Hello, EIAI can I request another reading thank you

  • It's me again El , How are My Dear I'm sorry if I had so much complained and too much negativity lately I only wanted to throw them away and I'm afraid that your sick and tired of my long and story of frustration in life Lol,Anyways I have been a bit silly again lately my emotion is ups and down almost everyday but the good thing was at least I keep my good spirit lately unlike before I'm totally knock out on my negative thoughts no good. Anyways I had a big day today and of course my moods is a bit cranky and grumpy but at least I'm not stuck atm I do my work everyday. After having worried all day.

    When I get home I tried something different makes me feel good. Remember that u said to me here that I will talk again to Cappy man I honestly didn't expected that cos I had no face to do that I already gave my words to him though I know his a very gentle people I'd tried to make a positive happen to me before I off to bed. I planned to send him SMS I said that it's me and I lost my mobile and I just got the replacement today but when I back up my contact I only had number no name and i asked him who is this. Oh well there is no one 30 second and he said his name then I pretend that is he the one from the other and company and when he reply on my SMS he said his name and from where of course he will letting me know the truth cos I put my name before asking him on my SMS. It's funny it seems like he was happy to hear from me. Asking hows things and I suppose not to reply but I did and I said I'm all good and not crazy at all. When he said fair enough. I suddenly said to him. Im not trying to insulted him but when I chatted him thru SMS I always received same words like What?yes or no always one word and I felt like an idiot when I chatted him. Same old story no not at all his fine chatted with me and I said to him I find him boring. And I better go out but I can't decided cos the weather is bad. He didnt get back after a few minute then said to me where do I have to go. I said I'm going out with friends. Reply again ok I will chatted you next and I'm going to sleep now. Atleast he still can talk to me and still polite while me sounds so bad and rude very demanding this kind of guy is very much fit on me. Lol he never mention his girl this time but anyways I sounds like not interested to him just want to keep friendship in a very normal way that's all

  • That's great new Annie, right?

    At least you got back to talking to him like you wanted.

    It seems like on the surface his relationship may be working out. Their physical energies or their attraction is on an equal level.

    They both may share some goals too, but I think that mentally and emotionally is where things get a bit problematic. I think that they both may want a home and family, it's that their personalities are not really compatible. She may be really talkative and verbal, but he doesn't seem to like her when she talks to much as she may tend to gossip.

    The cards are very positive that you and he will continue your friendship. I don't think you guys will ever really stop talking to each other.

  • Oops.

    I meant: "that's great news..."

  • Lol, I love you EltheMoth, I'm glad to say to you that things are getting better to me as the day past by. I actually get back on the same old me but for the mean time I would not over do my focus in life. I just want to settle myself and be more positive in life. I actually just send SMS 11pm. I was at friends place and I always giving him an attitude and I know his a bit worried his not scared of me I felt like he always wanted me to show his respect to me . It's really funny but I'm bit worried cos this is the first time his ignoring me usually he will response in my SMS though his answering me like yes or no or Lol, why is that, where and when . Lol I ask him what u doing? There's no one minute I'm working Lol and you? I'm silly when I my reply was stop thinking about me . Lol my goodness he never reply on me and I'm just joking to him the after half an hour I send him again SMS like this Hey u didn't response to the crazy thing I said, you are truly serious you never take a joke. OMG till 1am in the morning he didn't get back and I was worried and I send him again my last message that I said to him OMG! I'm now freaks out here. I didn't mean touch his vulnerability and I'm just doing my laundry at my friends place and I drop them off and I got nothing much to and I know his working on a night shift till morning and his the only person that I know his workings by shift. I said to him that I have all the respect to him and don't like hurting anyone's feeling and I said to him his not like that to me and I'm aftaid I upset him. He really sounds interesting to me though I promise to deleted his number unfortunately.His a quite type person I'm his opposite he hardly talk but when I spoke to him his giving simple answer. His very cautious and I can't blame him he hardly knew me besides I sounds crazy sometimes cos I don't want him to feel that I'm still liking him though his being honest to me and in that way he makes me feel good cos his not able to hide his true intention or feelings. I am the same I hate to lie but I do need to protect myself cos he already gave me a full stop sign, and now I'm not fair to him but I'm alright to be his friend and happy to at least I can have his lil attention or time to send me non sense reply. I will stop sending messages if he will not answering my messages Its ashamed I'm always the one who send him SMS but as I said I'm happy at least his wasting time for me Lol. But I honestly felt that his a bit confuse towards my words and action and i felt the same to him. Call me crazy but I felt he likes me too.. Lmao it's already 5:30 am here but my eyes is still wide awake but this time my feelings is mix emotion with joy and a bit worry id rather had this feelings unlike my feelings I had 2 to 3 weeks I felt like someone killing me and I'm already death but his still trying to hurry me through and through and I'm happy to say by and by i will make it. I learnt my lessons and I need more knowledge and I want In our life we never stop resolving different issue or what makes as weak but in the end of the day . I thanks Gods for all the blessings the he showed me and more to come for all us. I can't find perfect words for your so kind , smart. I really appreciate your kindly and giving me change to know you better . Be safe always and bless your soul. Big Big Big Hugs and Kissses

  • Oh Dear I don't know why I'm having mix emotion and I actually confused on what you said here. Are you talking about My Capricorn and me cos your reading is fit to me and him. And if that reading is to the girl that he met on his competition. I honestly had no idea to her Capricorn only mention to me that he do really likes her I don't if I think to much may that time I push him away from me cos I always insist that our ages gap is to much plus his still young and I know he has a lot of things wanted to do in life and he deserved someone better and I'm sure and had no doubt that he have all the choices cos he has all the quality and if I was on his ages I will make sure to win his heart. I can't forget the night that his telling me his dream is to have his own farm and live his life with his wife and kids my goodness I wish I could be the one. He came a long unexpectedly I was doing fine on my own I'm not complaining but my mind is now spinning but he came a long on a wrong place and at the wrong time. I can only have him in my dreams and he was mine till awake I'm just a friend anyways I sometimes afraid to keep in touch with him if his giving me attention it makes me feel more excited Lol That's a big no no no Lol

  • I got confused too Annie!

    I'm sorry.

    I did do the reading on the Capricorn man. Sorry!

    I'll try and do the reading later.

    I've been running out of time lately, so I hope I can do it by Friday.

  • Hello, El I'm all good don't worry about that, how's everything to you.

    I actually felt bad I always keep asking favor and I didn't even bother to ask how's life treatining you

    I do understand that you really need time for yourself. You been help us so much and your a blessing here. Just do what you need to do I'm a bit worried to you and I hope you will not inherent my negativity before I felt like I put it all on one basket and it was you forgive to throw all of my frustration I felt like I blow up too much cos I have no guts to share it to anyone. The good news was my life is getting so smoothly recently but atm I didn't feel closer to my love relationship I felt all is suddent death may be its my destiny for the mean time it things will not working out to anyone for sure there's someone next in line I'm glad that I'm now contented to all the people gave so much love and understanding I'm very much contented now I hope everything will continuously like this . And about the Capricorn man I guess I make him upset he never answer to any of my message while the Cancerian man sending me SMS last night but I don't really think cancerian will work for me were extremely opposite I hate to say that he only makes me feel bad in everything I do for him as much as I wanted to keep my friendship to him I guess it's best to be away that's the kindness thing I only wanted to do for myself. You be safe always and kisses

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