5 Tarot Readings (please read full description)

  • Hello everyone I hope you are well. I have been absent from the forum for a while. Its good to be back.

    I am going to be giving 5 readings to people this week. I am planning on getting them all done by Sunday. Please do not abuse this offer in the past I have offered to give people readings and have gotten a lot more requests than the number I said I was willing to give. I will give each person one reading no follow ups unless you are willing to wait until my next topic. However I will be willing to give you advice and clarification regarding original readings.

    I hope to hear from you soon.


  • hello laura.....can i request a reading ?.... i am 21 years old and i am in my final year of engineering but my parents would like me to do my mba as well....i want to go abroad next year for my mba ,my passion is for the entertainment sector like acting,singing etc...i am from india but i feel an extremely strong connection to south korea which is rather strange and i actually want to work in the korean music industry.....i wanna give that a try as well,as you can see i am clearly confused(lol) about both my career side as well as my love life,which is kind of non-existent eventhough i am pretty and men keep ogling me.....any insight would be helpful...

    thank you and blesses be.

  • Hi LauraSA87,

    Can I have one reading with you? Thanks!

    What will be the topic you are doing? 🙂

  • opps i got the msg wrong. I thought you are focusing on a particular area like.. eg career love general.

    sorry about it.

    can i just have a normal love reading will do. Thanks!

  • hello larajj90

    You certainly can request a reading. If you formulate a question I would be more than happy to give you one. I have found that giving readings without a formulated question can give unclear readings. The more specific the question the more specific the answer.

  • will i be able to travel abroad and pursue my dreams of entering the entertainment field in s.korea (right now,it seems far fetched but i cant let go)and the outcome of it?...........is that ok,lauraSA87?

  • Hi Laura, Welcome back! I would like a love relationship from you. I'm currently single. Broke w my ex a month ago. Have new love interest. But still kinda wanna go back to my ex. I'm wondering abt what the cards have to say regarding this... Thanks! Blessings

  • Can I have a reading just whatever the cards want to say.

    Thank you

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hello larajj90 yes that question is great :-).

    I am using the Original Rider Waite Tarot.

    I will be using a 5 card spread.

    Will Lara be able to travel abroad and pursue her dreams of entering the entertainment field in South Korea?

    Card 1: The Past

    8 of Cups

    In the past you did what needed to be done as opposed to what you wanted to do. Something very important which you spent a lot of time on was abandoned. Things were set into place then left behind. This is a soul searching card and a card which represents a difficult journey in which you feel alone. A troubled emotional time.

    Card 2: The Near Future

    19, The Sun

    Joy and happiness, sunny prospects. A land of opportunity. These positive vibes are close but just out of reach. The wall present in the Sun Card needs to be crossed still, it could symbolize a division from the past. I think the banner here (the child on the horse carries a red banner) means an announcement of your true passion and communication.

    Card 3: Unseen Factors/ Hidden Influence

    Knight of Cups

    As soon as I revealed this card the word brother came into my head. A sensitive and emotional man may help your cause. That or emotions may be more volatile than you realise. The issue of travelling abroad to South Korea may affect others more deeply than you are aware of also.

    Card 4: Advice

    Queen of Pentacles

    A gentle older woman with a head for business may be able to give you some useful advice or assist you in some way. This earth sign will urge you to take the more practical route but only you can know what is right for you.

    Card 5: Outcome

    2 of Wands

    A man observes a globe very closely in his hand. He holds a wand while the other stands unheeded. The world is in your grasp. There is deep contemplation over a decision. It is possible to make your passion (symbolised by the wands) a reality. The number 2 comes before 3 which is the number of manifestation, you are able to travel to South Korea if you take the next step.

    Story of the Cards:

    The only Major Arcana card you received was The Sun. Good things are coming your way if you remain calm. I sense from the reading that family may be playing to big of a role, and that you need to do what is right for you not them (2 significator cards). They may have pushed you into a path which isolated you or was not necessarily what was best for you (the hunched lonely figure in the 8 of Cups).

    I hope this has been helpful for you Lara 🙂

  • thank you so much laura and yes, i have been pushed into paths and places that were far away from where my true passion lies......i now have decided to do exactly what my heart tells me to do...i know my family ll not support me,atleast not at the beginning but i hope to cross paths with people who share my dream or will guide me../....the reading greatly improved my confidence and i hope i will come across those people who will guide me , do u see them or these eventa happening soon or is there a delay ?

