What´s in scorpios mind?

  • I am close friend with this scorpio guy now,. We dated in past and recently he broke up with his current girlfriend. When we broke up at the time he didn´t want to keep the friendship with me but finally he agreed so i was fine with that and he seems to be too after all. Now he´s in pain and i want to help him but he pulls me away, i know maybe right now it´s not the best moment to stay near him but i can´t stand to see him like this because i know what he is going thru. Anyway i almost don´t bother him, only call him once a week to know how everything is going on but lately he doesn´t even answer. And i am worried. He won´t listen to me or anybody else. I don´t want him to get sick and sometimes he comes to me as fast as he goes, i can´t understand his mood swings.

  • Expect him to withdrawal for a time while he sorts his mind out. I wouldn't take it personally. I have withdrawn for months after a traumatic life event. Its a scorpio and water thing.

  • I think you should leave him alone. That is what he needs right now. Tell him that you just want to let him know that you are there for him if he needs you and then leave him alone. He will really like that. You have to think about his needs right now not yours. Let him be 🙂

  • Thank you for answers i am already not contacting him, this week the last but i don´t understand why sometimes he wants me close and other doesn´t want to see me, you´re supposed to be relaxed with your friends and i don´t like that weird tension always between us. I´ll do that and if he needs help i´ll be there. Yes i am selfish because i love him dearly and miss him but i also know that he doesn´t know very well how to cope this situation and wouldn´t like him doing very wrong things like did before. It´s his life anyway, so it´s up to him.

  • That's the thing about friends - sometimes they are around and sometimes they are not but when you are friends you accept and understand.

    Not to get too nosy, but are you in love with this guy? Just asking because there is an undertone of emotions in your posts. 🙂

  • It looks like i want him back now that he´s "free", right? I don´t think i am in love with him anymore but i still keep some kind love for him. Have been many years and he´s a little like a family to me so it is not possible not to love him. I worry because, yes, i´d like him to pay me more attention maybe but also because he is suffering and that´s a pain, i´d like to do something but i see it is not up to me anyway and anything i try to do will be against me so i give up.

    I never understood him for many reasons, and one of them was the lack of communication because he´s a silent freak but i know beyond his shell hides the most sensitive core or maybe i am wrong and he just don´t care and i worship him. It´s alright i know now the answer to what i´ve to do and it is nothing because it´s not my business, only to wish him good.

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