The Energies of June 2012

  • a message from Jennifer Hoffman

    Any month that begins with an eclipse, contains a rare Venus transit, an outer planet sign change, and a Uranus-Pluto square is set to be exciting and this month is no exception. But there are different types of ‘exciting’ and one of the best ways to manage June’s energies is to have no expectations about the blessings it will bestow on us, and to remember that there are many different kinds of blessings. On one hand we will have extreme clarity about where we have been putting our energy and on the other no doubts as to the next steps of our journey, which choices to make and whether we have the courage to be happy and start living in ways that fulfill our dreams.

    June is traditionally the month for weddings and bringing people together, yet we may see more separations than couplings, and promises broken rather than kept. To start, we have a lunar eclipse on June 4, completing the solar eclipse of May 21. Then on June 5 is the long anticipated Venus transit, a rare event in which Venus eclipses the Sun. There is potential for us to create a balanced expression of the male/female energies (interesting that Mars and Venus are both in retro aspects at this time) within ourselves and the world. Where do you hide these aspects of yourself, which one do you think is more powerful, and how is that expressed in your life? And, what were you doing in June 2004, when the first half of the Venus transit occurred? Whatever was revealed or incomplete then will have closure or completion now. How far have you come since then, is there more you can do, and how have you changed? Watch your thoughts for these answers because they will enlighten you as to your next steps.

    Mars is still completing its shadow from the January 2012 retrograde, which ends on June 23. This has brought forward the martyred healer paradigm and how we heal ourselves and others. All of our actions and choices emanate from how we choose to do our healing work. As martyred healers we put others’ needs first, tend to their healing and avoid our own. With the energies of June we’re going to face a powerful question, “Do we have the courage to be happy and to choose happiness for ourselves?”. It takes courage to live our dreams, to express and fulfill our desire for love, abundance, success and joy and to give that our full energetic attention. Now that door is opening for us, do we have the courage to go through it?

    And there’s more! Jupiter goes into Gemini, activating the eclipse energy on June 11, time to focus on clearing karma and start speaking your true mind. You can feel like you have too much to do and not enough time, or simply realize that you have clarity about everything you want to do, and know that you can do any, all or none of it. There’s lots of abundance energy this month but remember that abundance is not judgmental, so there is abundance in all things. Choose the type that brings you the most joy.

    Saturn goes direct on June 23 (finally, it has been sitting on my Ascendant for months) and we have the powerful (and that’s an understatement) Uranus-Pluto square, the first of seven, that will further empower the global shifts in power that the world is experiencing. The force for change can no longer be stopped and through the rest of this year we will learn more about the systems that control, manipulate, dominate and influence the planet. This is part of our awakening process, realizing that we are in chains that limit our expression, joy, freedom and mobility. But our awakening process also includes tools for joy, the key to release our chains and empowerment to rise up against our collective oppression. We don’t have time to be angry, sad or upset now, it’s not the best use of our energy.

    The first step of the process of awakening is to realize that we have been asleep. We can lie in bed and cry over the time we think we have wasted or we can get out of bed and start living in intentional joy. Light always overcomes darkness and higher vibrations always trump the lower ones. As we, and all of humanity, awaken from our slumber, we will have to decide what we are going to do with all of that power—will we become powerful people, or simply people with power who have an axe to grind with the establishment? A more enlightened choice is to live powerful lives, grounded in joy, self expression, creation, abundance and use our power to create the life, and the world, that is the greatest expression of our gifts, talents, dreams and energy.

    This month’s energies will challenge you to follow your heart, to shed light on your dreams, explore your joy and be true to your own healing and life path. We can move forward under our own energy or be carried in the flood of change that is helping create the new earth. This is what we are here for, so we can fill our tank with ‘joy gas’ and start living life in joy and finally, start to enjoy this journey. It’s time and we’ve worked hard enough, let’s start having some fun. Have a wonderful month.

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