I [think] I like a boy....HELP!

  • Ok...so I think I may have a connection with someone....before I allow myself to go there and start liking him, can someone please give me a little insight? My bday is 11/17/77 (time of birth 3:24pm) and his is 10/24/77 (time of birth unknown)...thank you so much 🙂

  • This works best as a friendship. The relationship gets better over time, like wine. There is a limit however to how long its maturation will go on if it gets too little attention. The relationship has a tendency to stagnate, and then to start fraying around the edges. It needs care and hard work to keep it moving in the right direction. You two do have an innate talent for tending to your relationships, but unfortunately in this case, you can be blindsided and may just leave this one alone. To survive, then, the relationship needs you both to be good diagnosticians and indeed the matchup's focus is often the understanding of its own mechanics.

    A love affair and/or marriage will usually find you two taking an all-consuming interest in each other. Of course, this is not the same as paying attention to the relationship itself, which may be sorely in need. You can get obsessive about each other, perhaps even jealous and controlling, without realizing that this behaviour itself may loosen the relationship's bonds rather than strengthening them. Learning to back off, give each other space, and work objectively on improving the relationship (much as you would prune and cultivate a plant) will produce noticeable drops in tension, and forestall problems. Don't ever take each other for granted - regular maintenance of this relationship is imperative if it is to survive. Things won't get better on their own. But before you even begin, you must ask yourself if you are indeed prepared to put in the hard work and lifelong commitment that a love relationship here will take.

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