Captain. please help~

  • Hi Captain, have been really confused recently. need some advices. mine-17/8/86, his-20/3/68. My rising sign is pisces. venus sign: mine is libra & his is pisces. thanks in advance!

  • This is a more strongly sexual/physical oriented relationship than it is romantic or loving. There is a big need here to take wayward energies in hand and to shape and direct them. Passions run high here but any overbearing energies, whether within the relationship or outside of it, will not be submitted to - these passions must be mastered, so long as this is achieved with dignity and choice. In the best-case scenario, the two of you can give your relationship a firm direction or can bring together subtle feelings and define them. Worst-case, you just drift without resolution or happy endings, maybe even falling apart. But no attempt should be made to break this matchup's strongly independent spirit.

    Since it will be extremely difficult for either of you to admit your mistakes, contention islikely to arise between you, with someone claiming something like infallibility. The end of a knock-down drag-out argument may come in the form of exhaustion or an uneasy truce, but rarely of compromise or apology. Perhaps the most realistic approach is just to agree to disagree, or at least to agree not to argue. Unfortunately, this will do little to help solve the relationship's problems. Hard work will be required to keep the channels of communication open and to move toward building acceptance and understanding.

    Both of you are emotionally deep individuals who live in a world of complex feelings. The passionate aspect of an erotic relationship between you may well become an outlet for each of you to express such feelings, whether positive or negative, and your relationship may accordingly prove highly satisfying and even long-lasting. The control of tumultuous energies will be crucial however, for strong emotions can threaten the relationship's stability and can lead to its breakup. Even so, it can reach an intensity that both of you will remember for a lifetime, even if you don't stay together. Only by achieving some sort of emotional balance or direction of the determined and wilful energies here will longevity be possible. And you both have to be interested in working out this balance or direction.

  • thanks alot captain! 🙂

  • Just another question. Sorry Captain.

    Based on his DOB, is he someone that worth me putting efforts? As u mentioned that this combination is more towards the "physical" side, I am worried that what he is looking for might not be what I wanted.

    I agree that both of us are emotionally deep individuals. he is even deeper. I always want to know if he is sincere towards me but I have prob catching his mind most of the times.

  • You both need to have a serious talk about what you want from this relationship, especially if you have been holding back your feelings and desires.

  • Thanks Captain. I do hope to have a serious talk with him too. Its him that he is staying away now. making me lost over what should i do. Anyway really thanks for your guidance!

  • If someone is not willing to make the effort to talk seriously with you, then he is not going to make a serious future with you.

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