Can you help interpret a relationship reading?

  • Hi,

    I did a reading about what can I do to get back together with my ex. I'm not sure about the interpretation and would love advice on how you interpret them.

    These are the cards

    Me: 10 of wands

    Situation: Magician

    Challenge: Death

    Foundation: Page of wands

    Crown: High priestess

    Recent past: 6 of wands

    Near future: 8 of wands

    Blocks: Ace of cups

    Significant other: Hermit

    Advice: 10 of cups

    Long term potential: Temperance

    Thank you soo soo much for your help.

  • It's very difficult to interpret someone else's card spread because I use my own system but I do see a pattern.

    You: 10 of Wands - You feel burdened by this.

    Situation: Magician - Using tools to change things

    Challenge: Death - You are fighting against change or fighting to change.

    Foundation: Opportunity to do something.

    Crown: Need to make the right choices to be put on the path you want

    Recent past: Journey or success or eventuality of the path

    Near future: things moving quickly, the path of moving you forward

    Block: Opportunity of emotional progression, fighting against what needs to be understood

    Significant other: Wants to be closed off, separate, contained, by themselves

    Advice: feel that you have what you want now, in part by manifesting what you want

    long term potential: to learn patience in getting this or other things you want.

    Lots of wands cards, which means a lot of opportunity to fight and get what you want but you have to be willing to do that work.

    Lots of cups cards, emotional progression needing to be done.

    The rest are major arcana cards which mean you have a lot of bigger things at play here, guides/god/lessons, big lessons you need to work out and learn.

  • Hope that helps & good luck!


  • Thank you Serah 🙂

  • 😄

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