Could I have a reading please?

  • I would appreciate if someone could do a reading for me. I live with my mom/sister along with a few other people including my boyfriend.Anyway my mom and my boyfriend are at odds. well actually they are hating each other right now. 😞 Could someone help me answer these questions? Whats going to happen between my mom and boyfriend? What can/should i do regarding this situation? How will this affect my relationship with my boyfriend? and whats the likely outcome?

  • vettech78

    Being caught in the middle of your Mother and BF is not a good situation to be in. Does your BF talk in a respectful manner to your mother and is he grateful to her for letting him live there for the time being? Is your Mother laying down the rules to him in such a way that he feels depleted of his own power? I do believe the above answers are Yes

    Your BF and you need to move out ASAP or let him move to a room and you can visit him. Your Mother has the right to deceide who lives under her roof and if she feels she is being taken advantage of than she also has the right to speak up and ask that she be respected.

    A man that respects his Mother is always going to be a good catch, so please take heed to what is going on in front of you and do not let love blind you here.

    I know that you feel trapped and wonder how you can keep both of them in your life to love.

    You can only if they are not under the same roof and how will this affect your relationship with your boyfriend? If you are cathering to him and his wishes and you stop doing that and set some standards of behavior for him than you will soon find out how that will affect your relationship. Sadly if him and your Mother do not like each other , than when you have a child you may have to share it with your Mother on a seperate basics. Ask yourself if this is the type of relationship you want ?

    Good luck


  • Thank you for your advice, everything you say makes sense. However Im looking for a reading

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