Can someone Please help me understand this Celtic Love Spread?

  • We have been having issues due to his issues with relationships following his divorce and also other stressors in his life. Based off of this spread can someone help me understand where my relationship is heading. We are currently broken up, I told him we need some time apart for awhile.

    Position 1 or Basis: Reversed Tower

    Crossing: Devil

    Position 3 or Foundation: 2 of Cups

    Position 4 or Recent Past: Reversed High Priestess

    Position 5: Sun

    Position 6: queen of pentacles

    Position 7: Emperor

    Position8: 3 of Wands

    Position 9: Reversed Hermit

    Position 10 or Final Outcome: Reversed Ace of Pentacles

    I also dropped the wheel of fortune and the 10 of cups.

    I'm a scorp he's a capricorn <---if any of that helps!

    Thank you so much in advance...I'm at such a weird place in my life. Climbing out of a financial hole. Growing and Finally after many years beginning to come into myself. I feel like the outcome of this relationship good or bad will be momentous for me!

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  • Hi Makethebest

    I saw your post the other day and have been pondering your spread.

    WIth that Ace Pentacle as the final outcome, it does sound like a new physical pattern for the two of you (the relationship) which sounds like you go your separate ways. Which appears to be where things are heading (Queen pentacles as what you are entering).

    How much work do you want to to invest in the relationship?

    I drew some cards for you and him,

    Queen wands - King wands (you and him)

    Below you: Page Pent, Empress

    Below him: 4 pent, 5 cups

    There seems to be an emotional adjustment he is having to make related to the physical or material aspect of the relationship?

    I drew a card between you and that is the Hierophant which is someone quoting from a book, or a philosophical energy... do you feel that there may be control issues in the relationship? Are there certain "topics" that are hot potatoes to you or do you see eye to eye on everything? I am curious about your dialogue patterns and how you are feeling after you dialogue with him lately? Do you feel like you are sometimes speaking different languages. and walk away frustrated?

    Are there any other material/physical/money issues affecting the two of you that have been a problem in the past? Do the both of you see eye to eye on money and spending, finances, is that a part of your relationship? I don't know that you have been physically together though.

    You mentioned also that you were climbing out of a financial hole. So there is money in the background here somehow with you anyway.

    I could be off track here, however I figured why not share it and see whether that sparks anything.

    The Ace Pent outcome for you could be the two of you together still, starting over somehow... its just that I saw no cups anywhere except as a background for the two of you.... so that seemed to send up a red flag. Anyway see what you think....



  • Hi AstraAngel. Thanks so much for the reply! I accidentally posted this is the wrong forum and didnt know how to delete the first one - wasn't trying to be obnoxious.

    We haven't dated long, but I guess because it started off so well i really thought he might be the one.

    He's bothered by the fact that I'm out of work. When last we talked he was worried that his department might get phased out. It was recommended.

    I'm willing to work very hard at a promising relationship, but he has some issues that have caused me to back away and let him make more concrete decisions concerning me before moving forward. I would like things to work out between us. I am learning to realize that is his job as well as mine to make it work.

    I also wanted to work on myself to make sure I stop marginalizing myself in relationships.

    No i dont think there are control issues in the relationship. There are not topics that are hot topics between us. And we haven't combined money. He has issues on his own concerning a very bad divorce that has affected the relationship. And continued arguments concerning his two kids.

    We have both been struggling with his issues.

    Not sure if this new information makes sense with the reading.

  • to add on, with our more recent communication, it has been getting more sporadic. He checked out emotionally and would just go thru the motions of checking in because he was stressed out. I asked him to stop doing that. And so it has gotten a bit distant as of late. We used to be on the phone for hours every night. Then one night it just died and he got distant ( it began right when he started teaching a course in the evening).

  • Hi MaketheBest

    OKay... reading what you shared here... hmm... let's look at cards that sum up each of you right now and see what that might show as far as the reationship goes...

    So, 5 cards for each of you... and I will compare the energies between the two of you.

    HEART (emotional center):

    You: The Lovers

    Him: Ace of Swords

    HEAD (thoughts):

    You: 8 of Swords

    Him: 6 of Pentacles

    FEET (path):

    You: 7 of Cups

    Him: Strength


    You: 4 of Cups

    Him: 10 of Wands


    You: High Priestess

    Him: Page of Cups


    Your heart is obviously centered in the right place with him. You see the two of you as lovers even though at present there is some distance. That's okay sometimes you need some space.

