High Priestess as long term future, love reading

  • Hi. I'm flummoxed by this card in this context. Can anyone please help me to interpret it?

    It came up before for this relationship so I really need to figure this out. I use the round tarot deck so this is tilted to the left, not straight up or reversed, which I usually see as pulling back from the energy of the card.

    The high priestess speaks to me of spiritual power. How can this be our long term future? It's a 2 so I guess that could be a couple but after that I'm drawing a blank. I don't get love from this. or separation, or conflict, or moving on. Just a blank. He is not at all spiritually inclined.

    The interpretations that I have read also do not make sense to me in this context.

    To give you all some context this is about an ex that I recently spent the night with after six months apart. We have not discussed the problems that split us up. (I left him because he didn't want any commitment.) I have a very small hope that he may change his mind. (I know I know I'm probably being an idiot)

    Some of the other cards in the reading were:

    What is unexpected: Strength (tilted to the right)

    Near future: Ace of Discs/ pentacles straight up

    Any ideas please anyone ?

  • The High Priestess card denotes wisdom. I would definitely assume that this is what the guides wish to bring up. Different cards mean different things to different people, but the standard meaning of the High Priestess besides spiritual power/psychic abilities/advanced consciousness is wisdom. I believe they are trying to tell you to be very wise and make wise decisions regarding love, only then can you receive what you are looking for. I doubled checked with the guides and they said I was correct in this assumption, I also doubled checked that it was not a specific person and it is not about spiritual power, it is definitely about wise choices. My guides also said that you don't have anyone destined in this lifetime for you (on their end) that is why wise choices is the best advice to give you in order for you to find what you are looking for. I also see that you realize you might have not been making some wise decisions with your above statement of "I know I'm probably being an idiot", which definitely confirms what they are trying to tell you.

    The strength is a card they choose to tell you to be strong about it, about being wise, about having to make the right decisions to get what you want. That is isn't something that is just going to come to you or work out immediately. This is definitely something you are going to need to work on and that's why they want you to be mentally strong about it.

    The future, Ace of Pentacles, is telling you that you have some opportunities coming up in the future. Since you are asking about love/relationships, they are saying you have some opportunities to make those wise decisions and show your mental strength in discovering what you need to do. This tarot reading you drew give a very clear picture:

    Make wise decisions.

    Be strong & comfortable with what you have to do and what you are looking for.

    Some opportunities are around the corner for you to do this.

    I would also do another reading in the next two weeks to see what position your at and if you need to change up your game.

    Good luck!


  • Thank you so much Sara for your feedback. I really appreciate your help. Your interpretation makes sense to me. Be wise sounds like exactly what I need to do alright.

    I didn't connect the ace with other people either so that's good to hear.

    What do you mean by destined on their end exactly? Is there another end? Sorry if I'm phrasing this badly. Is destiny given? Is it the idea that we come into this world with some tasks to do or experience? Are some tasks given to us and some chosen by us and is this an ongoing negotiation or occurrence do you think?

    The man in question rang me and asked me out. I told him that I would wait a few weeks before seeing him again and that I didn't want to see someone often who wasn't interested in any kind of commitment. So what I'm thinking now is that I can see him occasionally but keep looking out for someone new. I'm nervous about getting hurt trying this but I'll see how I go. So yes, I will need strength to keep away from him and not get attached again. I was getting my hopes up. But hope is only that.

    So I'll definitely go with the logic in my head and ignore the hope in my heart.

  • I changed my username & profile but I'm SerenityTil5.

    When I said that it wasn't destined on 'their' end I meant, the guides, specifically yours, can create a contract which destines someone for you in one lifetime. So for example: In this lifetime I was destined to meet my significant other, he isn't my soul mate, he is my helper. He & his guides agreed that he would be best to help me in this lifetime. So in that sense he was set up to be with me. Now of course I could have met him and decided 'No, I want to be with someone else,' so that contract would have been broken in life and the guides would have to figure something else out or just let me live the rest of my life searching. Now I also have a soul mate who is currently not 'alive' or incarnate. He is my guide in this lifetime. When he is incarnate with me he is 'destined' to be with me in order to help me move forward. Now just because he is called my 'soul mate' doesn't mean he is my lover, he can be my sister/mother/father/uncle etc etc and sometimes my lover. Just because they are your helpers or soul mates doesn't mean it's going to be a good or happy relationship. They are primarily there to move you forward and if that means to be cruel or hurt you in order to make that happen they will, as set up by the guides. So its very complex. For the purpose of simplification in your case, the guides have not specified any one person/soul to help you, which means in this lifetime for you it is up to you to decide and find who you want. The best way to go about that would be manifestation/attracting what and who you want through choices and actions.

