing. Then she replied with a smile and said,well i dissagree with you,but never the less,would you go out with me for some ice cream this saturday?And i said there is a game i want to watch,and she said,well it won't be easy for me but we can work something out,and i said look.i don't know what time it will be over,so i don't want to promise things and not cope up with it,she said ok. Now after that it was the girl i knew,intriguing to my brain, yesterday and today,then at some point,she became again very distant and typical. I was online on fb and she send me a message,i answered back,she was still very distant and typical,and at some point she wouldn't said anything at all,i asked her what was wrong,she answered with a question what is suppose to be wrong,so i said again tell me,she said i am not in the mood,so i message her back saying well i will wait for a message of you,and she replied well i am going out tonight so we talked tomorrow,and i just said fine(Cause she never done that before,is the day of the game)So i am wondering,is she testing me??It seems like it,but a scorpio woman would know more i guess,so i really need to know,if she is just testing me,i will have my patience and wait till she is done,or if she is not i would just walk away

    By the way,i asked her if she is still hooked up with me,and she said why wouldn't i be.


  • Do you know her birthdate? And give me yours, too so I can more accurately assess the situation between you.

  • Hi,thanks captain,hers is November 11

    don't rreally know the year,mine is july 20 1981

  • This is a practical relationship in which the two of you expect each other to live up to well-defined obligations. Literal, firmly grounded in the here-and-now (which is largely your friend's influence), and possessed of quite an air of outer self-confidence, it can be a positive association for both of you, since you both have an introverted and insecure side. A word of caution: since everything is taken so literally here, the two of you must be careful of what you say. You are both very sensitive to slights, and may take the most casual comment the wrong way.

    A relationship here often will obey a strict set of unwritten laws, transgression of which can alienate the two of you from each other. There is an expectation of honesty and fair treatment, not only between you, but between you and other people regarding making promises, as the two of you will be expected to keep your word to the letter. You both have your faults - your friend can be vengeful and you can be unforgiving. Yet the relationship's innate stability is beneficial to your Cancerian fluctuating moods and you will appreciate the opportunity available here to get work done and be productive. But if your friend feels worn down by the strain of keeping you on an even keel, she may come to resent the relationship as an energy drain.

    In a love affair or marriage here, both of you will tend to be faithful and hang in there as long as it is going well. Children, financial entanglements, and home ownership may pressure both of you to stay together no matter what. If the relationship turns bad however, it will probably be your friend who suffers most - you are more likely to lead a double life and seek affection elsewhere. Mutual recriminations and arguments over money are characteristic here in times of stress. If all possible solutions to the relationship's problems fail, the two of you would do well to consider letting go.

    Advice: Make sure your expectations are not too impossibly high here - give everything its best chance and no more. And lighten up - you can both take things way too seriously at time. You have a real chance at a good enduring relationship if you both work hard at it. But remember that while loyalty is admirable, masochism is not. If it is over, let it be over.

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