• Hello Im having a hard time excepting the fact that my daughther is experimenting with same s*x. Even though she told us about it....It hard to except. Im not saying Im not allowing her to see her gf, as mother I feel I have lost all my dreams of seeing my daughter grow into becoming a mother herself of having a family of her own....i want to know whats in store for my child, is this something that will stay or go away....Will she struggle in her life.? How can I be of guidience..?

    Her bday 8/09/1994

    time 11:34 am

    Central Time.

  • ((hugs ))

  • :''((( Thanks my friend

  • I picked one rune for you TW8. Khons, the traveller came, upright.

    Your daughter is too young and experimenting, exploring her s*xuality and life in general. I'm not that knowledgeable in astrology to be certain if planets are responsible for her orientation, but it could well be a karmic thing.

    Either way, one thing is for certain. If she doesn't act like she feels now she may always struggle with a desire she never fulfilled and this may complicate things later in her life. I fully understand a parent's concern about his/her child....but it's a hard fact of life our wishes may not be the same with those of our children...they own their lives, we do not own theirs. We mean well, but some times we make them miserable only becaus ethey don't fit in our ideas about how they should be.....

    I have the feeling though, and the rune upright verified it, that it's a passing "trend", something your daughter had to experience. The traveller god signifies other places to visit, a transit state to other places. So the most possible way for her is to explore boys after satiating her curiosity with the same s*x.

    My friend, we teach and learn from our children at the same time. The best way to be of help, is to ber your daughter's best close to her, accept her, and let her always know you love her, unconditionally. This way she will gradually open up and talk can sometimes reveal certain things that eluded our attention....just be there for her, accept her and let her open up to you one step at a time. And everything will work out just fine 🙂

    1994, a wood dog in the chinese zodiac...yes they're usually "naughty" in their young years....until they sniff their true mate that is 😉

  • Chysallis---Thank You for understanding and words of guidences. Thats what I am working on is my relationship with my daughter, so that she understand this maybe be difficult for a parnet, but I will not stray from her by all means......



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