    Some things are preplanned out before you are born with situations/events/occurrences & people. So of course your mom and dad were meant to be your mom and dad, your guides and you choose them in order for you to have a certain life and learn certain things. Now there are some things that aren't planned and it's up to you to decide what you want and where you want to go. It isn't so much a negotiation it is a manifestation of what you want. As you manifest your guides will help bring it closer to you. So yes, some task are given to us, others are chosen by us.

    It's good that you are making the right choices for yourself, that is what being the high priestess is all about. Just because you want something doesn't mean it is the right thing for you. You have to distinguish whether you are willing to compromise or go for something straight out. I would do another reading after you feel comfortable that a reasonable time has passed in order to see what your guides say about the progress you have made, whether you are on the right track or what you can do to find your way better.

    Hope that helps.



  • Thank you again Sere. This is very interesting and I am delighted that you spent the time to share your knowledge/ understanding with me. It is very helpful to get your perspective on this. I also think that I think better when communicating with another.

    What you said about choice being involved makes sense to me. My own feeling about this is that there is some kind of ongoing negotiation? communication? about how a person's life can unfold. It also makes sense to me that a soul-mate can be anyone, not necessarily a lover or someone who stays a lover.

    One thing puzzles me about when and how I connected with my ex, and one other man, and I wonder if you could shed any light on this.

    I felt like I was being directed towards him and I'm wondering of course why and what I am meant to learn or get from this. But what I'd like to hear your thoughts on is whether or not I should obey these feelings.

    I knew I was going to meet him before I met him. As I was going to meet a friend this thought of a beautiful French rugby player popped into my head and at the same time I felt this huge rush of energy, both from within, rising up, and from without rushing down into me. Having moments of prescience are not usually accompanied by this massive flows of energy for me. It was a glorious feeling. About half an hour later I'm sitting opposite this beautiful French man mentioning to another about his pro rugby days. So I feel like I was prodded towards him. As I got this massive rush of feeling around him I guessed it our connection would be as positive as the feelings guiding me to him.

    So I wonder whether I should keep following what these feelings tell me to do. Most of how I receive information is through feelings, and only occasionally words so I interpret these feelings from outside as instruction, as much as my own feelings within are giving me information.

    I can't say that either of these men were great to get involved with, not the worst either, but they neither of them loved me and both hurt me a bit. so now I'm thinking that I should ignore my "instructions" if I get them again, along with my own feelings, and do the exact opposite in fact. Which seems counter intuitive and strange, but if I'm being guided towards men who won't love me then I would rather do this. But if I refuse the instructions then I am I missing out on instruction? If this is instruction. Maybe it's not. So this I suppose is where I'm at now.

    How should I label these feelings now and are they worth obeying? I don't trust them now. All this feeling for what was going to be a casual relationship seems like being cheated. Like getting a gloriously designed hand made invitation to what turns out to be the opening of a car park. Not that there wasn't pleasure. There was. Just not a relationship worth speaking of.

  • It is either past life regression where you are feeling the positive energy of being around them again and/or your guides pushing you to meet and stay with this person in order for them to help push you forward/progress you as a soul. I would follow your heart. You guides give you advice and you need to make the decisions which lay the path at your feet. Sometimes your guides do give you instruction but you have to trust yourself in order to know the difference between them and you.

    Your confusion reminds me of myself. I'm always confused as to whether the guides are helping me or pushing me where I don't want to go in order to learn a hard lesson. Bottom line is they are there to move you forward but YOU make the choices in the end based on their advice. They can give you instruction as to whether this person is the right person for you but if you go down that path, with different choices, and the relationship falls apart. Maybe it was supposed to fall apart, maybe not. Regardless you've learned and moved forward by it, your path only dictates the pace of you moving forward but you are always moving forward as you allow change and choices to happen. Don't be so judgmental on the guides, they will always do what they think is best and they are so far advanced from us and we can barely begin to understand the depth of their thinking. They have much more in mind than just how we believe life should be. They are on another plane of existence so they will naturally have different goals and progression in mind for us. As far as if they are right or wrong, your guides were chosen by the 'higher ups', which mean they are meant for you. So no matter what feelings they give you it is ALWAYS for you to be moved forward. However, even they would say to take their messages as advice and make your own decisions. They say that life is worth living as long as YOU are living it (& not following others peoples advice to a tee, even the guides).


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