• I am Virgo woman dating a Leo man for the past 3 years now, I feel that the relationship is going in circles. There is no progression and I have concerns that it is going no further than what it is. He does throw out these little pieces of hope now and then that we may have a future but I do not know if this is just to pacify me or it is really what he wants. he is a meticulous planner and I am so free spirited , I feel like I am ready too cut my loses and leave but am I running or do I have to wait for this to happen. I am really getting impatient

  • This is probably asking the bleedin obvious, but have you talked to your man about where you're going?? Does he talk about a future with you? do you know what he wants the future to look like? Do you know what you want the future to look like, in terms of the relationship? I get the feeling you're frustrated because you want the relationship to move to the next level (ie marriage?), but then what?... Are the key ingredients for long lasting happiness all there??


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