Captain of course

  • Hello Captain, I hope your days is going well today

    Wow big big changes in my life..... And from it all Ive found my self very facinated with... well Im not sure how to put it... let me start here.. for many years ive been told by different people such a medium, several card readers that I am a witch. You have mention to me that I have a strong intuition, healing hands. I recently have been getting a quick vison and feeling about things that are coming to my life. Late night I recieved a sudden, strong sence of deep unconditional love. The other day I received a vision of my self wearing a white bridal gown. And actually the next day you told me I now have room in my heart to finally meet "the one". Im going to be honest and say that since I was around 8 years old ive been facinated, attractive to magic spells and spirital work. Now i feel Im ready to find out what this really means to me...

    Captain can you explain, advice, guide me with this. is this for me??

    Sweetoty 😃

  • It is what we are all evolving towards - our natural and true intuitive selves. We are all psychic and powerful. We just have to remember that we are.

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