DOB reading for Scorp & Libra

  • His Chart:

    Sun Scorpio

    Moon Aries

    Mercury Libra

    Venus Capricorn

    Mars Virgo

    Jupiter Libra

    Saturn Libra

    Uranus Scorpio

    Neptune Sagittarius

    Pluto Libra

    Lilith Sagittarius

    Asc node Cancer

    My Chart:

    Sun Libra

    Moon Virgo

    Mercury Libra

    Venus Scorpio

    Mars Taurus

    Jupiter Aquarius

    Saturn Cancer

    Uranus Libra

    Neptune Sagittarius

    Pluto Libra

    Lilith Capricorn

    Asc node Capricorn

    If anyone is able to see if this Scorp is compatible with me please let me know....I kind of feel something is there is on the verge of happening but as a Libra can't make up my mind.

  • What are the exact birthdates?

  • His: 9th Nov 1981 Mine: 26th September 1973

    Thanks Captain...very confused about this man. Or the signals are confusing.

  • This is an intense combination that won't flinch when confronted with the truth. The two of you have a far greater respect for the cold hard facts of life than for all the theories in the world about what things are supposed to be like. Power struggles within the relationship are generally kept to a minimum out of mutual respect (except in a love match), and also from your shared desire to advance your own causes. Thus, the relationship usually has the approval and solid backing of the both of you, and you are confident in your ability to withstand almost any onslaught through a united defense. The question then is - which type of relationship works best here?

    Business partnerships and colleague matchups are especially favoured here becaue you are both realistic and tough, yet possessing much personal charm as well. The relationship has a strong sense of how power works in the corporate and business worlds and doesn't hesitate to use it authoritatively. A friendship here is best when you two are able to spend your time together relaxing, perhaps indulging in easy conversation, sharing a meal, or just hanging out.

    A love affair or marriage is a lot trickier. There will definitely be power struggles between you, especially in the sexual area. Your partner needs to dominate physically, and you mentally, and the intensity of these encounters can reach seismic levels. Unfortunately, arguments and emotional conflicts of equal intensity often precede or follow such interactions. Some balance or compromise will have to be reached if the relationship is to avoid burnout. Moreover, the heavy emphasis here on cold reality and the nature of power leaves a lot to be desired in the way of warmth, sensitivity, and kindness. Ultimately, you two tough customers may find that passion isn't enough.

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