• I am Grace from USA,i am here to seek advice from people around the world,i have a man i love we dated for 3 years and last 2 years we got married,we have a baby girl,some months after the birth of our daughter,my husband change his attitude towards me and my daughter,he wont come home on time,wont help at home,some weeks later he told me he wants me no more and he leaves for another country to stay with another woman,who i was told to have used spiritual power to captured him,i tried all i can to get my man back but he blocked all the means i can use to contact him,6 months later i was browsing through the internet and i read about a prophet who helps people solve their problems,i got his email add and i contacted him for help,initially i didnt believe he can help,because i dont use to believe in spiritual powers,later when i saw i had no choice i decided to give a try,he asked for our details and he helped in casting a spell and prayers,4 days after my husband called me and apologize,he returned home and things have started working well for us,i have never seen this type of powerful man before,pls i need your advice on what i can pay him back for him great help,pls contact me on my email williamsjenny55@yahoo.com.



  • This man may have helped your husband to return through the power of his will, but that is no guarantee that you will solve your marital problems or even stay together. That is entirely up to you and your husband and no spells can fix that for you. It's all down to how hard you work on your issues honestly and openly and with plenty of communication.

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