Astra Angel - Can i please have a love reading?

  • Hi Astra Angel.

    I am facing some love probs and sincerely hope to have some advices on what I should do.

    Have been really interested in a particular guy at work. but I am uncertain of his feelings. Sometimes yes Sometimes no,

    Really hope to know what is the current situation. how does he feels for me, is he sincere and etc.

    Can you please help me do a reading?

    Appreciate your help.

  • Hi Astra Angel. Im not sure if this info helps with the reading. Im a Leo & he is a Pisces. (however my rising sign is Pisces but im not too sure about his) Moon: Capricorn (me) vs Saggi. Mars: Capricon(me) vs Aries. Venus: Libra(me) vs Pisces. Thanks & hope to receive your reading soon :):)

  • BUMP~

    Really have no idea what should I do and what can I do

    Now. He doesn't seems very responsive at the moment. But yet I'm very sure about the liking from him at the start is real. Have no idea if he is still interested now 😞

  • Hi pinkrose08

    You want to know what is the current situation with him?

    Four of Pentacles, Ace of Swords and the Lovers. Hmm... material foundation, a new idea and the Lovers union (in some way). So these all look good to me, something is in the air,

    How does he feel for you? I drew the 5 cups and 5 swords, so that is a change of heart and mind in some way. He could be in the midst of adjusting in those areas ... six of wands and the King of Pentacles indicates he has some happy thoughts for you, and is releasing energies materially.

  • Thanks Astra for your reply.

    Pardon for my ignorance. What do you mean by 'material foundation'?

    u also mentioned that there is a change of heart and mind in some way. is it something bad going to happen?

    do you have any idea if things wil turn out okay for both of us? and also if he is sincere about me all these while? I have tried talking to him and apparently he has been quite cold towards me. leaving me not knowing what to do 😞

    sorry astra..

  • Hi astra, why is the Lovers Union only in some way? What does it mean? is it that he is still holding back for some reasons? I'm so lost. don't know if i should put in more effort to talk to him or just be passive and wait for his "decision". 😞

  • Hey pinkrose...

    Sri my initial reading was a little cryptic I know. I got pulled away before I could really finish it... so let's look deeper now.

    So, I am looking at some cards for you (5) and also for him (5). So we'll compare the energies that seem to be indicated between the two of you (I'll attach a pic below also).

    Heart -

    YOU: You are a Page of Pentacles, so that shows you wanting to take a risk in a home or physical situation. You could be wanting to make some changes in your life, or make a physical move toward someone else perhaps. Your heart is saying YES I want to take some chances with my security, home situation.

    HIM: He has the Sun in his heart, so his response to you seems to be YES all is bright and sunny! Very optimistic, so he has some very positive feelings deep down about you and him I believe. So you are risking, and he is reflecting back optimism is what I see...

    Head (thought life) -

    YOU: Knight of Pentacles - so again we are picking up the this strong risking AND focsing energy going on with you in the material (home and lifestyle, the physical setting somehow, could be expressing your yearning for more physical connection with your co-worker?

    HIM: Page of Cups - Hmm, that is interesting, so here he is expressing emotional risk-taking, so your concerns are deep as relates to taking some risk in home/material setting and his seems to be a need to take a change emotionally. So far you two look like you are communicating, trying to work out something? How much actual contact do you have with him at work?

    Feet (energies that are foundations, under the surface)

    YOU: Four of Pentacles - so again the material / home / security foundations are very important to you. You want something dependable and solid in the WAY the relationship expresses itself (physically and in handling other material matters wisely finances etc)

    HIM: The Hermit - so he has a history or tendancies to be the Hermit, which means he lives in his own private world a lot sorting out life to arrive at philosophy or lifestyle that is right for him. So this hermit crab may be making a journey back from whatever seashore he has been walking (alone) and is ready for something to break the isolation.

    Hands, reaching out, some steps to take or are being taken)

    YOU: 5 of cups and Page of Wands - more risking energies with this wand and that means you taking a chance with your identity, I am guessing this is in connection with whatever your 'new' identity becomes with him. The 5 of cups shows you adjusting emotionally in this situation with him, so you could be remembering things from your past and weighing out experience against the potential nice thing that can happen with him.