    His heart is centered on a choice, He has a very intellectual kind of energy about the two of u. As if his deepest feelings are held back until that Ace is answered with the right answer. So his mind (thinking) is preventing a heart decision right now.

    Your heads are on other things though... your thoughts seem to be picking up that Ace Swords in his heart and you are "answering back" with the well organized 8 swords intellectual energy. So yourt thinking about the two of you is very capable and accurate. You are saying back to him something like "whatever it is, we can figure it out together". So you have a lot of confidence in the relationship to answer your questions.

    His head is on money or sharing something materially related with you. The 6 of pentacles is a "sharing" card so it could be that there is something he wants to open out with u that he is withholding for the right time.... I think a smooth flowing financial picture is very important to him...

    Feet (path): You are the 7 of cups which has you dreaming lately related to emotional isssues, love, relationship. You could really be dreaming of what "could be" with him and really wanting to define that better. He is "strength" card as a path so his general course right now is to follow his instincts, so whatever is happening with him is being guided by instinctive energies that he is obeying.

    Hands touching each other: You are the 4 of cups which is saying to him "I would like (or I see) a foundational love with us. The real thing. Solid where there is mutual trust.

    His hand is the 10 of wands which shows him rather weary about his own identity. His life could be on a path where defining who he really is has become an imperative. Tens are at a threshold so he could be difficult to engage emotionally or intellectually until that 10 wands resolves into something better for him (where is more comfortable with himself).

    Hands behind you could simply be other aspects of your life that may not be exactly out in the open (as far as the partner is concerned). So you have some secrets or something kinda mysterious behind you and he has a "risking emotionally" card behind him. So it could be that there is some area of your life that you have kept to yourself, and not really shared with him (that could be important?)

    And he is risking something emotionally in some way. I am not sure what that is. It is the only cup card with him, a real soft spot with him... for now though he has that hiding from you.

    Something is definately preventing him from relaxing with you at this time. He has like a wall of blackness standing between you and his love. You are ALL love toward him... THat Ace of swords in his heart shows something is really has him riveted in his thoughts, like until that one thing is dealt with he can't proceed. Maybe it is that "issue" related to the divorce and whatever about the kids.

    You two should go ahead and get married and figure it all out as you go. Have you talked about marriage or affirming the relationship in some way? Is he open to that? You could always get married in "blocks" of time to ease his fears... say a year at a time and whenever someone is unhappy they can move on. I have some different ideas about marriage. He could be afraid that your paths ARE leading to marriage, and that requires trust, and then he sees his kids and he remembers where "trust" led him last time... so that could take some time to heal. Marriage is not that expensive when you just go to the courthouse, you could talk about a "test" commitment and see how it goes for a year. Then as long as it is nice you keep going otherwise you can split. I dunno I am just throwing out crazy ideas ....

    I think he "wants" to take a risk with you (page cups) however the "role" then asked of him could be feeling too much like the last "committed role" he played in the previous marriage... so it could be taking him some time to re-invent a nice new role for himself with you.

    I think that happens in life. We get stuck in some crummy relationship situation and our role is so defined by the other person... and when the other person turns out to be not exactly your best friend, a person can retain the "crummy" role the ex-partner created for you. SO that could be a lot of what is happening here. When he communicates with the ex, her "role" for him (whatever it is it must not have been too nice for him) come back out of the wardrobe and he feels that sickening feeling all over again (of the old role). So he runs from that and with you there is hope of something better. However that requires a new role that HE must create for himself with you. He can't let you create that for him. He can't be dependant on you for his role, he is trying to create his own. (10 wands is some hesitating in the role area).

    Guys take a lot of time to develop new roles. Guys can go slow as molasses flowing uphill in January when it comes to new relationships, when a lousy role is trying to be discarded and a new one created. Until he gets through that there isn't a lot u can do except pray or wish him well. Be patient would be about the only thing I can offer.

    However, I believe as long as you can understand his psychology better you can better be able to stick with him through the darker times of the relationship. I would remain stedfast with him and let life flow along.. I'll bet he reaches back to you very soon and he will sound more excited, as he begins to better see who he really is with you - that he can be himself, relax, have fun and not be waiting for a rolling pin to knock him over the head whenever he makes a mistake.

    Your kind, accepting, gracious, patient, caring, nurturing, se x y soft, angelic, dreaminess will go a long way toward keeping him entranced with you... when he sees you as someone truly different. That you do try to understand him and are able to accept his path as something very special, and that disarms him with you, trust flourishes, and the relationship is off and running.

