Can someone please help me interpret this Celtic Spread ( LOVE)

  • We have been having issues due to his issues with relationships following his divorce and also other stressors in his life. Based off of this spread can someone help me understand where my relationship is heading. We are currently broken up, I told him we need some time apart for awhile.

    Position 1 or Basis: Reversed Tower

    Crossing: Devil

    Position 3 or Foundation: 2 of Cups

    Position 4 or Recent Past: Reversed High Priestess

    Position 5: Sun

    Position 6: queen of pentacles

    Position 7: Emperor

    Position8: 3 of Wands

    Position 9: Reversed Hermit

    Position 10 or Final Outcome: Reversed Ace of Pentacles

    I also dropped the wheel of fortune and the 10 of cups.

    I'm a scorp he's a capricorn <---if any of that helps!

    Thank you so much in advance...I'm at such a weird place in my life. Climbing out of a financial hole. Growing and Finally after many years beginning to come into myself. I feel like the outcome of this relationship good or bad will be momentous for me!

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