Venus Transit Anchoring the Rose Ray Codes & Ascension Symptoms Planetary Alert

  • a message from The Blue Ray channeled by Shekina Rose / Blue Ray

    The Venus Transit is a rare astrological and astronomical event that is bringing very powerful transformational energies that are affecting your emotional bodies at a very deep level. This is creating increased tension and radical change to transform the attachment to the material world and 3D systems that appeared to keep you safe, secure and controlled. The Venus transit is a gateway portal download of the purest essence of Divine White Light of the sacred divine feminine. 13

    Your core essence is coming into holy alignment through the newly anchored Rose Ray Codes of the Mother of Creation chalice and through the source of the central sun and galactic center. These planetary alignments and gateways are recalibrating your frequency to the new earth and unity alliance. 33 The Venus transit and Rose Ray Codes will continue to bring harmonic resonances with Gaia and to enlighten your cells through 2013.

    Many of you may find yourselves in paradigm shifts and changes that appear to be completely out of your control and choice. You may not feel secure in your life as if you have been dropped from an airplane without a parachute. You are not being cast adrift or thrown out helplessly; it is that you do not need the security of the nest anymore. You can soar on your own and create your own destiny. 44

    It can seem at times that darkness is in overdrive and attacking you. Know you are a beacon of the God source Light that is changing the old structures of human consciousness just by your presence. It is the ones that are imbalanced in their emotions, have addictions, and are not operating from true authentic power that are feeling threatened. Many are being used by other forces as they are easily controlled and manipulated in a last ditch effort to try to throw you off, though they cannot as they do not have that kind of divine authority or power. They cannot harm you. 55 Archangel Michael signature vibrational number

    This may bring to the surface and stir up those last deep-seated issues and emotions that you felt had been healed. Many of you are finishing up healing core lineage and family genetics. Some of you are doing this for others, groups, the group consciousness, organizations, systems, gridlines, and areas of Earth, humanity, the plant, mineral and animal kingdoms. Remember, you are at the perfect place of your destiny. Your soul is wishing to be clear of unqualified energies, contracts and soul agreements for you to come fully into the gateways and portals that you set up prior to coming to Gaia.

    Your presence has been requested in the ultimate authority of the Godhead and the divine plane. You are the shining light through the darkness. Let there be Light was your call into being here on Gaia. You are the divine original source of Light, the divine original blueprint. You are ready and you are set free to be the sovereign divine power of Source Creation that you are.

    Where the Rose Ray Comes In

    The Rose Ray is a holy dispensation from Mother Goddess of supreme authority from the Godhead of Divine Love, protection, compassion and sacred union to align you to the cosmic codes of Creation. Within the Rose Ray are the Grail Codes and the Shekinah Mother Mary template of the sacred heart so you can assimilate higher frequencies of light without harm to your bodies. This ray of the sacred heart of Mother is creating a divine power of protection in the manifestation of the rose to help you with the immense clearing and releasing of humanity and lower astral realms. 44

    The Rose Ray, not allowed on the planet for 1000s or more years, has now been recently allowed resonance on Gaia and is coming into greater divine authority of power with the eclipses and planetary alignments of 2012. It was thought that the Rose Ray was too atomically powerful to be on Gaia as there was not enough spiritual light quotient.13

    Because of your presence on the planet, Light Bearers, Star Seeds and Blue Ray, the Rose Ray of the sacred heart/higher heart will be reactivated through the source of the central sun. 33 This is causing an even greater influx of light and more stress on the astral realms and the Rose Ray is here to give you your sacred divine authority of power back. 333

    Eclipse/Venus Transit Ascension Symptoms

    Emotional highs and lows: you experience in one day many highs of being connected to your I Am and then later deep core issues reappear triggered by events. You are vacillating between spiritual euphony and deep emotional healing.

    Ungrounded and feeling that you’re in a dream: this may be due to your light body expanding and the recalibration process of your light body becoming aligned with galactic core.

    Feeling your aura or light body flowing back and forth: this happened for many of you as children at bedtime. You know this is in divine harmony as it feels very pleasant, and if you move your body, it stops. Again, this is your light body expanding and being aligned to the galactic core.

    Not wanting to leave the house or go out in public: these planetary alignments and eclipses will evoke clouds of energetic release in your area, and you may feel and know intuitively not to expose your auric field to this.

    The Sun is and will start communicating with you

    Warp light speed change; for some there will be periods of no down time. This is your real life training of being very present and knowing in the moment what is right for you. You are becoming an adept and walking completely in unison with spirit without hesitation. This is ascended mastery.

    What seems like a psychic attack: the greater influx of light is stirring up the release of negativity and the astral realms see your light as a threat even if you have done nothing to them. Do not get into entanglements with them. Make sure your energies are all moving forward and use the Gaia center balancing point of the body. Be neutral and stay in your divine frequency aligned to Source. Once you’re in this space, you can say the updated version of the Ho’oponopono mantra and clearing meditation prayer and The Prayer of Light*.

    “I am sorry; please forgive me. I love you. I thank you. You and I are release and cleared.” Say this at least 3 times or more with the person’s or situation’s name.

    Increase in intuition, feeling, sensing and knowing.

    Not being able to move forward on your life path: you may feel that you’re being thwarted in your mission and path. What is occurring is heaven wishing you to be right where you are, and indeed your mission at the moment is to just be the Light. All events have not come together for you just yet for a gateway to move forward, though it will occur. Faith and trust are being called for here and for you to meditate and rest.

    Huge transitions in relationships

    Moving into a new location: you may find yourself suddenly not in energetic alignment and Gaia is shifting you into (a) place.

    We share and say this prayer with you through the Venus Transit as you become aligned again with the source of the central sun of Light. Thank you for being here and creating the new age of Light. You are the holy vessel of the divine plan in form, the magnificent glory of Shekinah spirit restored through the sacred heart, in gratitude. 22

    *The Prayer of Light

    Let there be Light for Light is who I am

    Let there be Peace for Peace is who I am

    I align to the great mighty Source of the Central Sun

    Illuminate us to the highest cause of Light and benevolent action of all

    All legions, teams, realms, dimensions, sovereign holy power of Light, unite in me and restore and heal all

    Enlighten all minds to the mind of Christ

    May truth be restored to the Light Divine

    Restore the cells to the cells of Light, our divine original blueprint.

    And so it is.


    Here is an actual photo taken by me of the "Solar eclispe at Cathedral Rock vortex Sedona AZ 2012" it shows the download of the Rose Ray, its amazing how the whole picture is this intense rose color, I feel it the Divine showing us in physcial form

  • As I was reading this I got a transmission it was very cool!

  • I love the prayer . It is so fitting, WHERE IS THE MIND OF CHRIST in the religions of this world?

  • It's lost to ego I think, they gotta think from the heart. 🙂

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