Cancer ex-boyfriend

  • OMG, What a drama King!!!! But he was my Drama King:) I loved him deeply and I must say I still do. We fought like cats and dogs. He was on and off like a light switch. You would have swore that he had another girlfriend, but that was just his mood. At first, I couldn't tell whether he was in a happy mood or an angry mood, but then I figured it out. I knew when to stay away and when not. It drove me crazy at first, but then I thought if I am gonna be with this moody person I will have to accept him as he is. Play him like this: IGNORE HIS ASS, but in a nice way. Make him feel comfortable with you because you dont want him to think for a second that you are cheating on him. That's a No, No! True enough he has hurt me many times with this kind of moody mess, but you kind of have to play him at his own character. Give him a taste of his own medicine sometimes. This might be contradictory, but you have to do it. He will love you in the end.

  • Wow your boy toy sounds DRAMATIC~ does he ever contribute any kind of emotional support ~ you seem to be holding up the 4 walls ~ while he's enjoying his Drama King life... What's in it for you~~~ !!!! interesting to read how you respond .... lol

  • Yes, the emotional support was there being that we have an 11mos. old together. Considering that cancer men can be quite selfish. This trait is not portrayed toward me much because there just was no room to be selfish. With the cancer male you kind of have to make him think that he is holding up the 4 walls, but you really have the upper hand - hope u know what I mean. Oh well, while he gives me money every month for our baby and to contribute to our new home that should sum it up.

  • Awe well dearheart, you put your life in that situation.... May i ask how drunk were you or he... ??

    i mean this baby was not a planned event, oh Geee Honey "LET'S have A BABY" Am I Right ??

    I believe you already know your own life& who you desire in your life, the Rest is just you & He creating the Excess Drama.... YES Kdiva.... you are also contributing to his Drama ~~ how do you think that baby came ~~~ POOOF like Instant Magik..... LOLOLOL

    sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry for you troubles.... make the best with what you have~~ that baby deserves two loving nurturingparents 27 / 7 when a baby cries you hold it... & if it still cries you lulabye & sing her / him to sleep if it still cries you feed & change it's soiled diaper... Etc..... the same rules apply to any ONE relationship.... MARRIED OR NOT ~~~~~



    Sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry Kdiva..... but when a young baby is in the Freaking in between with you & your EX...... it angers me to where i SEE RED...... 😞

  • Well, no baby "Kamari" was not planned but is loved all the same no need to get upset. I have known my cancer man since I was 15 years old and I am 32 at present. We love our child, but he has some difficulties with relationships which I understand. I just dont have time to sit around and watch his changing moods. I'll be busy when he is going through and when he comes back to reality me and baby might still be there.

    Sassy Sag

  • sorry sweet babes,,,, not good enough to believe this,,,,,

    you will never see a Cancerian ever change like a Zibra will never change it;s stripes

    you go ahead & plan your future life with your little one.... your EX is comfy & happy right where he is....

    why do you need to russtle his feathers.... you are allowing him to marinated in his own Drama.... and he's loving it......


  • I can relate to you about a Cancer man, I have been seeing one off and on for about 8 years, while they are selfish and veryb moody, always needing their space, remember they are crabs, and if you get too close they will run and hid, that's their character, all those different moods that a cancer man has to me in my own opinion, is that they are very sneaky and if they are fooling around and you become suspicious, they get moody that's how I know about the cancer man I've been involved with, we Scorpions confuse them cause I can be hot and cold at the same time and if he becomes too moody I just get out his way and I do me, I don't wait around for him, and when he realizes that those are his own selfish moods then just maybe he can become a better cancer man. One minute we are happy and doing just fine then the next minute we aren't speaking and now I'm at a point in my life that yes I accept some of his ways, cause they can't help themselves and sad part they don't even realize it. He always comes back and apologizes, that I'm sick of cause I believe if he really meant that he's sorry don't do it again with him it's like a merry go round you're on on minute and off the next.

  • forgive me for mispelling some of my words, I was going a lil too fast!


    glad you are here ..... your name is the same as the Song Artist .. is this correct .... BTW did she played a role with Prince in a movie Titled Purple Rain hmmm or something close to that ???

    cancer men or women... do indeed have it rough, especially the TRUST thing, poor little Crabs, never happy nor content, they do work allot harder though in acheiving their goals and their careers - love & life whatever comes first... LOL

    they do tend to cross boundaries where they not need to be... a troublesome curisity for All Cancerian ppl.... not their fault that they are this way..... but think it this way, we are all here to love & to learn from each other,

    what else are we humans good for..??????????

    i hope things turn around for you, I know there'sa good Cancer somewhere who will appreciate & love you all the more, patience seems to be KEY....

    let me know what happens....

    am curious to know.... I am a Cancer Female.. & relate strongly to all the Cancer posts on here...... i feel like We cancersstars are to blame for all the heartache we put on the planet.... SAD ain't it.... 😞

    oh well !!! maybe better another life !!

    mille !!!!

  • I am a Scorpio female that was married to a cancer man for half of my life. I thought we had the perfect match, in the beginning, but found out in the end that he is the most evil, selfish, narcissistic, pathological liar with sociopathic tendencies that I have ever known. I will never trust a man again. Just want to be alone from here on. The horrible things he has done to me is unforgivable. I loved him so much and it almost killed me when he left me after 26 yrs! They can be very charming and supportive and loving, until you find out who they really are! No more for me!

  • One thing that I've learned over the years is that you can't change anyone but yourself. He's not going to stop being the Drama King because you "gave him a taste of his own medicine". To be honest his behavior sounds alot like emotional abuse. You sound like a loving and supportive person, just the type his kind are looking for. Get out while you have a chance. His behavior could develop into more dangerous drama. Men (and women) often start with emotional abuse and once you're beaten down they very often escalate into physical abuse. I know, I've been there. And once he gains dominance over you getting out is really hard. Look inside yourself and see what the universe has given you and get out You deserve so much more than this.

    Let me know how you're doing. Remember that it's not much of a relationship if YOU have to work this hard.

    Love and light to you

  • you might want to listen to everyone here. cancer men are moody. If you want to live like that for the rest of your life go for it. Things won't change they are who they are. I was with one on and off for 3 yrs. I had enough and left. I ran in to this person after 12 yrs. he is still the same its always about them. We talk on the phone sometimes a relationship with him no couldn't do it. I learned my lesson the first time. Don't get me wrong the guy could be a sweetheart when the mood fit him that was the part of him I was in love with. The rest of his craby ways he could keep. just couldn't stay on the roller coaster any longer. Wish you the best of luck. Only you can make the choice of how you want to live your life.

  • girl, can i relate! I don't advise being like him, though. He's just scared and needs you to reassure him, as if you can, lol. Iknow how mean he can be; but, don't you be mean back.

    I left my crab because he kept telling me to. he told me that we were over; so, I had an afair with a younger man. Now he's crushed & doesn't trust me at all.

    He allowed me to come back; but our relationship is on hold. We are roommates; he says he doesn't fell as close as he did before I left him.

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