Reading Request: A choice between two futures

  • I have two great job offers. One to move out west to San Francisco working for a really good company with a lot of opportunity. The other to stay in my current job, as they countered and REALLY want to keep me. Both mine and my wife's families are essentially all in our current location. I'd appreciate some fresh, outside insight. Such a tough choice!

  • Splendorlex,

    I feel the job in SF is indeed a good opt and you need to ask yourself why you choose to look for another job before you accept the countered offer. Family is important to some and moving away from them is a major adjustment for all envolved. I feel like if you accept the new job , you need to be sure that you can handle all that comes with it and is there travel as I feel you going across an ocean in a plane , overseas? The family can always come and visit , it would be a new experience for them if money and time allows that.

    I get the impression that you may end up staying where you are because of the money offered in the counter and your wife not wanting to leave her sister it feels like to me.

    Please keep us posted as I always enjoy feedback.


  • Interesting that you specifically mention my wife's sister, as we are currently living her while in transition. My wife does have a large, close family that is a big factor. I feel like perhaps there isn't a wrong choice here, but also feel that perhaps I will feel regret down the road if I stick with the "easy" choice. Staying where I am.

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