    HIM: The Magician and the Ten of Cups. Well, there is no question about his feelings for you, and as the ten cups is in his hands this means actions, decisions, some sort of activity on his part, Tens are like "endings and beginnings" in one, so he may also be putting the finishing touches on another emotional situation in his life as he prepares for the 'new' with you. The Magician is "comparing realities" so he is actively imagining, visualizing something with you. The appearance of the Magician in a reading indicates something magical developing, possibilities are entertained, hopes and dreams are established and some wonderful surprises can occue too! So he seems to be on a very imaginative 'roll' with you. What do you think?

    We saw some of these same cards show before, the 4 of pentacles (so that is yur concern) and the 5 of cups which seems to be an energy for both of you right now... changes, adjusting emotionally. So something is certainly cooking between you. What do your co-workers think about what is happening? 🙂

    Nothing bad is going to happen... and I do believe things will turn out okay for the two of you...

    The Lovers card then turned up... yep you two are heading into something fun. What is your HR policy there as regards office romance?

    He seems sincere to me... sun in his heart... Hermit shows his character probably doesn't open up to people right away... the 5 cups cards shows the both of you adapting in some way to each other.

    He has been cold toward you when you try to approach him? Huh? That doesn't sound right... he could be shy? I drew the eight of wands and the 9 swords so it could be he is concerned about thing with you proceeding too fast? He is thinking a lot about something... you... work... something... he could be thinking about his job security if something starts up with you two.

    You asked about the "Lover's union" in some way.. well I think its pretty clear that it is talking about a lovers union in the love way, so you are heading into a romance with him for sure unless you put the breaks on.

    I think it's nice, what I can see anyway. I don't get the 'cold' response from him though... what did you say to him to get that response? He cold be holding back... could be another relationship in his past that he is dealing with (ace of pentacles) so that seems to be the case... he is wanting to trust you... you must be a lovely, bright vision in his work life I am sure...

    I also asked about the two of you communicating (like, who should reach out to who) and you are the Ace of Cups and he is the Fool... so it does kinda sound like he needs to trust and make some step to you... there are a lot of pages (3) showing between you two, so both of you must be considering something. He may be trying to figure out the best way to communicate to you, as it is a work setting and he may feel uncomfortable with you in that setting... roles you know...

    I hope that gives you something to think about pinkrose? Am wishing something nice happens here for you...



  • thank you so much for your reading Astra!

    Im really glad to know things are going well. You mentioned that there is a very deep emotional struggle in him that apparently might be the cause of him holding back. Does that means he has deeper feeling for another girl that making him not wanting to make any move towards me? Does he likes her much more than me?

    in fact i tried to initiate conversation with him but he is too busy to reply my msges. we have not been talking much for the past few weeks and Im worried that we are drifting apart 😞 But from your reading it seem like both of us have been trying to "adjust" ourselves to the "right tune".

    Sometimes i have no idea what should i do beside waiting and waiting. I feel very lost not knowing what he actually wants from me. to stay away? to stay put and just wait for him to "decide" what he wants? I really hope to know how much i stand in his heart.

  • Hey pinkrose....

    I am not getting "another girl" I think his concerns have more to do with his own path and some need for isolation at times. THat hermit card we talked about.

    I did another reading for the two of you just now,


    Head - The Devil

    Heart - 3 of pentacles

    Feet: Magician

    Hands: 8 cups / The Hermit


    Head: Strength

    Heart: 7 of swords

    Feet: 2 of wands

    Hands: 8 of swords / 8 of pentacles

    and you can see how the energies are a little different today. It is also very interesting to not that the Magician card has moved from his hand to your feet today, and your Page wands in your hand has moved to his feet as the 2 of wands.

    Also, the Hermit card from his feet yesterday is now in your hand today.

    ANd today you both show compatible designs between you - your opposite hands both hold 8's and your hands toward each other each contain an 8 sword pattern. To me it looks like you both are sharing a lot of the same energies and there are reflections between you so I see a connection at least based on this.

