Hi Captain!

  • I couldnt get my friend Rosmary's picture and birthdate as shebis in the hospital. She is doing better. I started training for flying sky divers and signed up for my instructor class. You were right, I feel so great. I think my illness was a wakeup call to appreciate life. I should write a book about it lol.

    I have been travelling a bit and exchanged emais with a cool girl who works in Disney World. It is nice being normal again. I dont know if Jennifer and I will befriends, but it is nice to meet someone at Disney. What, if anything,do you see with her?

  • The idea about a book - or even a blog - about your experiences is a good one that could help a lot of people who suffer from long illness or physical handicaps.

    I don't feel Jennifer will come to mean much to you - she's just a part of your inner healing process of being so excited at finally living a normal healthy life.

  • Also don't get so 'intoxicated' with your new life that you give up all care for your body - I feel 'accident' around you if you are not careful where you go. 🙂

  • I think you are right about sharing my experiences. There is so much negativity out there and I think I could shine a positive light.

    Do you think my accident is flying related or me being reckless at my new freedom so to speak?

    That is too bad re: Jennifer. Is it me who drifts away or mutual?

    I dont think i ever shared the story about my grandmom prior to her death. You might find it interesting. When I was 6, she came to me as an angel andvsaid she will live with us. She died 2 weeks later.

  • "Do you think my accident is flying related or me being reckless at my new freedom "

    I feel it's like being cut off from the sky for so long it's all you can see, but the ground (reality) also needs care.

  • Mutual drift, due to not having all that much in common.

  • Yes, 6 is a very psychic age so it's no wonder you saw your gran. It's such a pity we allow society and conservatives etc. to 'talk' us out of our natural intuitive sides.

  • here is another you might like. when i was in school, around 20 years old, my roomate woke up screaming. he was saying to look atbthem. i saw two black,little figures aughing and pointing at us. they ran into the wall. i wasnt scared, i dont know why. to this day he cant talk about it.

    do you see any new developments in my social life? anyone to benon guard? thanks.

  • Ah, yes the shadow people - many have seen them, usually out of the corner of their eyes.

    You should be wary socially, because you have sort of been out of the loop for a while and may not be ready to face some of the more shady characters out there. Just take it slowly and use your intuition.

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