Advice about Libra male

  • I’ll try to keep this clear, concise and brief. Since I’m a Gemini it probably won’t be…

    20 years ago Libra male and I dated for about six months. We got along great but were looking for different things. Fast forward to summer of last year we reconnect over Facebook. Random messaging here and there. November he messages about us getting together. We finally do in December. We had an incredible time (NO sex mind you). Great messaging back and forth. January of this year he disappears. Wouldn’t reply to me etc. Confused, I wrote him off.

    Six weeks later (mid February) he calls me. We pick up where we left off. Go out of few times etc. This lasts for two weeks.

    Mid-March calls again. Once again pick up. Go out with friends just having the best time. He texts me when he gets home throwing a lot out there about his feelings for me and says that he’s going to leave it up to me to contact him about going out again. He really wants me to, etc. Make plans, he cancels. Happened a few times finally I just stop contacting him. Couple of weeks later he reaches out again but we don’t see each other. Then he stops communicating.

    He’s now messaging me again. There are a few things that I am sure of:

    1. He likes me

    2. He is not dating or seeing anyone else

    3. That being said he was living with a girl and her son and she moved out last October

    We never slept together this time around so I know I’m not a booty call. I do however; feel he’s still maybe getting over his ex? That’s why he’s hesitating with me?

    My issues/questions are is this one of Libra’s “balancing acts” where they get close, then step away to make sure of me and what they feel or is this male game playing? Also, since last year I have ALWAYS been the one to suggest and plan nights out/get together. Am I going to have to be the aggressor here? Is he waiting for me to suggest a night out again?

    If you made it this far thanks! And any and all advice and views are most welcome and appreciated.

  • Hi Casey,

    Libra men can be hard to pin down in the beginning and can be unpredictable when it comes to love, but once you have him, they are normally extremely faithful. They like to be attached or married, but this being said, since you did contact him several times and he cancelled every time, I would take that as a sign he is not interested or has started seeing someone else. Libra men can also be bit of players when dating. I doubt, since he cancelled several times, he is waiting for you to call again....I would let it be and move on.



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