    Sometimes a stretch of silence is nice for relationships, so I would relax and not worry? I see connecting energies between you and him and so I would be patient and let him come around in his own way and time. There are some good lessons there with trust and patience .... may not be what you wanted to hear though. I can't look into a crystal ball for you and tell you what he is "up to". I see connections between you and him, and you are showing signs of worry and so that is probably a life lesson you are learning about. I don't see any problems here (to me).

    Now you asked about what you can do beside waiting and waiting. Here are some ideas:

    -Paint landscapes

    -Write poetry

    • Cook, craft, make, sing, dance, write love letters to him, plan for your amazing life that is developing

    You know? Keep busy with other things you enjoy or use that time to simply reflect on life, meditate, yoga whatever. I hope you get what I mean there.

    You ask what he really wants from you? To stay away, stay put? And you hope to know how much you stand in his heart... I think right now he wants you to wait, be patient and let him make a move toward you. You have msged him and no reply... So I would be patient and let the Universe work it out...

    Hey I hope that gives you something... blessings...


  • Thanks astra.

    Isit that the energies between me and him will keep changing on a daily basis?Does that mean it will affect the lovers union results I got previously? As well as the sun in his heart is gone as well?

  • Hi pinkrose

    I dunno, the energies are always changing, don't you think? I mean, you can repeat readings the next day and you'll get different cards. At least the cards are changing. However, over these repeated readings some repeating cards begin to appear... and I am wondering whether these are the real keys to the readings?

    For example, I drew more cards just now to see about any repeating cards... and sure enough! THe Hermit card showed up again, now it has moved back across from your hands to his heart now.

    So that card has appeared in all 3 readings, that (I theorize anyway) represents the most consistent, steady energy in the relationship over these last few days. So that explains what is going on with you two (maybe). Hermit energy! He is needing to hole up for some reason, needs his space for some reason, perhaps he is wanting you to respect his need for isolation at times? I am just throwin out things to consider...

    I asked how is the outlook for the two of you and drew the Fool which is simply a card of trust.

    Hope that helps.


  • thank you so much astra for your explaination! 🙂

  • Hi astra

    Can I please have a updated reading on my Current situation with him?

    there seem to have some changes recently and have no Idea where is it heading 😞

    Appreciate your help

  • Hi astra

    Can I please have a updated reading on my Current situation with him?

    there seem to have some changes recently and have no Idea where is it heading 😞

    Appreciate your help

  • Hi pinkrose

    Okay, let's see what seems to be going on this morning...

    Same spread, 5 cards for each of you...


    Head: 3 of cups

    Heart: 10 of pentacles

    Feet: Queen of cups

    Hands: 2 of wands / The Devil


    Head: 5 of cups

    Heart: 2 of wands

    Feet: Knight of cups

    Hands: The Empress / 10 of Wands

    So the first thing I am looking for are cards that have shown up previously.

    The Devil (boundaries) has moved from your head into the hand extended to him.

    We also saw that 5 of cups from the 1st reading, it has moved from your hands (actions) to him (head, thoughts).

    The 2 of wands from his feet has now moved up to his heart.

    So generally this seems (today) to be turning around identity issues. This is the first reading where we have seen some significant wands, and they are all centered in him. So I am guessing he is having some identity questions and is trying to sort something out (related to 'who he is', how he sees himself, self image). It is also mostly hidden from you I think, 10 wands behind him.

    The Devil repeats an appearance with you. Before that energy was in your head so you were thinking about boundaries about something, and now that is extending to him. You could be wanting to convey the idea of limits, setting some guidelines, this is important to you. Probably with these latest turn of events you are wanting the assurance of some defined understanding between you, and the idea of "here are where the lines in the sand are".

    The Devil is also a playful energy and can be interested in other things, usually of a sensual or indulging nature. You could be missing something there with him.

    It is interesting that he the Empress shows with him, that is how is meeting your devil (boundary request). One thing that could be happening is that you are needing some security assurances (10 of pentacles in your heart) and he is replying "nurturing"... which seems to be his interest right now, a nurturing (action).

    His thoughts are dealing with some emotional changes, adjusting over something, his feet are also a Knight of cups so he is emotionally focused (path wise) and this seems to be his concern right now. Sorting out something emotionally.