    ANyway those are some ideas for you... I believe all will work out for the two of you, this could be some sort of little "test" to see whether there is a real connection between the two of you.

    We can look at your birth charts too and that can show some other aspects of how you fit with him. So much depends on what YOU see for the two of you... as long as you feel happy about that then things will work out (I trust).

    Love and blessings,


  • Woooooooooooow! What a wonderful soul you are to help people out in this way!I really appreciate this. I called him excited yesterday abt a work thing that went through for me. He sounded happy and didnt want to get off of the phone. After we hung up he called me back to tell how good it was to hear from me. :-). I'm remaining distant, but I feel as though it will work out as well, but that line about slow as molasses....PRICELESS.

    My birthdate is 10 30 1977 (I was born at 3:40), his is January 11 1974 ( don't know what time he was born)

    Thank you so much for doing all of this. Let me reread again.

  • Reread your reading again and I'm beaming. I can't think of anything that i've really held back. We haven't really talked about my passed relationships for some odd reason,Not the ones that count. Sso maybe that could be the thing held back. But then I'm a true scorp, I dont volunteer such things. So i guess it hasnt been the time. . I would LIKE to, we just havent yet. I dunno. Each day I have more faith it will get better. No we have not talked about marriage. He had gotten so distant that it seemed as if he couldn't manage the relationship itself. I pray that the distance will do us some good....

  • Hi Makethebest

    Okay, I am sitting here looking at your astro charts... right off the top of my head I would guess that Cap+Scorp would be a lot of fun... Caps are very single-minded, always headed up the mountain, I would think that a Scorp would be perfect to balance that seriousness with whatever Scorpios like to do haha

    Well... one think I notice on your chart is that all of the energies are weighted a lot towards Virgo as a center which I thought was interesting... and then you'll notice that his Moon is in Virgo, so that is a major major part of the attraction between the two of you I'll bet. His emotional moon in a sort of dreamy lyrical place Virgo, feels like the center of you in some way deep down.

    Your moon in Gem is at square with his. He also has Saturn just barely in his Gemini so that could be acting as a damper (sometimes) on your emotional nature. You may like to act out roles with him to see how he responds. So his Saturn makes that very playful as he is a nice counterbalance. SO you should be able to really relax with this guy emotionally! I see that as a very powerful foundation for the two of you. Understand the dynamics of your two moons, get that really understood deep down and that would help a lot with the emotional / communication interaction.

    He also has Mercury conj with his Sun, so does he like to talk? He may enjoy trying to share more about his world with you. You have Jupiter opposite his sun/merc so that tends to enlarge that area on his chart, so I think when he is around you, thinking of you, that your energies help him want to communicate about his life, path, career whatever.

    Your Venus is in Libra so that could mean that love is something you cherish and always have a watchful eye on your own heart. You are very sensitive about your relationships being equitable and very balanced, that could be the Libra there. So your radar is always turning whenever love is brought up.

    His Venus is Aquarius so that must be a relaxed energy, experimental, should be easy going with him in love I am guessing. He has Jupiter there so that is expanding all that for him. And/// you have your Mars and Saturn mostly opposite all this in your Leo, and that is very evenly balanced it looks like to me. Like, custom crafted somehow for the two of you. So you are bringing some masculine energy and some restrictive Saturn energy also, wow that sounds like fun... that is opposing his Venus Jupiter perfectly!

    You two look amazing in your charts!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you should be together!, the energies are all clicking and balancing it is a real interesting combination! He has his past life stuff to work out and that takes patience as he tries to separate out the roles he needs to continue. also have Uranus tin Scorpio so that is adding some unusual aspects to your personality, you might enjoy some practical jokes with him... like those fake packs of gum that you offer to someone... and when they pull a stick out it pops em on the finger! haha.....


  • Astra Angel, i dont know how to thank you. I keep reading what you wrote to me over and over again. Better than hope, you've given me 'Calm' and 'Focus'. Angel Indeed!

  • Astra, are you still there? Things seemed to be going well, he was initiating convo's with me and seemed anxious to speak to me etc. As long as I was acting distant it seemed that seems like THE MOMENT I started to warm back up to him he became distant again. I asked him to wish me luck on a big deal interview that i had this morning. He didnt even respond!

    If it's not too much trouble could you please do another reading for me to help me figure out what is in his head? I have been through so much relationship wise, i REALLY don't want to waste time on another guy that won't work out. I am really looking for answers to see if this is the one. If i need to calm down and stay on course or if i should pack up my bags and look some more.

    In the past i have stayed on waaay passed course.

    Please help!

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