  • hello larajj90 your welcome. :-). I think the people who will help you will be a young male water sign (Knight of Cups) and an older female earth sign (Queen of Pentacles). I think you could receive help soon as indicated by The Sun card in the Near Future position.

  • thank you so much...

  • 🙂 your welcome

  • Hi Laura,

    As far as I can see Im within the 5 readings (if I am wrong, please ignore my request). My question is in relation to love. I have a close friend called Sean and our relationship is very special a lot of people dont get it. However I like him more than a friend and occasionally I get the vibe from him that he feels the same, yet nothing ever happens between us. I'd like to know if I should make 'a move' on him as such or will he come forward?

    Thank you


  • hello pinkrose08

    I can give you a love reading using a 5 card spread and The Original Rider Waite Tarot.


    Card 1: The Past

    3 of Cups

    A love triangle and infidelity. You or your partner were dishonest. All though this does not necessarily mean cheating in the traditional sense of the word. A situation was left to rot.

    Card 2: The Near Future

    O, The Fool

    A risk. There may be a risk you need to take if you are to find love again whether with a new person or current partner. There needs to be a clean slate, a fresh start. Someone will enter your life who is eccentric and full on, they may be completely unique, a person like this you have never met before. They put you on edge, for better or worse.

    Card 3: Unseen Factors/ Hidden Influence

    8, Strength

    Control and force. You may have a strong desire to control situations or this control may be inflicted on you by someone else. There needs to be more freedom. Gentle persuasion is the answer and a loving touch. Soft words command obedience.

    Card 4: Advice

    2 of Swords

    Indecision. There is a choice you must make, maybe this is between 2 people or maybe more personal. There is much confusion. You feel blind and unable to move. Follow the path of logic because this card is ruled by Libra a starsign of reason and logic.

    Card 5: Outcome

    7, The Chariot

    Love should not be or feel like a battlefield and it has in the past. Fight the battles you need to fight and if someone is unwilling to stand by you then let them go. If you sacrifice too much in the name of love is it really love. True love should give you strength not pain, sometimes it is best to stand alone. You are courageous.

    Story of the Cards:

    You have 3 Major Arcana Cards. There is a lot going on with your love life and it not there soon will be. Past movement and quick development are indicated by The Chariot and The Fool however your main stalemates are indecision, maybe due to past infidelity. Also regarding the Chariot you may need to let your guard down to let love in.

    The main problem may be how to assess whether someone is worthy of your time and effort.

  • Thanks Laura.

    Yes you got it all right. I am really having some confusion over somone so different and unique, that I have never deal with or met before right now. I have been "stucked" in this current position for quite sometime. Not knowing what decision should I make. And like what you said, my main problem is not able to assess whether is it worthy of my time/effort.

    Does the Chariot Card (outcome) imply that I am better off being alone for the time being?

  • hello pinkrose08 🙂

    Im not sure the Chariot card implies that. I think that the opposite may be true as long as your careful and read the signals the other person is giving to you. But at the end of the day you should do what is right for you.

  • Thank you Laura! Appreciate for your advices and enjoy this reading with you. :):)

  • hello hll 🙂

    Im going to give you a love reading using The Original Rider Waite Tarot. (your welcome :-D)

    Your Ex

    Card 1: The Positive Aspects of this Relationship

    Page of Wands

    They are young and full of energy. A spirited fire sign. They live for the now and do not look very far into the future. Willing to give anything a go. They have a very healthy sex drive.

    Card 2: The Negative Aspects of this Relationship

    Page of Cups

    They are emotionally immature and they can be very selfish and spoilt. They can be insensitive and mean spirited.

    Your New Love Interest

    Card 1: The Positive Aspects of this Relationship

    5 of Pentacles

    They are spiritually rich and very deep. They have strong convictions and beliefs. They are loving and generous. There are a lot of common interests and stimulating conversations here.

    Card 2: The Negative Aspects of this Relationship

    7 of Wands

    At times you may feel you are competing with each other, and playing games. You do not know where you stand with them.

    Advice Card:

    8 of Wands

    Traditionally this card means rapid movement and the arrows of love. You may need to make a decision between the 2 quickly or one of the relationships may change suddenly, either ending or progressing. I sense that maybe one relationship is based on love and the other on lust.

    Story of the Cards:

    With the cards I drew regarding your ex they were both significators, I assumed they represented the positive and negative aspects of their personality, but it could mean that 2 completely new people will enter your life. Sometimes the cards jump around and although cards are put into certain positions they mean something else or are indicating something else.


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