Interested in a Leo Female?

  • There is a Friend from Work that I am interested in. Her name is Lynette and I feel that something is going to happen between us? I need some alone time with Lynette from Coworkers to ask out Lynette? My Gut feeling tells me that Lynette has STRONG FEELINGS for Me?

    Please tell me what the Month of June/July will happen between Lynette and Myself?

    My Birthdate is: October 20, 1977

    Lynette Birthdate: August 17, 1968

  • Also a while back on a Friday Night after work. I went to play Blackjack at the Casino and I ran into Lynette 🙂 Lynette was wearing a Sexy Black Leather Jacket/Coat.

    Lynette looked Attractive/Beautiful/Sexy that night 🙂 My other Question that Night?

    2. Did Lynette knew I was checking her out?

    3. I felt there was a Strong Vibe coming from Lynette that Night?

  • Could someone please answer my Questions regarding Lynette and Myself?

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