    You have the Queen Cups as your "feet" which reflects the idea of "emotional / feelings mature and under control. SO you are really working hard to keep yourself emotionally balanced and stable...

    Your thoughts are very concerned or focused on a happy, planning emotional energy, the 3 of cups. You are enjoying / would really like / to see things return to the happy places you two have shared.

    I do see some patterns that are nice between you, you both have cups in your thoughts, and path. Your queen to his knight, your 3 cups to his 5, the Devil to his Empress... so the sense I have is that you two are still communicating in hidden ways. Not consciously perhaps, however there are connections between you two.

    I also drew one more card which seems to be some sort of "key" to this matter, and that is the King of Swords, which is a releasing energy, he could be wanting to talk, discuss things, share. So with that (and the other energies), especially the Empress card with him, I think you are doing the right thing to stay calm and patient while he sorts out whatever he is dealing with... wands seem to me to be almost like "warning signs" that someone is really working on themselves.

    With that King swords it could be indicating that you and he will have a chance to talk in more depth soon. I think he must want to dialogue with you as long as it is nurturing ... with that devil card it could also turn into 'other things' that may be pleasant for the two of you.

    I would maintain an expectant and optimistic attitude... sweet and nice... I would expect some dialogue soon that will represent a nice change of atmosphere and things will hopefully settle down for the two of you....

    Hope that helps...

    blessings, astra

  • Thanks Astra!

    Yes I am really working hard like what you have suggested earlier. Just stay calm/patient /positive/nice towards him. Be cool and emotionally stable even when he is not responding the way i wanted. Hope i did the right move by not pushing him too hard and giving him sufficient alone time to sort out his thoughts. I really feel something is troubling him and hope he will really open up to me one day. 🙂

    the "warning signs" you amentioned is refering to him (the one holding on to the most wands) and can be either of us?

    anyway astra.. am I right to conclude that he is still struggling emotionally with his own issues currently? or things are actually getting better at his side at this stage?

    Thanksss 🙂

  • Hi Astra,

    i realised the latest spread has 2 "two of wands". One with me (hands), One with him(heart)

    is it because you lay the cards separately? As in after my 5 cards, you re-shuffled everything (including my 5 cards) and lay another 5 cards for him again?

    Thanks! I am just curious because I practising with my newly bought tarot cards. trying to understand better 🙂

  • Hi pinkrose

    I must have mis-read that 2 of wands (on your side) somehow because I am not reshuffling all of the cards for each of your two figures... so pardon me there, I goofed...

    You are totally on the right track, patient let him work it out. There is no need to be concerend about 'warning signs' I guess i was trying to convey the idea that wands can speak to role and self issues... so that could be him... we all deal with roles though, a lot of things turn around that in our lives....

    I am here at a library typing so my time is abt up so I want to at least give you one card for the two of you///

    That is the 9 of Pentacles which is "the missing piece" in some way that completes the two of you. So perhaps something physical you can share with him sometime? I am not sure... a card with a gift... something fun. Just an idea.

    And the Queen of Cups (that seems to be you?) who is on top of her emotional life and doing well with her feelings...

    And strength which shows some real effort in some area. I want to say materially, home or something. Seems to be your focus at the moment.

    BTW your idea is a good one on the 5 card readings... reshuffle and see what matches you might get in the next 5 cards... that is a great idea.... good for you that you are working with your deck!

    Much blessings,


  • Thanks Astra.

    Appreciate your help on the readings you have been giving me all these while when I was in a really confused and emotional state. Im glad that things get better now. Well. At least my emotional well-being has "stablized". As for how things going to work out between me and him, i feel its really depend on my attitude/choices/decisions i am going to make in the near future. I still believe astrology/tarot very very very much as it really guide me through my darkest period when i have problem understanding what is happening around me. It helped me to understand the current situation and concerns much better in order not to worsen everything and anything.

    Had tons of readings to ensure that my connection with him is still there. but i guess this is not going to last if i stay put and do nothing. its time for me to move on from here and do something about it i guess. I should work to get what I want afterall. Tons of positive readings will not change the reality when i am going to do nothing about it. I should really trust my heart and gut feelings now since i am no longer that "lost". I really appreciate for your help as its really motivating . Thanks again astra! 🙂

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